Making Siege Towers able to attack with arrows

Hi, I’m looking to mod the Siege Tower in my game (latest patch with all DLCs including DoI). I am trying to make them in addition to their use to put troops over walls, also fire arrows like a castle. Could someone guide me how this is done please? I’ve managed to make the tower get a attack capability via modding the empires1.dat file in AGE editor but nothing seems to be happening in-game.

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man they just recently changed a thing with hotfix. siege class 13 no longer shoot more projectile with more vills/archer garrisoned.

use to be shooting more projectiles, this sucked

How do I get the siege tower to fire arrows? What siege class should it be? I put castle projectiles for the time being.

looks like its firing arrow u already added projectile and combat task.

Hmm, why are there two siege tower entries in the .dat file. This is the correct one I edited, but not sure what the 895 entry is for

no idea probably just old unused stuff