March PUP Notes

Basically natives and india dead in treaty . Also usa is also some what dead now , as u can’t have advance arsenal and second factory together now .

Reducing already limited civ pool of playable civs for treaty. ,

I wish if some money was spent on hiring some professional to balance this game .

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I don’t quite understand the huge Ottoman buff, again.

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How would you read this patch note as a buff?


The Eagle Running Warrior weakened too much , This weakening makes them almost unable to fight any infantry , not worth their expensive price , It also seriously weakened Aztec’s ability in the treaty model , Their Jaguar Warriors are unreliable and highly dependent on the Eagle Running Warrior , This change makes Aztec almost impossible to play in treaty mode


Light Infantry units: Skirmisher and Foot archers have their ranged damage multipliers reduced by -20% against Heavy Cavalry and -33% against Hand Shock Infantry. Light Infantry units that did not inflict negative bonus damage against Shock Infantry yet have received it now. Units inflicting siege damage (Abus Gunners, Cannoneers, Fire Throwers) received higher negative multipliers whereas Counter Skirmishers (Pandours, Schiavoni) received lower ones.

you should read it

They killed all natives in treaty , with fire. Pit nerf and eagle nerf , how do they expect people to play , spamming super weak slingers ???

Even culv shot can kill dozens of them, also not to mention , with new super nagative multiplier vs cav , small cav mix with skirmishers will just decimate them


The Eagle Running warrior reduction is for all infantry , ok? And the proportion of skirmishers to cavalry decreased, while the proportion of long-range assault infantry increased correspondingly , Plus, the Eagle Running Warrior’s own attribute is reduced , The high price of this unit makes them completely useless


Basically whole Aztec army composition suck even harder vs skirmishers now , need some anti cav for weak cyote , and ggg , cry Aztec player. .

Don’t forget 33% nerf on 1300 gold shipment , which is basically 60-50% of ur gold income late game .

Also don’t forget warrior priest nerf on fire pit .


LMAO, lets nerf the already weak Malta civ to oblivion, and buff the already strong Ottomans instead.



Not mentioned in the notes.


Unluckly, due to the nature of the patch, those images are incomplete: Why?

Using Portugal, i couldn’t save the arsenal card in the deck to tune up even more the revolutionary… But if my math is right. The main revolutionary should be:

HP: 280
Attack: 30
Speed 5.5 - Both units

For the Dutch… well…

Indonesia wasn’t updated for them yet.

The revolutionary would be the same… but the Javanese Spearman should have

HP: 300
Dutch card affect all infantry, Making the Javanese, a more balanced version of the old barbary warrior.


that change is about all skirms now dealing less damage vs heavy cav and hand shock infantry.

so going forward skirms are going to have a much harder time killing coyotes, like a lot

Rough math a late game skirm with say 36 atk use to deal 27 towards heavy cav and hand shock infantry, now it deals 21.

This could change a lot of things, might need time to digest this

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RIP fur trade.

there is now practically no reason to use this as plantations more or less have the same rate compared to mills.

this will hurt french and haud treaty in particular.

spanish treaty buff? not sure its needed but okay.

sweden buff?

pretty big nerf to lategame china, China might actually be a B tier treaty faction now.

small buff for eco

im not sure how this is going to work out, i dont know if esp. as dutch you want to pay a premium for your units, access to a musketeer and faster units could help but it depends on the stats.

well that is sad.

sounds strong, we’ll see what this means in practice.

I kinda like the new cards, it gives you more flexibility overall, but I don’t think that it was what Italy really needs, as for how lombards works you could anyway get any resource that you needed by reinvesting the other resources in excess.

Now you can have an even greedier age 2 thought…

The buff to the bersaglieri and albanian company are nice, and the nerf to marco polo was probably needed (although they could have gone for 50% rather than 25% right away).

What I don’t get is the nerf to the pavisier through steel bolts, it’s not like the unit is great right now, nerfing it without any kind of competition seems a bit too much…

Also, I believe that overall that’s not really what Italians needs, new cards are always nice, but what Italy needs are some way to compensate for resources in the super late game for lacking a factory, not in the early game to mid game when their eco is already stellar.

As for their military, they need a buff to some of their units to make them actually stronger, like having st least their halbs being a powerhouse since all other units doesn’t have much upgrades.


The final balance purpose on natives is nerfing remain stuff it is above average but don’t buff their stuffs those under average, because most of people dislike natives.


Totally agree, this changes are a joke for italians,

Según las imágenes nuevas de evento parece que añadirán una nueva civ de oriente medio

The whole Rangers thing is still convoluted - just have them as an unlocked-at-Age 4 thing.


None of aztec changes make sense:

  • ERKs didnt that well vs infantry for their high cost. We have to remember that azzys DONT HAVE ANY ARTILLERY

  • Firepit: Its a must to become them efficient. It was far from OP since again NO ARTILLERY OR ARSENAL UPGRADES while they cant get every temple card.

Both changes is a huge nerf on ERKs specially without any buff to compensate.

  • Crates nerf is a meme lol. They should come faster, not slower. Azzys stack a lot of shipments, now WC aura will feel useless. Another nerf to eco while your units are worse LOL.

  • New bonus vs walls seems nice but mortars dont need them, specially european ones.

  • Who complained about fur trade??


new map


is it the only new map or are there more?