Mangonel-Line Projectile-Speed Buff

Projectile speed increased by 30-60% to increase viability.
Fire-Rate reload speed increased by 1 second (slows down)
Mangonels given reload circles so users may know when they are ready to fire again. (User only, not visible to enemy)

What makes you suggestion this balance change? What is your reasoning why we need this change? Why do we need this change?

Probably already moddable and i suspect a lot of auto everything discussion, like we also had for the mandala mod for example.

Increases viability vs archers being micro’d. As well as vs other units.

Imagine thinking that the one siege weapons everyone makes in castle age, and that can be upgraded to siege onager, needs a buff.

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i’m sorry, but the mangonel line is already a great siege unit that sees lots of use, why does it need to be buffed?

so on top of projectiles traveling faster, we’re going to reduce its reload time so that they fire about 20% faster? makes total sense.

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You can see the sparkle light up in Hoang’s eyes…


I think he meant something different: with the increase reload speed by 1 second. It doesnt make it faster, but slower. It take 1 more second to reload. As result the onager will be much better against archers. Dodging the onager with archers will be much more difficult. But the overall damage output will decrease, because of the lower fire rate.

This is at least my interpretation of his suggestion.

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true my bad. but still. not a fan of this change at all, mangonels are still good against archers, as you can’t really micro against 3 or more mangonels all that well. furthermore, their overall damage doesn’t need nerfs at all

It’s probably easier for me to say that the reload speed slows down by 1 second - I understand the wording is confusing for me too

Mangos proj speed is intentional to give an opportunity to evade their shots.
Can you please stop making these blunt “balance” threads. It’s becoming embarrassing.

If you have problems with the gameplay and don’t know how to react and execute certain strategies you can ask for in-game help. But please don’t make balance threads because you struggle with the current game design. Most of us like the current design in general.

Edit: Maybe you are better of with another game that fokusses on castle building and defence. I don’t know if i’m alowed to post the name here, so I just say it begins with “strong”.

You’re entitled to your own opinions, obviously just three pieces of advice.

  1. don’t get your hopes up.
  2. it’s better to do 1 thread to sum up your ideas rather then spam the forums with 7 new threads in a day.
  3. put some actual thought and consideration into your changes to look at them from multiple angles.

There’s a reason i only post a new thread about balance about once a month or so.