Make age of empires competetive!


i was top 2000 player in starcraft 2 decemeber 2016 and i have huge experience with rts genre.
If this game should be any good, it has to be competetive.
Hotkeys are basics, starcraft at 1998 had already decent ui, age of empires 2 do not have even hotkeys.
Starcraft 2 is currently declining, especailly pro gaming, in korea is more popular LoL, because of its terrible balance and balance team incompetence they showed since 2010.
There is huge vaccum in rts genre, if anyone decides to make rts, if they would make it right,they could profit very well.
I glad to see, that there are still devs making rts genre, which is dead and i don’t belive, that anyone will make game like starcraft.
There have been a lot of terrible rts games: grey goo, cossacks 3, warhamer.
Learn from greates game ever broodwar:
1.soft counter units
3.custom hotkeys and decent ui
4. diversity
5. please multicore, because sc 2 is single core and you can’t keep even 30 fps in lategame
6.replay analysis

And don’t forget skins to attract majority of players and make game easy for newcomers, but hard to master.


skins… meh… bah… although maybe my contact with Dow3 gave me bad impression even for them…

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No thank you, don’t ruin AoE with that cr4p


3.custom hotkeys and decent ui
5. please multicore, because sc 2 is single core and you can’t keep even 30 fps in lategame
6.replay analysis

Getting quality of life improvements is always good, but useless to talk about this soon.
In speculations like AOE4 thread you should always go for a talks where people can evaluate between thing “A” and thing “B”.

4. diversity

In a perfect world it is possible to get both, but for realistically what is more important and in which cases?

  • Multiple civilization (+20) or few (<12) balanced civilizations?
  • Multiple units (30+) or few (15-20) well balanced ones?
  • Focusing on multiple different game modes (less balanced games) or focusing only one mode (less variety)?
  • Team games balance, 1v1 games balance or trying to balance both equally?

1.soft counter units

Why would hard counters be bad for the game?

i was top 2000 player in starcraft 2 decemeber 2016 and i have huge experience with rts genre.

Regardless of your experience you should still give a reason to your statements.

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I love SC2, but after i beat a master zerg with a zealot rush i realised that sc2 is a lesser game than aoe. It literally was my first game i didn’t know how to build stalkers, i just made 4 gates and non-stop zealots killed his queens and GG. I checked his profile and saw he was a master level zerg, just a bit lower then grandmaster status.

Here is the point. If i can beat a master without practise, but because of build order loss, that is a bad aspect of randomness. AOE basically doesnt’t have buildorder losses like that (the main reason is age1 and the fact that you can’t make decent units that would even kill a villager in age1). It is impossible for me to beat the best players without practise in any aoe game.

Another thing i dislike about sc2 is the APM part and the fact that getting repititive strain injury is an absolute certainty…


What are you talking about? Age of Empires 2 had customizable hotkeys already when it first came out, way better than Starcraft 1.


So you basically want another StarCraft with modern graphics? Yeah? Well if that is your wish, you should go to blizzard’s forum and join their crowd and sign petition to them. Also, newcomers will join regardless of “skins”. And even if they don’t, Age community is huge, don’t worry AOE will have players. You are welcome aboard as long as you accept Age of Empires identity. Thanks.


Hell no. @Mehkind is right, if you wish another competitive game, you are better off playing your game again. But for the love of god, don’t pray to change the core gameplay mechanic of Age. The moment it takes those elements, your “pro” scene players/competitive-we-da-best would flood here saying Age IV is copycat, stole StarCraft gameplay. I am ok. Bye.

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Ah i forget there to many civilizations, this game could never be competetive…
Maybe make competetive mod with 3 civilizations only.
But this game just won’t be a new starcraft, so it is pointless, rts is dead.


@ChromeRook83997 RTS is really not dead. Just because something has niche market doesn’t mean it is dead. Point-n-click game, those anime books games, those grindy cute games etc. etc. all are niche games, so they have their audiences too. Because kids around the world jumped into fortnite or hearthstone doesn’t mean RTS is dead.


ok i figured it out
so leave your opinion there
Thank you


…No hotkeys? Issues with soft counters? I’m…I’m sorry, have we been playing the same game here? Because AOE 2 has always had all of the above. Can’t comment on AOE 3 too much, as I never got into it, but AOE 2 has always had very clear counter units and multi-purpose units. It’s also always had hotkeys… Hell, it even has things SC does NOT (unit behavior settings, formations…).

And really, why does EVERYTHING have to be a streaming/ competative title? My friends and I just enjoy booting up a nice , fun game of AOE 2 where we build majestic cities and march legions at our leisure (or terror if the difficulty is high or we’re playing pvp). Either way, we are NOT playing this game as some kind of E-sport. Which is also to say, we’re NOT playing Starcraft, we’re playing Age of Empires. So no, not super keen on this becoming “the next Starcraft”, i’d much rather have “the next Age of Empires”.

Honestly, this is like demanding a new Aliens movie be about immigration laws because that’s a hot topic lately. Or that they make a Zero Dark Thirty sequel about an robot uprising…

(Also, not sure what you hate about Dawn of War 1, that game was great :frowning: ).


AoE4 has to be super popular. So it must cater to both the casual crowd/longtime fans and be a great game for competitive streamers. Different people here can have different opinions and both be right.


Not competitive? Please AoE is every bit as competitive as StarCraft you just need to find the right players. The best AoE game I played was with another competitive player.

No hotkeys? Pffft. Every age of empires game has hotkeys.

No rushing? That’s there too if you choose to play that way. Especially as the huns who don’t need housing. My brothers were quite annoyed by me rushing when I realised that was a option.

No counters? Ha! there’s plenty of counters if you know how to use them. Even your troop formation will effect the outcome.

Diversity… there’s more diversity in AoE which has what, 20? 30? civilisations then your starcraft with 4 races.

replay analysis, strange I could have sworn I’ve replayed many age of empires games before……

You obviously know what you want in a game, but you don’t know how to play Age of Empires that well if you don’t know it already has everything from the very first game you’ve suggested it should have


“aoe2 does not have hotkeys”

what? LOL

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“Learn from greates game ever broodwar”

Age of Empires II: The Conquerors is the best game ever made. ■■■■ your star craft tbh.

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I think he was joking or trying to troll us. He never play the series.


Sorry but you’re wrong… Starcraft has 3 races XD

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I would like to see this game’s competitive community grow large enough to support a consistent eSports league. It is possible that this can happen without altering core mechanics. Hopefully Relic gives the AoE competitive community tools such as map editing, lan settings, spectator mode, etc.

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You had raised one of my faviorate discussions!!! Actually I prefer and suggest that only those rts games to be played that stresses on ‘realism’ and ‘constructivism’. What makes AoE different then Total War, Stronghold etc is that AoE is the most constuctive and realistic rts franchise ever after RoN. 90% of the rts after AoE and RoN out there are just mere fantasy, futuristic, turn-based, messy and buggy details. Much of these rts like Warhammer and Total War got bugs when messed up by too much unit details in combat and they are turn- based as well. Cossaks is a very poor rival of AoE due to poor graphics and boring total war features. AoE has very lighter, best quality and brighter graphics, it runs very smoothly on Windows. Plus AoE has the privelege of being under Micrososft Studios and never got detected for viruses. I had also created a special topic that if AoE IV includes WW1 and WW2 eras it will for sure bypass and dominate the World Wars rts industry, only if AoE IV is marketed effectively!!!