March PUP Notes


  • We have added Treaty decks for all civilizations!

  • Merchants and ​Yörüks now appear in Fishing Boats for the Ottoman and Dutch civilizations respectively.

  • Fixed several instances where units did not have appropriate voicelines.


  • 2 War Hut Travois (II): Improves the hitpoints of War Huts by 15% (down from 20%).

  • Fur Trade (I): Now converts 1.2x stockpiled food into coin (down from 1.25x).

  • Medicine Wheel (I): Effectiveness of Healers at the Community Plaza reduced to 35% (down from 50%).

  • Mercenary Loyalty (III):

    • Tooltip updated to specify this card only reduces the costs of mercenary shipments, not all mercenaries.

    • Now correctly discounts the costs of recently added naval mercenary shipments, Koxinga (Chinese), 10 Ninja Assassins (Japanese) and the Ottoman Mercenary Army (Ottomans).

  • Naval Gunners (III): Fixed an issue that made this card available in Age 2 for the French, Russians, and Swedes instead of Age 3.

  • (TEAM) Engineering School: No longer reduces the train time of Grenade troopers and Abus Gunners.

  • Infinite 17 Mayan Allies (IV): No longer shares a build limit with the Mayan Holcan Spearman trained at a Mayan Trading Post.


  • Several technologies now get properly auto-researched upon starting the game in Post-Industrial and Post-Imperial Age.

  • 2 Surgeons, 4 Spies, 5 Petards (British Consulate, II): These Consulate shipments available to the Chinese and Indians are now infinite.

  • Army of the Pure (I, Udasi Temple): Now also increases Chakram siege range by +2.

  • Bourbon Reforms (I, Bourbon Royal House): The maximum XP granted is now capped at 2000 XP.

  • Cheyenne Fury (I, Cheyenne): Cheyenne Rider damage multiplier against cavalry now gets improved by +1.00x (down from +1.50x) and against Shock Infantry by +0.80 (down from 1.0x).

  • Imported Cannons (III): This African Palace technology unlocking artillery training now costs 150 Influence (down from 300) and researches in 20 seconds (down from 40 seconds).

  • Folwarks (I, Vasa Royal House): Now grants 1.5x more resources per economic building.

  • ############# (I, Zen Temple):** Fixed several instances where this technology didn’t discount unit upgrades as expected.

  • Somali Berbera Seaport (I, Somali): Now arrives 5 seconds faster.


  • Experience Bounties: Corrected the build and kill XP bounties of several units to correctly fit the unit cost. Notable examples are: Drummer 30XP (up from 15), Corsair Marksman 23XP (up from 12), Galleon 60XP (down from 80), and Inca Stronghold 140XP (down from 280).

  • Ranged Shock Infantry: Previously hidden bonus damage against ranged shock infantry units like Eagle Runner Knights is now visible in the statistics panel through the introduction of a class icon.

  • Resource Enclosures: The previously hidden 3.0x damage multiplier of Villagers against Depots, Shrines, and Mountain Monasteries is now visible in the statistics panel through the introduction of the new Resource Enclosures building class and class icon.

  • Advanced Hot Air Balloon: Can no longer be deleted.

  • Arrow Knight, Captured Mortar, Hand Mortar, Huaraca, Mortar, Morutaru, Sebastopol Mortar, Siege Elephant: Now inflicts 2.0x bonus damage against Walls.

  • Athos Monastery (Houses of Phanar): Also trains Priestesses for Inca and Griots for Hausa.

  • Berber Nomad (Berbers): Cost decreased to 150f/120i (down from 180f/145i) and train time reduced to 30s (from 35s).

  • Bolivar (Revolutions): Is now correctly classified as Gunpowder Trooper.

  • Bosniak: Combat promotion restored, but with lower promotion benefits per level.

  • Chakram (Udasi):

    • Classified as Light Infantry unit.

    • Siege damage increased to 20 (from 15).

    • Now inflicts 0.6x bonus damage against Heavy Cavalry (instead of 0.5x against all Cavalry) and 0.5x bonus damage against Hand Shock Infantry (instead of Shock Infantry).

  • Cheyenne Rider (Cheyenne): Hitpoints reduced to 300 (down from 320).

  • Community Plaza: Minimum placement distance to enemy Town Centers increased to 80 tiles (from 65) and hitpoints reduced to 1200 (from 1500).

  • Consulate Artillery: Industrial Age artillery units (Heavy Cannons, Great Bombards, Mysorean Rockets) no longer receive an extra 25% damage and hitpoints improvement in the Industrial Age in addition to their standard 10% improvement (no changes).

  • Corsair Captain: Ranged Infantry class removed.

  • Dahomey Amazon: Now inflicts 3.5x bonus damage to Heavy Infantry (up from 1.75x), 0.5x against all Infantry (down from 1.0x), 0.5x against Heavy Cavalry (instead of all Cavalry) and 0.4x against Hand Shock Infantry (instead of 0.3x against Shock Infantry).

  • Dock, Port: Obstruction radius reduced to 4x3 (from 5x3) for easier placement.

  • Drummer: Is now selected with the select all military units hotkey and correctly classified as Gunpowder Trooper.

  • Native Trading Post: Decreased LOS to 9 (from 12).

  • Landsknecht: Now costs 2 population slots (down from 3). Unit hitpoints and damage are now upgraded from Commerce Age base values: 345 hitpoints, 43 melee damage, and 58 siege damage (down from 430 hitpoints, 54 melee damage, and 72 siege damage). Current values are restored upon reaching the Fortress Age.

  • Levied Bowman: Is now correctly classified as Light Infantry, Archaic Infantry, and Foot Archer.

  • Light Infantry units: Skirmisher and Foot archers have their ranged damage multipliers reduced by -20% against Heavy Cavalry and -33% against Hand Shock Infantry. Light Infantry units that did not inflict negative bonus damage against Shock Infantry yet have received it now. Units inflicting siege damage (Abus Gunners, Cannoneers, Fire Throwers) received higher negative multipliers whereas Counter Skirmishers (Pandours, Schiavoni) received lower ones.

  • Llanero (Gran Colombia): Is now correctly classified as Lancer and Heavy Cavalry.

  • Hajduk: Range increased to 20 (up from 18).

  • Healer: Reduced gather rate at the Community Plaza to 20% (down from 25%).

  • Javelin Rider: Hitpoints reduced to 160 (from 180).

  • Mapuche Ironwood Clubman (Mapuche): Attack rate decreased to 2.0 (from 3.0) and damage increased to 24 (from 18).

  • Prospector Wagon, Salt Camel: Now have legacy hotkeys for discovering mines (Q).

  • Royal Horseman: Hitpoints increased to 900 (up from 750).

  • Seminole Sharktooth Bowman (Seminoles): Fixed an issue that prevented the unit from getting updated by the Seminole Invincibles technology when sent from the homecity.

  • Somali Darood Militia (Somali): Fixed an issue resulting in the home citiy version erroneously having 3 more range than intended.

  • Sudanese Dervish (Sudanese): Now inflicts 3.0x bonus damage to Heavy Infantry (up from 1.5x), 0.5x against all Infantry (instead of Light Infantry and Counter Skirmishers), 0.5x against Heavy Cavalry (instead of all Cavalry) and 0.4x against Hand Shock Infantry (instead of 0.3x against Shock Infantry).

  • Warrior: Now grants 10 XP to the enemy player when defeated.

  • Winged Hussar (House of Vasa): Costs reduced to 200f 100c (down from 250f 100c).

  • Wokou Horseman: Is now correctly classified as Archer.

  • Yoruba Eso Rider: Ranged and melee resistances increased to 55% (up from 50%).



  • High Priest of Ixtlilton (I): The Gather Work Rate of Warrior Priests is now increased by 10% (down from 20%).

  • Infinite 1300 Coin (IV): Arrival time increased to 60 seconds (up from 40 seconds). The card will arrive in ~40 seconds due to the recent acceleration of Imperial Age card arrivals.

  • Chichimeca Rebellion (IV):

    • Cost reduced to 1000 of each resource (down from 1500).

    • Fixed an issue that prevented Villagers to get replaced by Warriors upon death.


  • Eagle Runner Knight:

    • Added a 0.75x multiplier against infantry to all ranged attacks.

    • Lowered range resistance to 20% (from 25%).

  • Warrior Priest: Cover mode removed.



  • Manor House: Cost increased to 140 wood (from 135 wood); Build+KillXP adjusted accordingly to 28 and 84 (from 27 and 81).

  • Ranger: Damage multiplier versus Heavy Infantry increased to 2x (up from 1.75x).


  • [NEW] 5 Rangers (III): Added to homecity.

  • [NEW] 13 Rangers (IV): Added to homecity.

  • 3 Settlers (I): Removed from homecity

  • Greenwich Time (I): Now arrives fast.

  • Virginia Company (I): Now only reduces the build bounty of Manors to 22 XP (up from 18 XP).

  • Baker Rifles (III, Rangers): Range improvement for Rangers increased from 2 to 4.


  • Queen’s Rangers (IV): Fixed an issue where Longbowman upgrades would continue to be available in the Barracks.



  • Disciple: Now inflicts 2.5x damage against mercenaries.

  • Keshik: Now benefits from the Target Lock feature.

  • Summer Palace:

    • Age 2: Now grants 300 food in crates (down from 400 food).

    • Age 3: Now grants 800 food in crates (down from 1000 food).

  • Old Han Army (War Academy): Train time increased to 27 seconds (up from 25 seconds).

  • Standard Army (War Academy): Train time increased to 27 seconds (up from 25 seconds).

  • Ming Army (War Academy): Train time increased to 27 seconds (up from 25 seconds).

  • Mongolian Army (Castle): Train time increased to 29 seconds (up from 25 seconds).


  • Double-Faced Armor (III): Now increases ranged resistance of Meteor Hammers and Iron Flails by +5% (down from 10.5%).

  • Repelling Volley (III): Chu Ko Nu and Arquebusier damage no longer gets improved by this card. Both units now inflict +1.00x damage bonus against all Ranged Shock Infantry instead of only Eagle Runner Knights.

  • Beiyang Army (III): This card sending 8 Steppe Riders and 8 Keshiks now costs #### (up from 750f).

  • Iron Cap Princes’ Army (III): This card sending 12 Changdao Swordsmen and 2 Flamethrowers now costs 800 food (down from 1000 food).

  • 16 Arquebusiers (IV): Now delivers 17 Arquebusiers.



  • Bank: Hitpoints reduced to 3500 (from 4000).


  • Peace of Münster (I): Envoy unit shipment increased to 2 (from 1).

  • Belgian Revolution (IV): Cost of 500w 500f 500c added, but now also converts Pikemen.

  • Tulip Speculation (IV): Now improves Bank Coin production rate by 25% (up from 20%).

  • [NEW] Buckriders (II, 500c): Ships 3 Highwaymen, enables them in Taverns and Stables for reduced resource and population cost.

  • [NEW] Dutch States Army (III): Mercenaries arrive, train and move faster, but Dutch infantry and cavalry is now more expensive. Enables Highlanders in Barracks, Royal Horsemen in Stables, and both in Taverns.



  • Eastern Medicine (Indian Alliance): Now correctly increases the range of Ethiopian villagers.


  • [NEW] Hand Infantry Combat (III): Added to homecity, improves Shotel Warrior hitpoints and damage by 15%.

  • 3 Oromo Warriors (III): Unit count increased to 4.

  • 6 Oromo Warriors (IV): Unit count increased to 7.

  • 3 Abuns (II): Increases the build limit of Abuns by +1 (down from +3).

  • 5 Abuns (III): Increases the build limit of Abuns by +3 (down from +5).

  • 4 Villagers (II): Added to the homecity.

  • British Firearms (III): No longer improves the damage of all heavy ranged cavalry but instead improves the ranged damage of all Ethiopian infantry and cavalry units armed with firearms by 5% (Oromo Warrior, Neftenya, Levied Gunner, Ras).


  • Abun: Now heals Artillery and Elephants much slower

  • Oromo Warrior: Population cost reduced to 2 (from 3) and melee attack speed slowed down to 1.25 (from 1.0).

  • Sebastopol Mortar:

    • Multiplier against artillery for solid and explosive shot increased to 0.25x (up from 0.1x).

    • Multiplier against buildings for siege attack increased to 1.25x (up from 1x).

    • Movement speed increased to 2.5 (from 2.25).


  • Ancien Régime (II): Now also delivers a Royal Embassy Wagon and moved to Age 1.

  • Continental Blockade (Napoleonic Era): Now arrives fast. Tooltip updated to clarify that allied home cities get blocked as well.

  • Grande Armee (Napoleonic Era): Now also increases costs of Sansculottes by 25% in exchange for unlocking cheaper Imperial upgrades.

  • Napoleonic Warfare (Napoleonic Era): Sansculottes themselves now provide less build XP in exchange for higher XP generation through combat.



  • Landwehr:

    • Now has a legacy hotkey (X).

    • Ranged attack multiplier for light cavalry increased to 1.5x (from 1.25x).

    • Band of Landsknecht Mercenaries (II): Cost reduced to 250c (down from 400).

    • Prince-Electors (II): Card moved to Age1, now also sends a Royal Embassy wagon

      • Fixed three issues with the Habsburg Dismounted Infantry costing no population slot, the Royal Huntsman costing 2 population slots instead of 1, and the Wittelsbach Chevauleger costing only 1 population slot instead of 2.
    • Witch Hammer (II): Now also reduces the population costs of outlaw-type units.

    • Circle Army (III):

      • Increased the unit counts to deliver 13 Brunswickers, 8 Mounted Infantry, 5 Saxon Cuirassiers (up from 5, 4 and 2).

      • Cost added: 250f 250w.

      • Is now properly classified as mercenary shipment and affected by Mercenary Loyalty.

    • Scharnhorst Reform (III): Now enables Veteran Landwehrs.

    • Princely Bavarian Chevaulegers (III): Cost of 500 food added, but now also delivers 8 Prinz Chevaulegers.

    • 4 Prinz Chevaulegers (III): This converted War Wagon card now ships 5 Prinz Chevaulegers after sending the Princely Bavarian Chevaulegers card.

    • 6 Prinz Chevaulegers (IV): This converted War Wagon card now ships 8 Prinz Chevaulegers after sending the Princely Bavarian Chevaulegers card.

    • March Revolution (IV): Reduced cost to 1000 food, wood, and coin (down from 1200 of each) and now also converts Pikemen into Revolutionaries.

    • Wallenstein’s Contracts (III, Treaty of Westphalia): Tooltip specified to clarify that only coin costs are removed from mercenary shipments.


  • Recruit Buccaneer Fleet (IV): This card is now available in the Fortress Age and costs 800 coin (up from 500 coin) to send.



  • Loyal Warriors (II): Now reduces the cost of the Akan Ankobias at the War Camp granted by the Gaananci card.

  • Tsetse Sabotage (II): The gained ability now shares a cooldown across all Emirs.

  • Hausa Bakwai (II): Now costs 500 influence (down from 800 influence).



  • Villager: Build limit reduced to 90 (down from 99).

  • Chincha Raft: Range reduced to 20 (from 22) and now inflicts 0.25x bonus damage against villagers.

  • Jungle Bowman: LOS increased to 20 (from 18).

  • Maceman: Population cost reduced to 2 (down from 3).

  • Plumed Spearman: Is now correctly classified as Pikeman unit and Archaic Infantry.

  • 5 Macemen (III): Food costs removed.

  • Monumental Architecture (II): Now improves building hitpoints by 30% (down from 45%).

  • Wamani (II): Costs reduced to 250w (from 500w).

  • Tupac Rebellion (IV):

    • Costs reduced to 1500 of each resource (down from 2000).

    • Chimu Runners now convert into Guard Hussars instead of Veteran Hussars.

  • Totora Reeds (Dock Big Button, I):

    • Cost decreased to 500 food, wood, and gold (down from 600 of each resource).

    • Now increases the Chincha Raft build limit by 4 (down from 8) and adds 4 range and LOS (down from 6).



* **Karni Mata:** Aura effect reduced to 10% gather rate boost (from 15%).

* **Rajputs:**

  * Cost decreased to 90 food 35 wood (From 100 food 35 wood).

  * Building damage increased to 35 (from 25).

  * Melee damage reduced to 14 (from 18), but ROF improved to 1.25 (from 1.5).
* **Rajput Mansabdar:**

  * Cost decreased to 190f 70w (from 200f 70w).

  * Building damage increased to 35 (from 25).

  * Melee damage reduced to 14 (from 18), but ROF improved to 1.25 (from 1.5).
* **Sepoy+Sepoy Mansabdar:**

  * Melee damage increased to 18 (from 15).

  * Anti-cavalry multiplier reduced to 1.75x (from 3x).

  * Anti shock infantry multiplier reduced to 1.2x (from 2.25x).

  * Building damage decreased to 19 (from 22).


* **Foreign Trading Companies (IV):** Card moved to Age3, Export trickle improved to 0.75 (from 0.6).

* **Indian Gunpowder (IV):** Now also improves Sepoy hitpoints and damage by +10%.


* **Exalted Sepoys (V):** Hitpoints and damage now get increased by 50% (down from 60%).

* **Levy (Ottoman Consulate, II):** This Consulate shipment previously available to the Indians has been replaced with 6 Azaps.



* **Bersagliere:** Ranged resistance increased to 25% (from 20%).


* **[NEW] Sienese Financers (II):** Deposit 1000 Food into your Lombards, which will grant you Coin and Wood over time.

* **[NEW] Luccan Financers (III):** Deposits 1500 Wood into your Lombards, which will grant you Coin and Food over time.

* **Albanian Company (III):** Now sends 4 Stradiots and 4 Bosniaks (up 4 Stradiots and 3 Bosniaks).

* **Steel Bolts (III):** Siege damage reduced to 10 (down from 16).

* **TEAM Marco Polo (I):** Now delivers 25% more resources from treasure rewards to the entire team (down from 100%).


* **Imperial Bersaglieri (V):** Removed the 5% ranged resistance improvement



* **4 Shrine Wagons (II, 2x):** Shrine Wagon count increased to 5.

* **Azekura (II):** No longer improves Shrine hitpoints, but now ships 4 Shrine Wagons, improves their gather rate by 5% and enables Shrines to slowly repair themselves. The card can now be sent twice.

* **Close Combat (III):** Reduced hitpoints improvement to 10% (down from 15%) and melee damage multiplier increase against Shock Infantry reduced to +0.75 (down from +1.00).

* **Naginata Rider Hitpoints (III):** Reduced hitpoints improvement to 20% (down from 25%).

* **Nanban Trade (III, 300w 300c):** Cost reduced to 300w and card renamed to Komo Trade.

* **7 Samurai (IV, 2x):** Unit count increased to 8, but no longer improves Samurai hitpoints and damage by +5% twice.

* **Seven Lucky Gods (II):** Moved to Age 1.

* **Sword Saint (III):** Now also improves Samurai hitpoints and damage by 10%.


* **Kamidana (IV):** Now reduces spawn time of Dojos by +20% (down from +25%).


* **Shipments:** Added a 2% penalty to their shipment curve to balance the hitpoints per card bonus.


* **[NEW] 5 Sentinels (II):** Added to homecity.

* **Wignacourt Constructions (II):** The additional gather rate bonus around Town Centers, Outposts, and Commanderies is now reduced to an additional 15% (down from 20%). The total effect of gathering natural resources near one of these buildings is now +25% (down from 30%).

* **Steel Bolts (III):** Siege damage reduced to 10 (down from 16).


* **Fixed Gun:** Now correctly displays the damage multiplier of 0.10x against Siege Troopers such as Arrow Knights and Huaracas.

* **Order Longbowman:** Corrected ranged damage to 16 (from 17) to align the unit with a previous Longbowman adjustment.



* **Cruzob Infantry (Maya Revolution):** Ranged damage multiplier for all Shock Infantry changed to Hand Shock Infantry.


* **Coach Guns (II, Baja California):** Now also ships 3 Comancheros and 3 Renegados. Will send United States outlaws instead after the Bad Boys card has been sent

* **Michoacán Fishermen (Michoacán, II):** Now sends 1 Dock Wagon instead of 2.

* **San Luis Patriots (San Luis Potosi, III):** Is now capped at 8 Chinacos.

* **Seven Laws (II):** Moved to Age 1.

* **Zacatecas Silver (Zacatecas, IV):** Now only delivers 1 Prospector Wagon each time it is shipped after the first shipment (down from 2).



* **Abus Gunner:** Ranged resistance decreased to 20% (from 25%).

* **Azap:**

  * Costs adjusted to 55f 35w (from 45f 45w).

  * Fixed a visual bug with the Azap shield not upgrading.
* **Humbaraci:** Siege damage increased to 50 (from 48) and melee damage increased to 28 (from 26).

* **Imam:** Resource costs changed from 100 coin to 115 food to give it a unique trait differing from Priests.


* **[NEW] 7 Azaps (II), 11 Azaps (III), 22 Azaps (IV):** Added to homecity.

* **[NEW] Matrakci School (II):** Reduces the train time of all infantry by -30% and of Ottoman infantry by an additional -10%.

* **Cebeci (II):** Reduced hitpoint improvement for Abus Gunners and Humbaraci to 20% (from 25%).

* **6 Nizam Fusiliers (III):** Now properly respects population costs and build limit.

* **Akincis (III):** Now also improves Cavalry Archer train time by -15%.

* **Acemi Oglan School (IV):** No longer reduces the train time of Janissaries and Nizam Fusiliers, but now reduces the costs of all Ottoman infantry instead:

  * - 20% for Janissaries, Humbaracis, Azaps.

  * -10% for Nizam Fusiliers, Abus Gunners.
* **Flight Archery (IV):** No longer improves train time for Azaps and Cavalry Archers but instead increases their damage by +15%.

* **TEAM Kapikulu (IV):** Cost reverted to 1200f (down from 1500) and no longer improves Heavy Cavalry melee armor by 10% (moved to new Mosque tech); card renamed to TEAM Timariots.


* **[NEW] Kapikulu Corps (IV, Palace Intrigue):** Added a third unique Mosque technology for parity with other civilizations: Sends 4 Spahis and improves heavy cavalry armor by 10%, upgrading Spahis into Kapikulu Spahis. Costs 1400 food.

* **New Order Infantry (III, Palace Intrigue):** Now also sends 20 Nizam Fusiliers (up from 15).

* **Topçu Corps (IV, Palace Intrigue):** In addition to shipping 3 Great Bombards, their population cost also gets decreased to 6 (from 7).

* **Veteran Azaps, Guard Azaps:** Now each increase ranged attack range by +1 .

* **Imperial Azaps:** Increases ranged attack range by +2.



* **Feitorias (I):** No longer adds XP generation to Town Centers, but rates for food increased to 0.45 food per second (up from 0.3) and for wood and coin increased to 0.23 wood and coin per second (up from 0.15).

* **Bandeirantes (II):** Now also removes the ransom cooldown for Explorers.


* **Cassador:** Fixed an issue that would grant Cassadors Veteran combat strength when made available in the Commerce Age.


* **The Logistician (I → II):** Now increases the range of pikeman by +0.5 (down from +1.0). Musketeer and Crossbowman improvements remain unchanged. The description has been updated accordingly.


* **New civilization bonus:** Can now reach 210 population space to offset the individual weakness of Russian units in late game.


* **12 Oldenburg Allies:** Fixed a bug that resulted in Royal Hunters consuming 1 population slot.



* **Missionary:** Classified as cavalry unit.

* **Soldado:** Is no longer affected twice by the British Homecity card TEAM Musketeer/Grenadier Hitpoints.


* **Spanish Square (IV):** Now delivers 20 Pikemen instead of 10 Pikemen and 8 Rodeleros and grants Pikemen additional 10% ranged and melee resistances.

* **20 Pikemen (IV):** Removed from homecity.

* **House of Trastamara (II):** Now reduces the next age up by 80 resources (down from 100 resources) per shipment sent in the current age.

* **Spanish Gold (III):** Coin crates are now also delivered for the recently added Mercenary shipments.



* **Ranged Cavalry Combat (III):** Fixed an issue that made this card affect the entire team.


* **Torp:** Cost increased to 140w (from 135w) and build time to 16s (from 12.5). XP values updated accordingly.

* **Leather Cannon:** Negative damage multiplier of 0.5x added against Heavy Cavalry and Hand Shock Infantry.

* **Hakkapelit:**

  * Fixed the outdated unit tooltip that still described them as heavy hand cavalry instead of light ranged cavalry.

  * Now inflicts ranged bonus damage only against Hand Shock Infantry instead of all Shock Infantry.

  * Negative damage multipliers of 0.7x against infantry and villagers (up from 0.6x) are now used in all melee and ranged attacks.

  * Siege damage reduced to 14 (from 20).



  * **Scottish Immigrants (III):** Moved to Age 2, but now costs 400c and no longer ships a Highlander by default.

  * **United States Marines (III):**

    * Now also allows Marines to be healed.

    * Siege damage improvement from Minutemen has been halved.
  * **Buffalo Soldiers (IV):** Moved to Age 3.

  * **Coffee Mill Guns (IV):** Moved to Age 4.


  * **Gatling Gun:** Damage multiplier against Cavalry changed to 0.25x (down from 0.5x) and against Shock Infantry to 0.15x (down from 0.5x).

  * **Settler:** Build limit increased to 90 (from 85).



  * **[NEW] Blandengues:** Hand cavalry is cheaper.

  * **Stockyards, Land Grab, Ranching, Caballeros:** Added to homecity.

Gran Colombia

  * **[NEW] 16 Independence Guards (infinite):** Added to homecity.

  * **[NEW] Colombian Navy:** Fully replaces Caravels with improved Sloops (HP/range) and allows Imperial Dock upgrades to be researched.

  * **Improved Warships, Advanced Arsenal, Advanced Dock, 1 Factory, 2 Covered Wagons, Naval Gunners:** Added to homecity.

  * **Independence Guard:** Is now only -10% slower than a Musketeer (up from –20%).


  * **[NEW] Kraton Guards:** Improves Revolutionaries and Pikemen units in combat by 15% and 25%.

  * **[NEW] Lantakas:** Improves cannon attacks of ships, buildings and artillery by 15%.

  * **Improved Warships, Advanced Dock, Native Warriors, Fencing School:** Added to homecity.


  * Has now access to Mexican outlaws and Saloons by default.

  * **Army of the Three Guarantees, Barbacoa, Charreada, Chipotle Tactics, Caballeros, Guadalajara Ranching, 1 Hacienda (Infinite), Outlaw Combat, Palace of Iturbide, Port Veracruz, Viceroyalty of Spain, Zacatecas Silver:** Added to homecity.

  * **Bandidos:** Replaced with Outlaw Combat.

  * **11 Renegados (infinite):** Replaced with infinite 11 Bandidos.

  * **2 Ironclads (infinite):** Replaced with infinite 4 Gatling Guns.

  * **Charros:** No longer improves Cuerudos, but now activates the Charros upgrade for Chinacos obtained from revolution shipments and Haciendas. Cost of 1000 food added.

  * **Chinacos:** Card removed from homecity.

You beat me to it, by a hair of a bald frog xD



I was about to say this is a really nice update then I got to inca and realized they’ve received several nerfs again, what is going on? Malta has also received several unjustified nerfs which I hope are reverted before the final patch release.

Other than that this seems like a solid patch with some great changes to the africans and most civs in general.


It’s cool that they added new stuff to rev civs but also sad that it was only to a few of them


This update is not as huge as imagined


Well, this is just civilization balance, which is usually only half the content of the final update.
You have to see what challenges, game modes, profile images, news, maps and others bring in March.


So, now Mexico revolution will be more useful with the new cards


Even though Rangers have been buffed I’m still not a fan of how to acquire them. Just make them unlockable in IV and be done with it.

Is this the touted spring update or just a regular monthly patch we’ve gotten before the anniversary update?

I really hope we got a DLC tease when this is finalized and released. It’s gonna be 10 months without any new civs. We’re all hungry for DLC.

  • Maltese nerfs totally unjustified. They needed a tiny general buff and maybe a tiny nerf in one area.
  • India needs a nerf to all of their openings, not just Karni. Easiest way was to increase the cost of wood by +5 just like they did for torps and manor houses.
  • Portuguese buffs welcome
    -Light infantry nerfs across the board (and therefore, heavy cav buffs across the board) totally unjustified.

Apparently there are new icons for a spring event, I think new art of war challenges and for a ottoman event


Italianos, Otomanos, Holanda y Etíopes


I think there are more new European units(sapper,Scottish clansmen,bow clansmen,Lochaber,Highlanders Handed Swordsmen,Bagpiper,Miquelet Pioneer or Engineer.Miquelet.Gallowglass.Swashbuckler) and new cards for spring update to incoming

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This is a very unexpected one. Do people find them particularly useful (or really important)?


  • [NEW] Blandengues: Hand cavalry is cheaper.

  • Stockyards, Land Grab, Ranching, Caballeros: Added to homecity.

Commentary: Great work as always Developers, but I would like to make a couple of suggestions for the full version of the Patch.

  1. Wouldn’t it be better if the Blendenges card removed the gold cost of all cavalry?

  2. I would have liked that they also added the cards, Advanced Arsenal, Liberation March, Hand Cavalry Attack, Hand Cavalry Hitpoints and Cavalry Combat.

Gran Colombia

  • [NEW] 16 Independence Guards (infinite): Added to homecity.

  • [NEW] Colombian Navy: Fully replaces Caravels with improved Sloops (HP/range) and allows Imperial Dock upgrades to be researched.

  • Improved Warships, Advanced Arsenal, Advanced Dock, 1 Factory, 2 Covered Wagons, Naval Gunners: Added to homecity.

  • Independence Guard: Is now only -10% slower than a Musketeer (up from –20%).

Commentary: Ok, now the Gran Colombia is the best maritime revolution in the game, I think no one is going to question it, maybe we should add liberation march to facilitate military training and landing, but I definitely like this change.


  • Has now access to Mexican outlaws and Saloons by default.

  • Army of the Three Guarantees, Barbacoa, Charreada, Chipotle Tactics, Caballeros, Guadalajara Ranching, 1 Hacienda (Infinite), Outlaw Combat, Palace of Iturbide, Port Veracruz, Viceroyalty of Spain, Zacatecas Silver: Added to homecity.

  • Bandidos: Replaced with Outlaw Combat.

  • 11 Renegados (infinite): Replaced with infinite 11 Bandidos.

  • 2 Ironclads (infinite): Replaced with infinite 4 Gatling Guns.

  • Charros: No longer improves Cuerudos, but now activates the Charros upgrade for Chinacos obtained from revolution shipments and Haciendas. Cost of 1000 food added.

  • Chinacos: Card removed from homecity.

Commentary: I’m not going to lie, I’m envious of the Mexican revolution XD, my only criticism is that it depends too much on hacienda units and you can only have a maximum of 2 at the same time, but otherwise I like that they used the cards of Mexican civilization and that can automate cattle.

  • Mapuche Ironwood Clubman (Mapuche): Attack rate decreased to 2.0 (from 3.0) and damage increased to 24 (from 18).

Commentary: I’m glad they finally gave this unit a buff. :smile: :+1:

In general I like the changes of the Latin American revolutions, I hope that in the full version of the patch they add more changes, in addition to improving the Brazilian, Chilean and Peruvian revolutions. :smile:


don’t fully get the vision for the china changes.

summer palace makes sense, train time for changes for armies sure , keshik target lock great, consulate changes even better.

but the double sided armour and repelling volleys aren’t really used in a mass spam scenario as its a really tight deck in age 3 so it kinda affects more a lategamy kinda situation in which case the chinese army is not at the scary power level relative to the opponent.

meanwhile the blockhouse still comes out really early and the french consulate is stil useless

so they made china maybe a bit slower and a bit weaker lategame but potentially a still very scary early rush & mid game



But like it.

Advanced Arsenal, Stockyards, Land Grab - Should be default in all revolutions…It help so much…


Either give the ranger card some additional function, or just get rid of that design.
This is a card that has no special purpose and totally overlap with another card…

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I finally understand why highwaymen speak Dutch.

This kind of clarifies one thing that confuses me since 2007: I think by design musketeers with bayonets have lower melee but higher bonus against cavalry, and those with swords have higher melee but lower bonus against cavalry.
But seopy uses swords while functions more like a musketeer with bayonet.

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I know, I didn’t want to say anything, but I think it’s time to bring in the guillotine. XD

There are so many cards that in supremacy are bad, but for a revolution they could be the difference between winning or losing.

I still think the best thing will be to be able to customize the revolution decks, but in the meantime we can ask the devs to add cards.