Market Hotkey Works without market selected

Game Version:

  • Build (4426672)
  • Platform (Steam)


I found a very odd interaction regarding buying and selling in the market. If you have market buy/sell hotkeys set to a certain key you can use ctrl-shift-(that hotkey) to sell and buy 1000 when selecting your market, but when deselecting the market this hotkey still functions the same way, selling or buying the corresponding resource by 1000.

Compounding this glitch is the problem that you can DELETE your market, have zero on the field, and still be able to sell and buy this way. It seems to be based on if you’ve ever had a market selected. This was tested on campaign, scenario editor, and a standard game.

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Build a market or select a market
  2. Confirm buying and selling resource by lots of 1000 by pressing ctrl-shift-(market buy/sell hotkey)
  3. Deselect market by clicking off or by selecting another unit or building
  4. Repeat step 2
  5. Delete all markets
  6. Repeat step 2



This issue also brakes some other hotkeys like select all docks for example CTRL SHIFT D

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That’s how I discovered it initially. Had to switch to ALT-key to compensate