Mamelukes needs a buff

Mamelukes needs some love :

  1. Remove archer armor class They dont even upgrade from archer armor from the blacksmith. They should be treated like the taxe.
  2. Give them +1 pierce
  3. Get rid of the halbs making them do more damages to mamelukes than regular camels.
    The third is stupid :
    halbs deals + 32 damage against cav but against mamelukes its (26+11) = 37. They are super gold intensive and get countered by 2 trash units.
  4. Reduce training time.
  5. Increase range by 1
  6. unit tech camels and monks return gold when killed
  7. Lower gold

the difference is the mameluke is a ranged fast speedy unit that can actually run away from its counters, or kite them (Like the pikeman line) thus with the archer armor class, people can at least still use skirms against them, even if it takes a lot for the skirms to take them down.

only if the halbs can actually get to them.

these are the two i would consider.


I think it’s reasonable for archers to do well against them. Skirms don’t counter them nearly as well as it seems on paper. At the end of the day, going pure skirms against mamelukes means you’re using a unit with minimum range against a unit that does melee attack and can close distance fast. Not saying that the unit doesn’t need some boost, but boosting them directly against archers… not sure if I want to see that

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not at all, which is why i always found the argument for removing this armor class from them a bit of a joke. because skirms do pierce damage, and slowly at that, fully upgraded mamelukes take 3+4+4 Damage - 4 from armor for a total of 7 damage a shot. at 130 health that means they need 19 shots to die.

the real advantage though is that they deal melee damage back, and not pierce damage, like every thing else the skirmisher is used against, and skirms have 3 melee armor at best.

My suggestion:

  • Gold cost reduced to 70 (was 85).

  • Training time reduced to 19s (was 25).

  • Make Madrasah effect Mameluks by 2 ways; how?! 2 suggestions:

First way: Madrasah make Mameluke and Monks return 33% of their gold when they die (meh way IMO and not helpful at all)

2nd way: AFTER reducing the gold cost for Mameluke (like what I suggested) make the tech return for ALL GOLD UNITS 25% or 30% of their gold except siege and navy units.

The problem is that skirms are very easy to mass and getting 19 skirms mixed with pikes mamelukes cant do anything against that. Then you have Vietnamese skirms. I think that for this reason its gold cost should be reduced and training time decreased. Or another way to buff is increase its base attack by 2. With the slow train time of mamelukes It super easy to out number them with trash and kill them. I think that a UU that expensive and countered by 2 trash unit, its should deserve a training time decrease.

The throwing axeman, which in my opinion is a better unit overall, kills skirms, halbs, infantry and cost 25g. And its more cost efficient on a fight against mamelukes.

So yeah let archers be good against mamelukes but then give them +2 base attack damage or slower training time.

Main problem for mameluke isn’t skirmisher, it is halberdier. Skirmisher is only soft counter with its +4 damage. Therefore, Mameluke need to have regular camel armor class which take +26 damage from Halberdier. Archer armor class must remain.

Yes paladins can run away from mamelukes easily too. Mamelukes are only 0.5 speed faster and they miss when target is 2+ tile away even if running straight in the same direction. And you also need 1 mameluke to take down 1 generic FU paladin.

i mean you could say that about anything. get mass pike and what can knights do?
get mass skirm and what can archers do?

this is absolutely fine and reasonable.

again, its not really countered by either of them. you can kite pikes for days and it takes 19 skirm hits to kill them. meanwhile they do 13 damage back to skirms, killing them in 3 hits.

and is less mobile, has less health, and a longer frame delay. it also does poorly vs cavalry and archers will wreck it far harder then they will wreck mamelukes.

when something outspeeds you, you can’t easily run away from it.

not always, and frankly this is something that even archers have to deal with.

yeah but its a lot easier to get to elite mameluke then it is to get to paladin. one costs 600 food and 500 gold and the other costs 1600 food and over 1k gold.

do i think mamelukes should be cheaper? absolutely.

Mameluke really needs a cost reduction, at least 10 less Gold seems reasonable to me.

This is combined like the 10th thread from just 2 people, insisting to buff mames, which are actually completely fine.

They are situational, but in these sits they are often a game-winner

Mames are not a general unit you can go for, it’s a counter unit. But they excel exactly in that job, namely shredding paladin to pieces.

As this is a returning scheme here I propose a Term to use for this kind of begging for acknowledgemend of the devs. In honor of the guy who started this type of behaviour I propose:

“Parthnan Tactics”


I can smell an upcoming overbuff for mamelukes sooner or later when DOTD releases, then the unit becomes the Saracen ultra meta with Viper, Hera and MBL making memes and videos about how busted mames could be, people rant at aoezone, Equalizer’s and his smurfs, cheshirewig afterban jerking opinion and soumexican’s ultraposts will appear here demanding like, the OPlukes, the stupid mamelukes buff, oh man devs only hear forum LEL, only 1v1 games, took 6 years to nerf…, Reddit will soon be filled of nerf requests, devs will decide to then overnerf them back to their state, period…


Honestly, I don’t think you give the devs enough credit. They saw all these complaints about CA for literally eight months from the forums and from top players with some strong and bad opinions about them. When they did toss them a bone, it was a change so innocuous it’s hilarious.

.15 seconds was enough for the unit to immediately resurge into the meta. Maybe you think that’s luck, but I think there’s at least one person at DE who reads these threads before bedtime to get a good chuckle and go to sleep happy.

To that one person: Please stop buffing the Malay, and walk back the last Elephant buff.
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Reducing their cost and training time a little should work.
They are ok imo. But if you want to buff them, those 2 changes are enough.

Removing the archer armor class, and reducing the spearmen line damage against Mameluke is a must.

For more details, I wrote a big summary about this problem and how to fix it.

Check:The ridiculous archer armor class for the Mameluke