Villager hotkeys work outside of current menu

Game Version:

  • Build (33315)
  • Platform (Steam)


I don’t think this is important, but it may be related to this post: Market Hotkey Works without market selected

Hotkeys for villagers default to the non-selected menu (ex: hitting ‘r’ in the military building sub-menu while you don’t have siege workshop unlocked will select a lumber camp to be built, similar for hit ‘x’ in the buildings sub-menu will select palisade gates to be built).

Reproduction Steps:

(Before siege workshop is able to be built)

  1. Select villager
  2. Hit ‘w’ for military buildings
  3. Hit ‘r’ to build lumber mill
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i thought this was intentional…

I reported this in the Beta and was told it was unintentional. It hasn’t been fixed yet.

This is very much intentional.