Map rotation and how it works

Recently the map rotation changed but this time there was no voting at all. This has happened several times before. And while we need to respect the Devs decision on the map they choose, I still believe a sort of calendar or schedule for the map rotation would benefit the community greatly.

Why do I say that?

  • A small percentage of the community participates in the voting system. A clear schedule would make easier for everyone to participate
  • Feels kinda bad when your favorite map is on the pool but gone overnight with no way of knowing it will happen.

Thanks a lot!


There should be an in-game voting system, really shouldn’t be that hard to implement.


In fact, there was a voting: đź—ł VOTE NOW! 1v1 Ranked Map Rotation - January 11 - #15 by casusincorrabil
However, it wasn’t announced as it used to be before. If you didn’t read the forum, you would not have noticed. As a consequence, participation was very low compared to previous rotations.


And a non-broken ELO system for TG shouldn’t be so hard to implement either… Don’t hold your breath.

Every single map rotation there has been less participation, current arena lovers map pool was voted by 250 people, yeah that is really low considering the +40k players active, it has been said before current system just empowers a minority that happen to control all the map rotations since the implementation of such system.

But the devs are the ones choosing the maps, we only vote for 3 of them, if the map happens to be ugly it is due the devs choice, several of their maps have very low play rate and yet they are all the time in the map pool or as a fixed map, we are just being forced to play whatever map they want, this system failed since the beginning due the lack of participation,there is no logical reason to keep it going.

Wow. I didn’t know. I always rely on the Steam app to let me know there’s a voting system. Still requires to pay a lot of attention to the forum to be able to participate…

Thanks for letting me know!