Making team game map bans more fair

Lets assume a team of 4 players queue up against 4x solo queue players. A solo player only gets one map ban for 4 v 4, if in fact all 4 of them ban the same map it will only result in 1 map ban for this team … while the other stacked team gets 4 bans every time which can come to their advantage.

Fixing that:

Each player should be able to always ban 4 maps (resulting in 32 bans for 4 v 4s for example). The chosen map would be the one with the least amount of bans. If more than one map are “least banned” then randomly choose between them.

This would also make 3 v 3 bans alot better (where now solo queue only bans 1 map)

That sounds relatively reasonable. I personally think that prebuilt teams and random teamgames should be two separate queues.

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I hope not … this will make finding games even harder

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No. Here’s the reasoning. If you have a queue for people who are queueing with randoms, these people will all have equal level’s of communication, so that makes it fairer. You are also less likely to get a team with smurfs, because you don’t have the issues of team members with different elo’s, and if people are smurfing, it’s probably easier for them to play 1v1s. For teams, the elo differences should all balance out better for an average, as well as communication is more balanced.

this has been raised before but no one cares actually

You sometimes already have in this system queues with 7minutes+. If u seperate solo teamgamequeue from premadeteamqueue u are hurting the game, because u spend more time in the queue than in the game.

Of course it’s not fair if 4 solos face a premade team…but i think to balance that out they should just find tougher opponents.

For example a team with4 premades at 2.5k should get opponents around 2.6k.