Make arrows miss! Tower rush will be solved!

100000000% projectile accuracy makes AOE4 an utterly boring game and makes tower rushing “Overpowered”.

By just removing 100000000% projectile accuracy, the gameplay will improve significantly and will separate mediocre players from the pros by a significant margin.

To make this “right”, AOE4 will need an upgrade “Ballistics” where it calculates unit movement and shoots according to its calculation and can miss the target if the enemy player microes his/her unit.

With the 10000000% projectile accuracy, AOE4 will never succeed, and mark my words, this technology never existed in the 8th -16th century. Even in the 21st century!

Relic Entertainment is following the mass market, and the mass market is heading to stupidity.


How on earth can something have auch a high percentage for accuracy, I always thought 100% accuracy was the highest something could go. Crazy coding they must have! :sweat_smile:


on one end i would want accuracy reduced, BUT, don’t reuse aoe2 way of doing it, do something that makes game different from aoe2, doesn’t have to be too out there, but it should never be a copy paste, aka while i understand ballistics approach, i think it should be avoided, in fact you can solve most of the issue by capping projectile flying distance at the max range of the unit, there’s no cap in place atm and its probably a bigger issue

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It’s not that complicated, you get that 100000000% projectile accuracy by the fact that the target can switch the direction 3 times and still gets hit (100% * 100% * 100% * 100% = 100000000%). Kappa

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actually the accuracy is even higher, there’s no limit to how many times projectile’s direction can change, so its more like infinite accuracy, the only exception to this logic is mangonel, but the aoe and projectile speed still makes it a pain to attempt dodging, less so with recent nerfs

I always understood 100% accuracy as being detached from conditions. If something changed and made you juss, it wouldnt be 100% accurate, right?

So sheilds should block all damage too? And Arrows should do exactly 0 dmg to anything wooden or stone, and horses should need fed and watered every X distance traveled. And don’t get me started on how inaccurate it is that a guy with a gun is outranged by an arrow.

sweetheart, you either didn’t read the post, or don’t know what is being discussed, none of your spam was ever mentioned by ANYBODY, also newsflash, medival gunpowder had terrible range compered to bows and it took forever to reload, a projectile of any kind should be able to miss completely, and another one for ya, at least low arching projectiles are in fact blocked by stone walls, thats a valid mechanic already ingame

Cutey, if you truely want accurate arrows because you think TR is too strong that’s what’ll fix it…well I just don’t know what to tell you

Why not add missing arrows + hill bonus? I’ve always wondered why something as great as hill bonus wasn’t implemented in this game. It’s such a smooth way to add more strategic depth to the game and avoid static situations.

I mean just look at the situation where you have longbows fighting longbows. Currently it’s a back and forth, adding a tower, switching or adding counter units. All those things just consume lots of time so that theres literally no surprise moment and as a result we end up in a long game of nutrition. Wouldn’t it be great to also be able to dodge the arrows and even strengthen your position by using nearby hills to your favour?

Just out of curiousity because I never see people here rooting for something like a hill bonus. Is it really not appreciated? If so, why? I struggle to see the cons to a hill bonus.



Then why dont we have same with melee? Not like infantry is always going to hit their swings. Then lets have swings randomly do more or less dmg depending on how long infantry has been swinging and how exhausted they’re.

Obviously then we need to add villager exhaustion system. They can work for 45seconds and then need to rest for 15 seconds. If you overwork your villagers they will gather less effectively and later on die from exhaustion. Then you have to cook food for them same with army. Army has to be kept fed. No one can fight with empty stomach.

Also every sunday everyone has to go to chuch and praise their god or what ever.

“bohoo we don’t have miss chance for ranged” “so unrealistic” Get real. Whole game is unrealistic and this is not aoe2 or aoe3 its aoe4. If you cant live with that fact then go play what ever game that fills your belly


I’m surprised that so many people still prefer to dodge arrows by repeatedly clicking units multiple times.


At first this sounds like a nonsense statement, but taking the time to analyze it, you are right:

In the real world, a sword strike or an arrow hit would mean instant death or at least an incapacitated soldier. Games account for this by having units with hitpoints, so we should think of hitpoints as “weapon misses” or “weapon blocks”. Once hitpoints are almost depleted, the final strike is the real, effective one.

So in AoE IV arrows don’t miss visually, but sure as hell we should consider them as missing all the time, otherwise everything would die in 1 hit.

Disclaimer: I still prefer how AoE 2 handled accuracy, but let’s not get carried away for realism because we will never get there.

I wouldn’t add it for realistic reasons. Realism in AoE4 has always been a very poor argument. If we would really create an AoE game that is based on realism pretty much nobody would play it. We have simulator games for that purpose.

I like missing arrows because they add additional micro to the game and make games less static, same with hill bonus. Empire Earth had it and both were very balanced features. Of course AoE 4’s units would have to undergo some rebalancing.

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On that I completely agree. Whenever I hear someone saying "its realistic"or “historically accurate” I feel like smashing my head to wall. xD

I actually love microing my bombards when they were more mobile and un nerffed. Since the nerfs to mobility I felt like meh what ever I wont use them.

I would welcome more micro, but not sure if right way to add it is to make large groups of unit microable.

This comes from SC2 but if you ever played Lotv and you would know there is unit called disruptor. Which I started thinking maybe mangonels / nob could be similar. Target the location player wishes to fire and then they rain destruction from the sky and not just point and click.

Also depending how the micro is handled it could lead it towards playing less civs overall. One of the strengths of AOE is that players can play multiple civs and don’t really have to main one. Like Wc3 / SC is more leaning towards maining one race because it requires so much micro etc

I’ve never liked the “realism” argument. Yes, there’s a general theme which is the candy coating that capsules the mechanics, but it’s theater not history or realism. The amount of mental gymnastics a player would have make up, to create a story of the mechanics representing real life comparisons, is frankly, nothing more than intellectual masterba…

At the risk of playing devils advocate, the in game tips claim that melee infantry (spears,maa,etc) have a chance to block hits from which they theoretically take no damage. This being aoe, I can’t confirm if that actually happens, but the idea is there.

Not that I want to advocate inaccurate arrows, balls to that. I’d rather go the aoe3 route and put a hard limit on how close a tower can be to the first TC.

Yea seen that tip. Blocking is still different from missing attacks =) IF you miss you would most likely put yourself to situation that gets you killed while blocking you would always receive some dmg

Also always wondered if it actually works or if its meme

Yes, I actually do not really mind that much how micro would get implemented. Doesn’t really need to be missing arrows. Basically I just want to have micro options next to macro options. I’ve played lots of french knights in january before the civ was considered top level just because I wanted to make a difference by controlling my units and the healing ability gave me exactly that. I do not even want AoE4 to have the same amount of micro as wc3 or sc2. I’d simply like to have some more options when controlling my army, that’s all.

As for the hill bonus I think its a cool tool on those randomly generated maps that include elevations. The higher the hill, the higher the hill bonus could be. On Empire Earth we mainly used hills for forwards and retreats, like building towers, hospitals, houses for morale on hills in order to gain and maintain map control and exert some pressure on the opponent. When retreating hills could be used on the way back home to gather with new units in order to do execute some counter attack and maybe gain the upper hand again or atleast hold the new position. But well idk if this is realistic for AoE4. Would need a lot of rebalancing.

Arrow accuracy is good this way, much better for gameplay. Mb someone will create a complete age of empires 2 mod for aoe4 and everyone will be happy, but at this state i the 1v1 is good in aoe4, and the projectile accuracy is good this way.

If they would change it to the same in aoe2 they should rework a lot of balance-related solutions. I think at this stage it’s not possible to change this.