[MAP] Forgotten Civilizations of America and Africa (approximately)

Existing civs of America:

Turquoise - Incas
Oil Green - Aztecs
Pale Orange - Mayans

Potential new civs:

Dark Green - Inuits - Inuit people
Orange - Iroquois - Irouqois Confederation, Cherokees etc.
Light Green - Mississippians - Mississippian Chiefdoms (approx.)
Dark Blue - Pueblos - Pueblo People (approx.)
Pink - Toltecs - Toltec Empire (overlapping territory with many civs)
Gray - Tarascans - Tarascan Empire
Yellow - Mixtecs - Mixtec Kingdom (overlapping territory with many civs)
Black - Zapotecs - Zapotec Kingdom (overlapping territory with many civs)
Red - Muiscas - Muisca Confederation, Sutagao, etc.
Teal - Caribs - Carib Chiefdoms (approx.)
Brown - Chimus - Chimu Kingdom
Purple - Chankas - Chanka Kingdom
Claret - Tupis - Tupi People (approx.)
Magenta - Mapuche - Mapuche People

Existing civs of Africa:

Oil Green - Saracens
Pale Orange - Ethiopians
Yellow - Berbers
Magenta - Malians

Potential new civs:

Light Green - Nubians - Alodia, Makuria, Nobatia Kingdoms
Purple - Somalis - Ajuran, Adal, Warsangali Sultanates
Pale Yellow - Sudanese - Daju, Funj Sultanates
Pale Red - Ugandans - Kitara Empire
Orange - Swahili - Zanzibar, Kilwa, Mombasa etc.
Teal - Malagasy - Merina Kingdom etc.
Light Blue - Zimbabweans - Butua Kingdom, Mutapa Empire, Great Zimbabwe
Dark Green - Kongolese - Kikongo Kingdom
Dark Blue - Kanembu - Kanem-Bornu Empire
Dark Gray - Hausa - The seven Hausa Kingdom (overlapping territory with many civs)
Claret - Mossi - Mossi Kingdom
Turquoise - Songhai - Songhai Empire, Gao Empire (overlapping territory with Malians)
Pink - Yoruba - Oyo Empire, Benin Empire
Grayish Brown - Igbo - Nri Kingdom
Light Gray - Akans - Denkyira (approx.)
Black - Ghanaians - Ghana Empire (overlapping territory with Malians)
Red - Vandals - Vandalic Kingdom
Brown - Senegal - Wolof Empire


Imagine the dozens of potential new campaigns as well as architecture sets.


First impression in America:
Very interesting, from this map come civilizations for AoE2 and AoE 3, although in my personal perception some civilizations are missing on the western side of the Amazon, and in medieval times there were some civilizations in southern South America, such as the Telhueches.
In medieval times, the Mapuches did not have so much territory, although after being harassed by the Spanish they were forced to cross the Andes mountain range where they mixed with some Tehuelches and other ethnic groups such as the Pehuenche.

( Red zone are the areas of high Mapuche population density)

Man Toltecs are basically the first american civilization, their time was around the same that aoe 1, they went extinct before iron age for europe civ, they do not belong to aoe 2, about cherokees well they were tribes not a civilization and they also do not fit to aoe 2, same like most of the “civs” you are mentioning.

Also there is not enough architectural data to even make a civ of most of them, i don’t see how or why having those in the game will make a good inclusion, other than inventing civ bonuses and units (like incas).


I think you confused Toltecs with Olmecs (?). The Toltecs Empire was a medieval empire between ~500 and ~1200 (which is very medieval). Cherokees are just an Iroquois group and “Iroquois” are supposed to cover all the people who spoke Iroquoian languages, of course the civ will mainly cover the Iroquois Confederacy which had government system etc…

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Perhaps not many people in the forum know it, but the Tehuelche are also within the South American culture thanks to PatoruzĂş, who was a comic book character who also had animated films in 1930. I had the illusion of seeing the Tehuelche in AoE 3 , but apparently they used the concept of PatoruzĂş to create the Mapuche Bolas Rider (Native American horseman armed with boleadoras)


Another detail that I see and that interests me is that you placed the Chankas (and I thank you, it was an interesting civilization).

