Map icon mod

I’m trying to make a mod that replaces the image of a standard map with an alternative image. There seem to be a number of files in which these images show up, but I haven’t been able to find the correct file yet that actually replaces the map icons as shown in the map selection menu.

The files I have tried replacing so far:

  • …\resources\_common\wpfg\resources\mapicons\<map>.png
  • …\widgetui\textures\atlas\HD\
  • …\widgetui\textures\atlas\SD\
  • …\widgetui\textures\atlas\UHD\
  • …\widgetui\textures\menu\mapicons\<map>.png

Does anyone know which image the game uses for the map icon in the map selection menu?

I think it might be the case that the game uses the atlas files, but if you want to make a mod, you should replace the loose files instead. But I haven’t personally tested this, just seem to recall it being the case for unit icons.

I found the error, I thought since the file in \resources was a PNG, the file in \widgetui would be a PNG too, except it was a DDS file… thanks for thinking along though :sweat_smile:

For future reference, the correct file to change is: