Market linked feitoria rates

Another suggestion to rebalance feitorias.

Many people have problem with is infinite character that allows stalling out games. Here is an idea to tackle it without compeltely losing the buildings spirit.

  1. Fix the gold trickle to its current value unaffected by market prices, just like relics l.

  2. For food, stone and wood:
    Multiply the food, wood and stone rates by a Faktor dependant on market prices
    f = (100 / current underlying market price)

The minimum underlying market price is 20, at that point the respective Ressource trickle rate would be 5 higher.
The maximum market price is 12000. At this point f is almost zero and feitoria would stop generating these resources basically.

So on ilands when wood prices on market become higher and higher, thecforitss wood generation becomes smaller an smaller.
Somiliar on teamgames when stone prices reach 200,the feitorias stone generation gets cut down quite a bit.

In game descriotion would need to be altered to vagualy mention that the feitoria produces resources depending on market prices. Further explanation is not needed.

Playing around with the base rates should allow to find a state at which feitoria can be not broken when resources run out and at the same time generate competitive amounts even when there is stuff to collect on the map.


Isnt using feitoria mostly a weak strategy? There are some uses, like Islands, but that seems to be all. Do we really need a nerf? Your suggestion sounds to me like a nerf, or the much generate more resources the currently if market price is still high (i havent checked the current rates).


It would be a massive buff on land maps.
All you need to do is bottom up the market price for wood and food, to get as much wood as from 9 perfectly efficient lumberjacks with two-man-saw and as much food as from 23 efficient farmers with hand cart out of a single feitoria, while still only being down 20 population.

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Of course the base res rates would need to be investiagted to get balanced. At first I wrote some about that too but later deleted it as not part of the main idea. Rough edges can be filled later

But the idea is a buff when market rates are low to the pont of it being more pop efficient vs villager than currently.

You say all you have to do is bottom out market prices, but selling stuff when you need it isn’t really viable and enemy can bug then food ultra cheap

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Might be possible to balance it, yea.


I once had a similar Idea. But instead of making food and wood dependent on market prices, I bound Gold on the food/wood market prices. So the gold trickle would decrease.
So the more food/wood you would need to sell for gold, the less gold you would also get from the feitoria.

But recently I made also a mathematical approach, where I took even more properties of the feitoria into account. With this theorycraft it would be quite easy for all players to estimate the economic power of the feitoria at all stages of the game.

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Nope… we dont. Completely agree with your post! It’s just another thing people want to change for the sake of changing things :S

Well, I want to change it with reason. Currently feitorias are either strictly worse than vills, or feitorias a strictly broken when vills have no wood left to chop.

My suggestion would help in both situationmit nerfs the feitoria when Ressource run out and market prices therefor shot up, and I buff the feitoria when wood is there to cut to make it somewhat more competitive.

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Agree, this is usually the goal in balancing the Feitoria.
But there is also a factor to consider, which might not be as appending.
The Feitoria in it’s current state actually can make drawn-out games shorter, because it is so OP in these situations. So IF this is to occur the Port player wins. It’s that easy.

That’s why I tried a different attemp, as nerfing a completely unbalanced thing doesn’t change the game-winning scenario. It just delays it.
And that’s the question, if it’s what we want to achieve or do we want to balance it somehow into the game in a way that a player with eg 4 relics has a chance of winning against portuguese feitoria.