Main menu background not showing

Guys I don’t know what I did but everytime there is an event I never get the main menu backgroud, I keep getting the default one, what should I change? Thnx.

Restart the game and it should be good. Note that with every patch they disable all mods. Make sure the new background mod is enabled before restarting.

I said this happened “everytime there is an event” and no matter what I do to change that background it never changes, its always the same one… Can’t even do mods.

Does anyone has an idea of what did i f***?

I’m not sure why it happens. Don’t know how to solve.

Similarly, for several events, I don’t see the wallpaper change until maybe Day 2 or Day 3 of the event, roughly.

Early on when this would happen, I just assumed a new wallpaper wasn’t created for the event. But then I’d be surprised a couple days later when the new wallpaper would appear.

I logged in just now, for example, and see this. I even exited and re-launched and still see the default one:

I’ve never had it ‘not’ appear for the entire duration of an event, though.

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Mods get disabled after the game gets updated so you just have to reenable them and restart the game.

It never appears for me…

As I said y my original post, this happens to every event, which means, the game has been restarted many times, and yes, the background “mod” for this event is enabled, just not working.

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If all else fails for you, I’d recommend making a bug report in the bug report section.

I just got mine working; here was my journey, for what it’s worth. I know it probably won’t provide any value for you, but for others who stumble upon this thread, it may be helpful.

I launched the game and still didn’t see the new wallpaper. Yesterday, I didn’t see any new entry in the Mods section when I looked either. Today, just now, however, I went to the Mods section again and saw the new Main Menu mod entry and it was trying to load – had a spinning wheel icon. But then it just sat on that spinning wheel icon for several (10-15) minutes. Seemed like it maybe stalled…

I clicked “Open Directory” from the Mods menu and explored my Win10 directory, to see what files were there, if any. Saw the full wallpaper “.jpg” file actually existed on my PC (not just the thumbnail image), as well as its surrounding directory structure; even though I was still seeing a spinning wheel icon on the Mods menu:


Wallpaper file located here for me on Steam:
..\mods\subscribed\21733_[Mar2021] Main Menu\resources\_common\wpfg\resources\mainmenu\mainmenu_bg.jpg

^-- I’d be curious to know if you have this file and the surrounding folders/files for the mod in that directory, @XavierTenka. Unless you use MS Store instead of Steam.

I clicked “Check For Update” (directly above the “Open Directory” button), and that immediately made the spinning wheel turn into a checkmark, finally:


…But when going back to the main menu, it still showed the default main menu.

So, I went back to the Mods menu and raised the “[Mar2021] Main Menu” mod’s priority (“Priority Up” button) so it was #1 (first) on the list… but that didn’t help either. (Main Menu still showed the default wallpaper.)

So, I quit the game and re-launched (which I assumed might fix it even before raising priority to #1). Finally, I now see the new wallpaper:


I have a feeling the game would have gotten it squared away by itself without my intervention. Clicking “Check For Updates” to see the checkmark and raising the mod’s priority to #1 may have just been (probably were) formalities that weren’t needed. But it was interesting for me to capture these details anyways. Might help me troubleshoot more in the future.

The new wallpaper mod is located here, for those curious: Mods Single - Age of Empires

I usually have the same issue. Usually it fixes itself after a few days.

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Ok, nothing works guys, any other solution, please? I tried it all, waited some days, restarted many times, followed all the responses, nothing… Any mod that I could call or talk to?

As the forum resources section says:

How To: Report Game Issues

And more info/another option under News & Announcements:

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