Map scrolling is choppy/sluggish & stuttering

It isn’t. Just look at the Steam Forum. :sweat_smile:

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Yes, we told them in beta and they just do not care.
I don’t think that this can be fixed via a hotfix patch, this will take some time


Evangelos on Discord said:

We are also tracking the issue, so be sure to weigh in on one of the threads so we can continue to track feedback, computer hardware, etc.

The more information we have to work with, the better!

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I’m sure they are working on it, but i think they should have fixed the performance issues before the release


Raw performance seems pretty good now (considering the game being single threaded and all) but man, having 100+ fps doesn’t matter if it feels like 15 because of the insane stuttering and the absolutely broken vsync. :smiley:

It’s a big step up compared to the beta because honestly that version ran as bad as possible but MS, fix your frame limiter / vsync / whatever this issue is caused by, please.

Win 10 64 bit
i5-9600k 4.7 ghz
GTX 970
16 gigs of DDR4
Samsung 840 SSD

Yeah but he responds like that to anything. And the guy is responding to so many issues on that discord (Being super active props for that), I just feel like they can’t handle all of this at once and alot of things will get pushed aside.
I personally think it’s going to take alot of time. I’d gladly be wrong.

Lets hope someone from dev team will comment on this thread or that it gets pinned as a “Known issue”.

I had a little progress doing the following:

  • disable ingame vsync
  • disable ingame AA
  • enable driver supersampling 4x AA. Adds a little GPU load.
  • enable driver vsync
  • RTSS frame limiter at 72 (i have a 144hz monitor) - results in about 50-60 fps
  • ingame drag speed at 75%, inertia at 10%
  • use arrows to scroll instead of right click. The new right click method vs legacy is incredibly janky and responds inconsistently to how far you drag the cursor, which I think is part of the problem. Using arrows it’s tolerable now (not 100% smooth but playable).

This game is basically unplayable due to its graphics. Sad, because I looked forward to this, being an AOE2 player from original release

Same problem here.
100 fps with GTX 1050 Ti but camera feels choppy…
Vsync is not working, 40 fps when enabled.

There is a known side effect of Vsync, where if it for some reason feels it cannot run at the refresh rate, it will run at a fraction of the refresh rate, eg half. When I enable Vsync my fps drop to 30 instead of 60. Ironically though, it feels smoother at 30 than 80 without Vsync. Frame time pacing is the problem here, apparently.

It isn’t a problem with Vsync. The raw frame rate is stable at 60 FPS. But it is stuttering. So we’re not talking about the typical FPS drops to 30.

Well this thread was specifically about map scrolling stuttering though. Not really stuttering in general.

I do think they are related though. Solving the frame rate stutter will most likely sort out the scrolling issues as well.

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It’s probably due to inconsistent delays between the frames. If the game doesn’t do anything for the first half second and then draws all 60 frames in the last half, it’s still 60 frames a second but while stuttering.

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Exact same settings as mine, map scroll also laggy. Pop doesn’t play a difference, game runs smooth, but moment I start scrolling around the map, I get 20fps doesn’t matter if ultra or low settings.

Personally my fps doesnt really change on the screen when scrolling but it FEELS like much lower fps.

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Same issue here, steam version

Theres nothing said about this yet from devs.

I dont know about you guys, but I tried playing now and map scrolling is way smoother for me, I changed nothing, also FPS seems better, my benchmark increased to 1220. I know they released a patch yesterday but it mentioned nothing about this issue/performance. Can anyone else confirm if it’s better for them now too ?

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Yeah, I have marginally less stutter when scrolling too but it’s still very far off from a smooth 60 even though the usual campaign mission is almost always running above not even 60 but 120 fps since the latest patch. I don’t think they fixed the issue, higher end CPUs just seem to have gotten a performance boost and that’s why the stutter is a bit more bearable.

Framepacing is what’s bad here, not the raw performance.