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  • GAME BUILD #: 47820
  • OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows 10

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The lobby system is excruciatingly painful to use. It takes up to 1 minute to load the list of available lobbies. A quarter of these lobbies are bugged and don’t exist so we get error messages when we try to join them and we have to reload the entire list again. The list doesn’t update automatically, we need to refresh it every 5 seconds to see which lobby is actually available so that we don’t get an error, and it takes again several dozens of seconds to reload. It’s just a lot of little things which add up to a really unpleasant experience.

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  • 100% of the time / matches I play (ALWAYS)

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  1. Go in multiplayer lobbies

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The lobby list is supposed to take less time to load than 10 seconds.
The lobbies displayed are supposed to be existing.
The lobby list is supposed to be able to contain more than a maximum of 100 lobbies.
The lobby list is supposed to display the information in real time.

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These bugs are already reported in another thread, especially the non existing lobby part.

To me it looks like this is working as designed and thus no bug. Still it is annoying and (i agree) it needs to change. But this part isnt really a bug. I made my own thread about suggestion about the lobby:

Have a look and share your opinion.

Well… yesterday I had a lobby which was shown as 5/8 players in, so I wanted to join, but “No slots available”. Ok, fair enough, maybe I should refresh, after the refresh it still shown 5/8 players, so I was like “ok lets try again, maybe host kicked people”, again “no slots available”. Refreshed again, still same 5/8.
Yeah the state of the lobby is bad, and having to manually refresh is a little bit of a pain, but I think its a complete different problem if that somewhat simple system as it is now does not even work properly…

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