Massive layoffs at Relic

it is all fun and games until someone loses their job. I hope everyone at Relic impacted by this lands OK.


I wish everyone affected by this the best. Always sucks with layoffs :frowning:


is there a link to that?


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thanks, just figured that out I think.

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Oh FFS. I hate this crap and I want it to stop. Hope the guys who just lost their jobs are fine and are re-hired quickly.

Our company also laid off about 3% of the workforce and I knew many of them for 10+ years. One guy was about to retire, he had been with the company ~20 years, had less than 6 months remaining and still got booted. When these decisions get made by accountants is when it hurts the most because the personal aspect matters absolutely nothing. Hope that wasn’t the case here, but these things simply you can’t control.


thanks, not to be heartless or anything

truly a shitty situation that no one should have to deal with


It’s no fun when someone loses a job.

But let’s be honest here, Relic needed some kind of restructuring. AoE 4 and CoH 3 both shipped in really abysmal ways. If this truly means they’ll be focusing more on their core games just like that PR said then I’m all for it.

Hope everyone affected by the laidoffs get to land on their foot quickly.


the only problem is that the people that caused the issues aren’t typically layed off, instead they are the ones laying off


I hope the reconstructing is happening at higher management level rather than just ground employee. crappy directions on AOE4 that should hve fixed a ton of issue prior to release.


If it’s anything like the place I work for, this never does any real restructuring. In reality what happens is that key teams lose a lot of their resources. Engineering, support, sales, etc. so in the end these mass layoffs do more harm than good since there’s the same amount of work that has to be performed by less people.

It’s only restructuring in the sense that “hey, since we fired that guy, now it’s your job to finish their assignments”.

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Management is clearing the decks for AI to take over their programming and game development.

This is just the beginning.


COH3 sales were just too poor.

Well, now they have to listen to the legit players!
Not the ones who claim “Everything is perfect, more complex is more casual friendly”…

And, I hope we all know the USA is declining and going into recession.

Hard times are coming!

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sad to hear it, hope everyone that got impacted will soon get new and better jobs.

Many guys that have been here on the comunity for us, Grant wall , seabass and many others have left us yesterday.

Hope they will find a new job , btw this could posibly end badly for aoe4 but lets care for the people for now, hope they will be okay

It does suck a lot. Game development is maybe not as volatile as some other, outer-layer sectors of the tech industry. However, it’s still a cutthroat market, which is fantastic for players (at least on PC) considering the number of choices. Still, that coin has another side and extreme oversaturation (for anyone with semi-broad horizons when it comes to interest in different genres) makes staying afloat much harder even for mid and big-sized teams.
You can’t swing an arm without hitting 10 new releases on Steam at any given hour.

And of course, a lot of it is trash, but I’m already speaking about selected titles in the ‘trending & popular’ category. And yes- most of these releases are cheaper, smaller, but a good game is a good game, and the pool of dedicated, hardcore gamers is limited and the day only has 24 hours… And there are a hundred other factors ranging from F2P games to companies digging a hole under themselves by overinvesting in the concept of live service games that never die to maximize monetization and minimize risks for them, publishers, and investors.

So it’s rough and even greater games can be just unlucky- receive lacking marketing, have terrible release dates, just having bad luck in general that is irrelevant to the quality of the game.

I have loads of titles in my backlog and on my wishlist, and while CoH flavor of RTS games is not in my top#5, I did play CoH1 and 2 a lot. Now I’ve checked CoH3 and I’m a bit shocked about the reception:

Players can take and eat up a lot, as long as there’s sincerity, good will, and fundamental quality of the product on the developer/publisher side. I dread to even speculate what is going on with that game.

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The reality is publishers will enact massive layoffs regardless of how games are performing. Layoffs are a market trend (see: the tech sector in general at the moment) that often ignore how expensive it is to hire and train replacements. It’s a short-term gain (usually for a quarterly report or some other recorded margin).

In my opinion, people trying to justify this on game performance don’t understand that this tends to happen anyway, and has been happening across the industry this year.

Remember when Blizzard laid off a massive amount of roles after celebrating record profits? Yeah. CoH 3 could’ve been the best thing since sliced bread and I can guarantee that Relic would’ve still undergone a “corrective contraction” or however corporate phrases it these days.

I’d also put money down that this won’t help us consumers. It won’t make a better product. They won’t have a bigger budget or better deadlines. Just less resource to do what they were already doing.

It sucks. I feel for everyone impacted by this.


Let’s see what it will have to do with the fact that the game is launched incomplete in its functions + a very bad balance with complexity. You guys always like to poke a critique of competitive mode.

That being said, good luck to those who were laid off wherever they go.