Maps of all Natives

After seeing the map of amerika by a different user, I desided to create the Maps of natives for Africa, Europe and Asia too. I hope it is still usable, because in Europe there are a lot of vatives on small maps.
Please let me know if you find mistakes


En Yukon los Cree fueron cambiados por Klamath en uno de los parches pasados, pero ese es error mío :wink:
Con respecto a los demás mapas te quedaron geniales. Muchas gracias por compartirlos

thank you

If someone knows how to add these MAps to the Wiki, please feel free to do so. I dont know how to do it.

All these maps tell us that we need even more Minor Civilizations for all continents. There is too much repetition despite the variety of maps representing different regions.

Speaking on the example of Europe:

  1. The British Isles have only Hannover Royal House - I think it would be useful to add Tudor and Stuard Royal Houses for the British Isles and Ireland - Hannover RH would be for England map.
  2. Western Europe and Italy are dominated by the Bourbon Royal House. For variety, there are also often Habsburg Royal Houses (which dominate almost all of Europe except the East and North). I think you could add something for Iberia (Trastámara Royal House) and something for the Netherlands - Nassau Royal House. Italy should also get something of its own and more maps at the same time - Borgia, Savoy, Medici and Sforza - of course these Royal Houses could appear in other regions.
  3. The Balkans belong to the Phanar Royal House. I think you can add the Ottomans Royal House to this to represent European Ottoman citizens - Bosniaks and Bulgarians.
  4. Scandinavia is shared by the Oldenburg Royal House and the Vasa Royal House - and that’s okay.
  5. Eastern Europe needs more Royal Houses of their own like the Romanovs and Rurikovichs.
  6. I left Central Europe for last, which could receive more maps due to the greatest variety and having the most key regions in Europe. The crown area of ​​Bohemia could be represented by the Luxemburg Royal House and something unique - the Hussite Camp (religious Minor Civilization like those from Asian maps). Ascania and Hohenzollern Royal Houses should be mandatory added to Central European maps.
  7. Maps like the Caucasus, Eurasian Steppes and Anatolia should be split into more maps. They should get more non-European content. Caucasus should be split into more maps and should get at least Minor Civilizations - Georgians and Armenians (Circassians, Chechens, Dagestanis etc always welcome).

Speaking on the example of Asia:

Asia most of all continents needs adding a huge amount of maps and creating a whole new category of Asian Minor Civilizations, because the current religion-based one is no longer unique to Asia - and it’s just bad for it. Holy Site will be good for replenishing maps around the world.

Speaking on the example of Americas:

America seems to have the best representation in the game, but that’s fallible. South America relative to North America is poor in content. Need to add more maps and Minor Civilizations for South America. New content for North America is also welcome.

Speaking on the example of Africa:

Finally, I will discuss Africa, which in my opinion has the best maps and the most interesting Minor Civilizations. I think you should wait for the DLC focusing on Central and South Africa - then more maps from those regions of Africa and brand new Minor Civilizations will be added.

On African maps, similarly to European maps, there is a high repetition of Minor Civilizations. I think that number should be tripled.


nice work! :smiley:
where did u get the information about oldenburg on iceland?

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I have a bit of a silly idea:

Vikings Minor Civilization on the Iceland map xDDDDD

I think that some easter eggs would make the maps more attractive.

Probably nothing official. But it was ruled by Denmark-Norway so Oldenburgs ruled there.

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En lo profundo de los archivos del juego se encuentra la info. AoE 3 Companion la recopiló en su app

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Religious holy site is a bad idea and no need sticking to. Change my mind.

At least they need some finer splitting, not sufi whenever you need a muslim native.

Even though sufi now get a proper muslim unit instead of an Indian war elephant, it is still odd to see them on SEA or Swahili.

So I’d prefer just start adding Asian peoples and mix them with the holy sites. There is no problem. You already did this on African and South American maps.
Or if one has to stick to this design, we might need 2-3 additional muslim factions for regional differences and a few new ones that for SEA and Southern India.

BTW Jesuit is so overused.


İt’s in the companion app. Apparently Wales and Iceland are already in the game files.


I’m not sure why they’ve never put the Bhakti Temple on Indonesia. There were still remnants of the Hindu Majapahit empire throughout the region and holdouts like Bali that are still Hindu to this day.

Indochina could also easily have the Zen Temple.

It would give more variety than just the Sufis and Jesuits that are seen on a disproportionate number of maps.


Among other things, putting them side-by-side highlights the differences in art design.

The minor civ portraits in the original three releases (AoE3, TWC, TAD) were each done by separate artist(s) to meet different target scopes:

  1. Original AoE3’s native art pieces were created as large, coffee table book-worthy waist-up illustrations, full of details that intend to showcase each tribe’s cultural character. They are actually a bit too large & detailed for the in-game icons, and look cramped there.

  2. OTOH, the TWC icons have a more limited budget. They are small and slapdash chest-up paintings with little detail, only just enough to fill original AoE3’s in-game icons. For AoE3DE, artists had to scale them up and paint over them to add more details.

  3. The TAD icons are head shots that break composition continuity with the former two, but incidentally much more suitable as thumbnails due to the narrower focus.

Despite the differences, the original groups are similar in having muted, naturalistic colors, and they pay special attention to differentiate the portraits by giving them distinct colors.

  1. With AoE3DE’s new minor civs, we see the artist(s) favoring blocks of loud primary colors: the Berber’s yellow-and-blue turban, the Akan’s emerald trimmings… only the Somali portrait doesn’t have them.

  2. This culminates in the European royal houses, which have figures wearing primary-colored clothing on top of primary-colored flag backgrounds. It’s all very loud and visually noisy.

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man, i absolutely love them… especially cree, cherokee and haudenosaunee

but im also absolutely fine with them ^^ only hanover is a bit over the top, but thats due to their super ugly coat of arms

I think TAD icons are the worst, they neither give me the immersion of allying with a unique culture (/religion/royal house) nor do they show me what unit i can expect from them… they are just random pictures of old guys, there is nothing mystical about them