Mangudai Units Disappearing Intermitently

Game Version:

  • Build 101.101.33315.0 4426672


Enemy Mangudai Units kept dissapearing while not firing, and reappearing once they entered the fight animation. This was during a 1v1 multiplayer game.

Additional Info

I have the HD pack installed, via steam. My monitor is 1920 x 1080. Only using one monitor to play, in a triple monitor setup.
I have a modern gaming PC (Ryzen 5, R9 390, 18 GB Ram).

Reproduction Steps:

These steps might not be enough, because I don’t know all the factors involved, but try this:

  1. Create a 1v1 multiplayer game, with matchmaking. Have your enemies be Mongols.
  2. Have your enemy create some mangudai and have them attack you.

Video showing the issue

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