Map limit for animals (Herding hunts QoL feature)

Guessing this happens to everyone, even the pros.

:arrow_forward: Issue

So, you are trying to herd deer closer to your base, but a random settler shoots them away, an accident, that’s fine…
HOWEVER, sometimes, when the herd is closer to the edge of the map, it makes it annoyingly impossible to herd them back away from it.

Because of it:

  • Less settlers get to gather from the animal carcass, as they collide with the edge instead of getting to the hunted animal (Sometimes, only 2 can gather at a time).
  • Settlers can only “herd” animals sideways, because when the animals are all on the edge of the map, it doesn’t allow the settlers to position behind them to herd them back

Cue example 1:
In this case, there are a lot of deer, so they are not all un-herdable back from the edge, but considering the rest…

  • The other deers can’t be herded back from the edge
  • The one settler walking couldn’t gather from the deer behind it, only 2 per deer.

:arrow_forward: Solutions?

The only way right now to stop this issue is to either…

  • Hope that in a few minutes, one of the animals moves a bit off from the edge so you can shoot it back.
  • Have a lot of animals on the same herd, so that they collide with each other, instead of all with the edge, leaving some to herd the group back.

:arrow_forward: New feature

One simple way to stop this, is to offset the limit all maps for wild animals, that way, settlers can always gather around the carcass or herd them back away from the edge.

Worth a patch?

  • Sure, add it as a feature
  • Nah, never happens to me, EVER
  • Broken AF feature? Will BREAK AOE3???
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Makes sense - who would be opposed? And hopefully can be done as a simple addition without taking years and also breaking 15 other things.

Name 1

I’d prefer the ability to just pick up carcasses and move them. That would let you fix all kinds of herding wonkiness and not just at the edge of the map.

It could improve it in some rare cases. Moving carcasses with 1-2 villagers so that 10 other villagers don’t have to walk might be effective.

But I also wouldn’t necessarily want it to improve walking time efficiency otherwise it it would be a necessity and another thing that optimizes the fun out of the game. It would also potentially make it optimal to drag away your opponents hunts which would be extremely annoying to deal with.

It’s more of a QoL suggestion to avoid a few annoying situations like hunts on map edges of or near obstacles, ones downed in vulnerable areas, or ones just outside a Granary aura. Basically a trade off of efficiency for security or to fix awkward positioning.

I’d see that more as a civilization bonus or card, instead of a QoL feature.

It would take away the risk/gain out of hunting in the exterior of the map, as every civ would just keep their hunts below the TC.

But still, would be cool to add, with moderation (Like AoE4, which has it as an expensive upgrade for scouts).

I’d prefer it as a default feature for everyone to be able to fix really awkward or annoyingly positioned carcasses. But it should be slow enough that you’re sacrificing efficiency to move hunts for all but the worst scenarios.

I could see it being a civ bonus for something like mounted Steppe Nomad villagers for a Kazakh or Oirate civ. They could move carcasses at a speed that’s actually economical. Or maybe a bonus for the Royal Hunter from the Oldenburg house.

The poll in this post is more one-sided than an election in a dictatorship! 100% agreement.

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This is because the poll is “in favour / I am a god / Joke Answer”
It has dictatorship results, because it is a dictatorship poll :laughing:


Did you just vote… NO???

and fix the bug whereas you hit one animal to one direction and it flies away 100 kilometers on the other.

You know who does not run away ?

This guy :