March PUP Notes

Indians nerf are a shame too. They turn them more card dependant AGAIN with indian gunpowder change WITHOUT ANY PROFFIT since they nerf imperial upgrade by same quantity.

And yes, lets become India more wood heavy by turning Sepoys useless against cavalry (One of their main features).

Karni nerf plus fur trade nerf, very well. Karni is a worse economic theory again. I hope you are satisfied with it.

Their only buff (Consulate changes) IS USELESS.
If devs wanted to nerf militia, just remove it and give them a lategame bonus, THEY ARE THE ONLY ONES WITHOUT ONE
Spies could be enabled at TC to counter merc heavy civs while surgeons (if anyone use them) are at monastery and their current export cost (nosense lol) changed to gold.

only one new map found

Nerf on native doesn’t need sense, people dislike and bias are reason.

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lol at the japan buffs. This will be delicious.


Even if the unit is considered to be too strong in the early stage, it should also be compensated for the upgrading of technology in the imperial era, so that it can obtain normal attributes. This weakening is too fatal, which almost makes the system of the Aztec treaty model completely collapse
I can’t imagine what kind of arms Aztec can use in the large-scale confrontation in the later stage. They lack artillery. The economy is hampered by the need for dance and the low efficiency of the gold plantation, and even the army is at a disadvantage after losing the Eagle Warrior. This change makes Aztec completely unable to play in the later stage


The only buff, AKs vs wall is a double edge one, why devs gived train captured mortars to them if they become more and more useless patch after patch?? Just remove them, I dont need 6 pop units that just take down buildings when my army (that is suppoused to win by numbers) sucks.

Also, Dutch didnt need that eco boost AGAIN

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I main dutch and i think it’s enough strong. I don’t think this need be buff but buff dutch revolutions.


Yeah most of players like european civs

In short, slight improvements to the Ottomans and rework for the Latin revolutions, especially Mexico…

It would be a bit op, considering that you have the Grenadiers on horseback…

F…Sad Finnish noises…

Aesthetic issues…

Maltese sad noises…

The typical thing that Russia favors having a larger population than the rest of European civs…


*Procedía a arrasar a todas las civs,en especial a Otomanos e Indios…

Yes, and that the longbowman disappears…

It looks like the map of the last Chinese mission in AoM…


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Aztec dead

Inca dead

India dead

Italy dead

Malta dead

In treaty , that’s why they need to hire some professional to balance game instead of some random dude make changes on the basis of some random newbie crying on forum on things he don’t know anything about.


Aztec changes for 1v1 Supremacy are terrible.
According to data provided by Sunbros Aztec have 51-53% winrate (based on 950 Aztec games in all ELO ranges) which is almost ideal.

So what the devs do?
They proposed nerfing Aztec’s best and pretty much only A tier unit to the ground. -25% attack against all infantry and -5% range armor AGAIN without any real compensation for other units/decrease in cost? And in addition to that nerf to the Plaza?

I hope those changes will never go live. If they do - Aztec from very rarely picked civ will become the civ with lowest pickrate - I’m sure of it.


Because now the lowest pickrate is Haud, the champion for bottom civ needs to change.

no. 1300c arrives still at the same speed

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Nopes , now it arrive slower , do u read the patch notes ?

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  • Infinite 1300 Coin (IV): Arrival time increased to 60 seconds (up from 40 seconds). The card will arrive in ~40 seconds due to the recent acceleration of Imperial Age card arrivals.

they just forgot it in the last patch. thats all

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So it’s basically a nerf from last patch , right ???

And this language doesn’t signify anything that they forgot it last time , they just all of sudden decided to nerf shipment speed .

no dude. It was 40seconds for the last 15years or so… then they changed it last patch by mistake and now its back to normal


So are u dev , so u can tell me they changed it by mistake ??? Or intentionally?

its not that hard to figure it out: last patch they changed the arrival speed mainly because of the italian basilica units (as they said in the patch notes) … most civs had no big advantage of it and they didnt think of aztec 1300c … aftwerwards they saw an overperformance of this shipment (or just remembered it, while they where doing the other aztec changes), so they changed it back to default. nothing spectacular.

tldr: you had a ecoboost for the last 3 months, that wasnt intended and now its back to default. so dont cry about it, because you didnt lose anything


apparently all european civs have a special battleship card now! :smiley:
(the one for the germans is in age 3)