Thanks to archaeological evidence, there are solid indications that the Chankas descend directly from the Wari, the Wari were a very advanced civilization, the first empire in America whose reign lasted 4 times longer than the Inca empire, however, the empire collapsed, some believe it was a direct result of the Medieval Warm Period. After the Wari collapse, the survivors (such as the Chankas) became extremely belligerent to conserve the few resources that still existed, although the Chanka preserved some of the Wari traditions (such as cranial deformations) they were not able to replicate many of their technological advances ( imagine surviving the post-apocalypse). The Chanka territory in its maximum expression, according to some historians and chroniclers, even reached the current Bolivian-Paraguay border (this is due to the conquests they obtained before being defeated by the Incas), as a curious fact, the Chankas like the Wari initially spoke the Aymara language.

Unfortunately, it is not known about the emperors or the Wari conquests, but it is known thanks to Felipe Guaman Poma that the Chankas already existed as a “kingdom” when the first Inca (Manco Capac) founded Cuzco:

The Apocuraca (King) of the Chankas was Anca Uallo who had the purpose of being Inca, whose life chronologically coincided with that of Manco Capac, first great lord of Cusco, who introduced him and donated to his sister Topa Uaco to seal an alliance exchanging wives; but this woman without hide his status as Uarmi-Auca (warrior woman), deceived and assassinated the leader and captain Anca Uallo

PS: I personally like the rectangular Wari shields, the Chankas may have used similar shields, although the chroniclers record that the Chankas represented cougars on their shields.

Vasija Wari - copia

guerrero wari1


We have nothing in the game to cover South-Central Africa, North American Plains and Tropical South America. Atleast one civ for each of these regions is a must.


I prefer civilizations to be chosen primarily by History rather than geography, I consider the Haudenosaunee (Iroquois) don’t fit AoE 2 in the same way that Byzantines don’t fit AoE 3.

Come on, world history in the Middle Ages is very interesting.


I kinda have the same feelings for Huns and Portuguese ngl.


I too for the Huns (we finally agree), but Portugal already existed as a kingdom since 1139 in addition to being a world economic, social and cultural power in the 15th and 16th centuries.

The Haudenosaunee league was founded in the 11th century so you have that too.

Define “league”

On the other hand, remember that the idea that the League was formed shortly after a solar eclipse on August 31, 1142 is still a theory, I personally agree with archaeologists and anthropologists who believe that the League was formed around 1450

Even if it was founded later on, that’s stil within the AOE time frame. The Aztec empire didn’t last for much longer and the Portuguese kinda get relevant afterwards.

Especially if you design them in a way how AOE civ usually work, as umbrella civ for a region. Could be a great campaign too with the Foundation of the League.

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Well, I know that AoE is a game and that many other elements could work using the mechanics of AoE 2 (like a spin-off of the Lord of the Rings or GoT) and that you can even make a great umbrella for all civilizations North Americans (including the Haudenosaunee, Mississippi and Inuit) as seen on the Vinlandsaga stage. But personally, if they do that more than a consideration for Native Americans it would reinforce stereotypes. Even until now I continue fighting to avoid that the great American Empires and / or Kingdoms are seen as equal to tribal organizations, it is not that it discriminates against anyone, but every great empire or kingdom deserves to be respected for its regional cultural advances.

Especially knowing that with the arrival of the Europeans to America it had as a direct effect the end of the great Native American empires and kingdoms.

Well, Cahokia was bigger than London at the time so I think it would be a good addition.

The Wari Capitol was apparently much larger and at the time possessed twice the population of Paris.

But I suppose it should not be taking into account because its geography is already occupied …

Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to see any American civs. The American campaign screen is still very empty and deserves IMO more love, might it be in the form of Caddo, Hitsatsonim, Haudenosaunee, Wari, Shuar, Mapuche, Chimor or others etc.

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I also understand you, but I have to explain that in America there were different types of social organizations, all interesting in their own way. There are games like “Civilization” where all those civilizations can coexist in the same installment, but the AoE saga is separated by historical periods that in my opinion affects the choice of playable civilizations.

As additional information I leave you with this series of videos (they are in Spanish but you can also configure subtitles to other languages ​​such as English), which although not all the information is 100% correct is an excellent summary of the history of pre-Columbian America.

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You know why I’m actually not that strict in terms of being an agricultural society or not? Mongol farmers and generally speaking Nomadic civ economy kinda give a lot of leeway in terms of civ designs.

I’d be very happy that America would get some more love later on in a future expansion.

And that’s why I would welcome North Am civ suggestion like Mississippians, Hitsatsonim etc because they peaked during that time frame.

I’d not like to see civs like the Lakota with Cav though because that would feel unfitting for AOE2 in my opinion.

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It would be cool if you could do the same for Asia and Oceania.

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