Malta comanderies useles

Malta comanderies are useles. Compare them with the russian barracks for example. They cost 250 Wood and 100 coins. A normal stables cost 200wood. Comandaries cost 150 more resources only because can shot with 30 damage and cant be updated as the normal towers.

The units in comandaries are more expensive than others units too. Yes, they have a little more damage, but price/quality are worse.

I think that this building must be buffed to give Malta more options.

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mmh this building allow to garrison military unit, can train powerful unit ( for exemple huss are stronger than normal huss even if they are 10% more expensive ), also wignacourt work with commandery, seems like for me better building than a china or india or japanese towers for almost the same cost


Don’t forget all units that can be trained there (cavalry and tongue cards) upgrade automatically with each age up


Huss have +3 attack. And cost +10 coins and +10 food

You must up unlock all units paying and they are more expensive.

Agreed, the huss and dragoon being 10% better is completely off set by them costing 10% more. The building costs too mucn for a glorified stable so you rarely build more than 1 to actually make use of the teleporting units.

In most games all you see is 1 commandery from sending german tongue card, it would be a lot more useful if the other tongue cards were worth it so you’d have various around the map for transportation but currently the other tongue cards cost too much just to be able to train expensive units that have no cards and don’t benefit from the malta 2% hp per card bonus.

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I agree. Usually i only see the comandarie send by Germán tongue. As simple as comparing It with russian blockhouse

Units shadow upgrade in them which is nice, you can also use them to build some useful units like French heaven cav or Ports cassadors . But they do seem a bit pricey for a glorified stable

Yes, this is cool. But as the commanderie is right now unused enought. And if the commanderie dont be buffed, It Will remains unused.

Man, the headquarters has much more life and interacts a lot with the cards that have malt, it’s like telling you that manor houses are much better than Japanese shrines, because they have more life and 1 British villager collecting food, collects more resources than a Japanese sanctuary attracted by 4 animals, Do not take into account that the explorers create it and it can also cost you 73 wood each, it can be greatly improved with the cards and wonder.

The command is the same, the OP of that is mainly how it interacts with the cards, you can store military units, you can send the letter that reduces the cost to the cav and you already have a hussar for the same price as a normal one, stronger than the conventional , you can create upgraded units that have the other civ, you can create gendarmen, spanish lancers, oprichnik, cacadores. You can also give him the course gathering aura of the villagers who extract primary resources, you can teleport XD units, he increases the rate of fire with a weapon deposit, I mean what else do you want, you want to give him a big button to turn in an Apache helicopter and destroy everything in its path?


The only thing I would complain about malta is that it lacks team cards


Yes, i know how commandaries work. The think is that right now, si not used enought. So, if you see hight level Gameplays with Malta, comandaries not enought used.

Commandery units do not benefit from the 2% Maltese bonus. Only have a little more attack and are more expensive. So in practice they do not end up being profitable because the rest of maltese units are better.

Imagin that Malta would have commandaries and stables, in one would create hussar order and in other a normal hussar with the 2% bonus. Who would people chose? Yes, stables. Commandaries are really the Maltaese’s weakness. Yes, because this that i think that need a buff

They can transport units across the various commanderies. With German Tongue, they essentially become a second TC in Age I or II (!) by being able to train settler wagons. That makes them insanely great for eco, especially when paired with Wigancourt.

Not sure what your problem is with Commandery Cavalry. This and the fort are the only places you can recruit non-merc cavalry. If you want a balanced army, you need the cavalry.

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I never Saw using this hability yet. Yes, can create wagons more expensive that german, and spending a shippement and 450 Wood.

Do you really play Malta? Im sure that Manu of you never have used commanderies

Which the Settler Wagons can repay within a few minutes. Considering Germans need to wait for a Fortress Age card to train wagons on the map, Malta gets a solid head-start with extra and super-productive villagers, which you can still train during the age-up into Commerce.

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Literally the wagon is one of the few reasons because people have ONE commandarie, the ONE that comes with the shippement “Germán tongue”.

Only can have 6, they work as two workers and are more expensive that two workers.

If commanderies are not buffed, they remains being underused. If you dont think so, please give me a Gameplay where commanderies Will be used.

A buff that i think for example would be that they improve automatically when advancing and would have more damage.

Nobody is saying german tongue card is bad, it’s great to be able to train settler wagons, we’re talking about other than german tongue because in most games the only commandery you see is from that card. It’s not really worth it to build another either, typically you go to age 3 with a town centre wagon so that provides more area for wignacourt, then if you send vittoria you can build another tc for 350 wood. Equally it’s cheaper to just build an outpost. Also outposts can be upgraded while the commandery remains in it’s basic form. It’s an overpriced unupgradable blockhouse in it’s current state.

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on a malta mirror the best play so far is british tounge into forward commandaries and sentinels

The problem is that for most games, you only really need 1 to either build the tounge unit or to mass cav, you may get to 2 but u usually get it by sending the second tounge card as well.

I think its fine tbh, it has its uses and a powerful niche in the later game

edit: I also forget but is it affected by tower upgrades? that might be the only thing I would change

Why take British tounge when Malta already have the BEST croshbow in the Game?

Cause Malta crossbow lose to Malta longbow, especially with half decent micro