Make DE not so heavy pls

I think they can optimize the game yet so much, like, give an option to disable the buildings being destroyed animation for example, or even an option to use old graphics or something to bad computers, I mean, I don’t understand any of developing game or anything but…I’m pretty sure they can optimize it a lot still right?


A big update with performance improvements is confirmed to be arriving next week, stay tight!

Right now you can search for some workarounds for known issues.

A classic graphics and sound mod would go a long way towards making this game appealing to me.


Sounds like you are stuck in the past, things change mate! You can always play the original for the nostalgia trip from time to time, easy solution :blush:


I don’t see how asking for classic graphics or sounds is particularly unreasonable to the point of being called “stuck in the past”…


But Sorcerous, didn’t the original AoE DE have a feature like this? I would find very nice to have this as a DLC, just like UHD is.

Then what would be the point of keeping the HD (2013) on Steam (original aoe1 never was)?

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A graphic pack has nothing to do with a whole game.

That’s such an inconsiderate thing to say.

Nothing. AoE2 DE is supposed to be the definitive edition, uniting the player base. It’s supposed to render all previously existing editions obsolete.

Emphasis on “supposed”.


Why? Its just an opinion, you can agree or disagree with the original poster

Yeah would be nice to have it like a lot other stuff (althought I dont want devs working on this, and if so Ill put that in the bottom of the list of things to improve)

What a weird way to say you do want classic graphic/sound dlc

They say all graphics changes can be turned off and you can get the classic graphics if you want.
I’d expect the same goes for sound.

According to the fifth reply it’s already possible for single player custom games.
I don’t see why it would be harder to do this for multiplayer.
Maybe for campaigns some of the textures don’t have a classic version.
But I’m pretty sure they’re going to make it possible everywhere.

That’s why they want to include classic graphics and sound for people who prefer those.

I do like the new graphics. But I have a lot of trouble getting used to playing so far zoomed out.
And it would be good if I could toggle a lot of the graphical changes, so I can acclimatize myself in phases.
It’s one challenge to still recognize my old friends from so high up. It’s a much harder challenge to still recognize them from high up, after they all went shopping for new outfits together.
I love the building destruction animations, but I often can’t tell whether a building is already destroyed or not. It feels like they stick around for too long. I often am not sure if my delete command triggered, because the destruction isn’t instant anymore.

I agree with what Resonance 22 says in his review from 23:10 on:

Everything looks georgeous, but I often don’t know what I’m looking at.

Why? Its just an opinion, you can agree or disagree with the original poster

If the OP is saying that the graphics are too demanding for his setup, who in his right mind is going to call him out for “being stuck in the past”?

If I prefer the old graphics, am I stuck in the past for that?
Does one need to prefer the new graphics not to be stuck in the past?

Why is accepting change more important to you than rating things for how they are?

You can always play the original for the nostalgia trip from time to time, easy solution

Implying that his opinion is only a nostalgia trip, and telling him that playing on a bugged platform will be an ‘easy solution’ to his issues caused by DE. lol.

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Aren’t the original graphics asset lost? Remember hearing that in an interview with the devs.

The 3D models used to create them are lost. But the 2D sprites still exists, as those are used by the original game and HD.

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Well my answer was for @csaArmistead and dont know what his setup is.

I do want the game to be optimized as much as possible, of course, so making an option to disable new graphics and making DE less demanding so more people can enjoy it, it is wellcome (although I love the new graphics).
Sorry for the confusion.

To each his own. My computer plays the game flawlessly; I hate the new graphics because of how they look. It would be nice if the game offered graphics options so we both could be happy.

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