Make laming bannable in 1v1

The game is intended to start at around 5-7 min, some maps like Socotra are specifically designed for laming but on Arabia there is no point in making the game so RNG driven, say you are Burmese (random civ) going vs Vikings (civ picker), an 1200 elo player who isn’t good at the game wants to win by laming, it’s legitimately pathetic because 1 less boar = play whole game from behind until Imp, you basically don’t get to be the aggressor anymore.

Make it a reportable offense or make boars immune to scouts until 6-8 min mark.

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the game starts when you click ‘start game’, not at minute 5-7
learn how to block someone who tries to lame, especially at 1200 elo most people hurt themselves more when trying to lame


If that were the case the developers would have started the game at 5-7 minutes.

You’re literally just an Arena clown but you just happen to think that the aggression should be earlier than Stone walls can be breached.

“But I wasn’t READY!”


Yeah, just push deer and you’ll have the scout HP advantage. A 1200 player won’t be able to lame boars and keep his build order and TC running efficiently. Sometimes they fail the boar lure anyway and boar will walk back.

You can also use the opportunity of being lamed to stay in dark age a bit longer, put down some farms, get all the deer, wall up and fast castle, depending on your map.


this is not a thread about me specifically, I’m saying that 1200 elo is extremely low elo and people there don’t even know proper build orders yet when I smurf there I get lamed like 30% of games. I wish such people to be banned. Laming is NOT an intended mechanic.

you smurf and complain about being lamed. wow. that’s rich (also 1200 is top 20%)


You just lost the last shred of credibility you might have had. You’re a smurf yet you’re complaining about laming? Smurfing is far far FAR less ethical than laming. You’re in no position to be judging lamers.

Play at your own ELO or GTFO of this game. Proven smurfs should be banned.


Smurfing shouldn’t be part of the game and i want smurfs to be banned! Smurfing is way worse for the game than laming is lol If you see that you got lamed, go lame too. Or better yet, resign, wipe your tears and start a new game.

Also if you smurf you deserve to be lamed every match, just saying :stuck_out_tongue: xD


It is a very minority that thinks game start at 5 minute (like wtf?), why not play Arena if thats the case?

And by admitting smurf behaviour I think you lose all the right to argue here honestly


Your real complaint is actually being the defender, which i understand you do not like : i guess your problem is you do not like playing aoe.
You like crushing less skilled players (hence the smurf) and winning unfair matchup in the first place. Maybe find one or two kindergarden children to be your opponent, they wont lame you, you will crush them, and we wont have to read your posts


It’s a war game

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I know that laming is part of the game. Heck, Vietnamese and Celts have bonuses that intentionally facilitate laming. I also know that it is extremely frustrating to play against. If I were to change anything, I’d make it so boars spawn in the same locations relative to the players. Say in socotra, if the elephant spawns on the front lines (which make it extremely easy to be lamed), then so should the opponents elephant as well. Its only fair, and conserves the laming concept.

Personally I never lame, but I do respect that laming boars in particular is a skill. If you can pull it off without a single second of TC idle time, without messing up your own build order, without losing the boar’s aggression (or losing more HP on the scout than necessary) and without losing any of your own sheep or boars; that takes a decent amount of micro. If you are incapable of laming your opponent’s boar or luring deer in response to a boar steal then you are simply getting outplayed, which in this case you fully deserve for being a smurf.


Losing a boar is frustrating, but it takes APM to steal one, and the opponent will usually pay as well, with a decent chance of failure. The one that really irritates me is when they kill your sheep with their scout. Stealing sheep isn’t as bad, it’s usually inflicted by poor scouting on your behalf, but when you put your sheep by your lumbercamp or something so they can’t be stolen, but your villagers also don’t just slaughter all your sheep at once and then the enemy scout rocks up and one shots all your sheep? That’s really annoying.


stop blaming players for the incompetence of developers to properly balance the game

stealing should be disabled by a patch or ranked queue lobby setting, not by moderation

You’re addressing a whole different subject, civ pickers, laming wouldn’t matter that much, but once mixed with civ picking (Mongols or some Meso) it becomes abusive, I agree.
Laming was always part of the game, civ picking wasn’t, besides that there was some degree of dignity and sportsmanship back then, if one would random a “better” civ (match up wise) he’s less likely to lame. These days it’s chaotic, no sheriff in town, long live Mayans.

Arabia is an open map and as such you’re open to aggression from minute one. If you don’t like that, play a closed map like Arena or Hideout (but trust me, there are cheese strategies there that will drive you nuts as well).

There is nothing wrong with laming boars or any other resource for that matter. It’s part of what the game allows you to do. I wouldn’t even say it’s bad manners because it’s simply the opponent attempting to do their best to win the game. As a matter of fact, I would consider it bad manners if the opponent didn’t exploit every tool in their arsenal to try and win.

From my experience laming boars is risky enough that I’m not sure it’s a viable strategy statistically speaking. Yes, when you manage to actually lame a boar without hurting your build and without getting you too distracted then it’s a pretty nice advantage, but it doesn’t always turn out to be this way.

Instead of complaining about it, try doing what you can to mitigate it. Take the boar that’s most likely facing the enemy, use your sheep to scout so you can see that boar and pay attention to that boar while keeping your scout at an arm’s length so you could potentially block a laming attempt. If you’re THAT concerned about it then you can also take that boar a villager early.

Even if you employ all the countering, you’ll still sometimes get lamed. Instead of getting fussed about it, consider the possibility that your opponent has paid some price for laming and do your utmost to get ahead. You’ll be surprised how many times things can turn around for you. Take deer instead, and add an extra farm or two early on. If you lose, you lose and that’s part of the game.


Laming is just part of the game… It takes some luck and a lot of clicking to pull it off. If you get a boar lamed you can either just counter-lame or just take your deer. Unless you lose 4 sheep as well as one of your boar then there should not be such a big issue. As people have already mentioned, losing hp on your scout in dark age is not great!

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How is it the dev’s fault if the community disagrees on the topic ? A LOT of peole are against it, a LOT of people are for it, and most people do not mind either way.

Board stealing should not be directly disabled in ranked queue lobby unless it is disabled globally.

But it may be intetesting to add a checkbox like for random civ picking: “if every player in the game checked this option, boar laming is disabled and everyone knows it”. Or even better, an option in lobbies, so that people against laming can play with their settings.

Currently laming is allowed, so it just makes sense that tournament moderators decide on whether they allow players to lame or not.