May add option to always have health bar of everything like in aoe4?

it woould be cool as it is on aoe4, that we have an option to always have the health bars activated


Isnt it on settings?? I think that there is an option to choose between seeing them always or by clicking Alt.

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no, the option is showing bars ons elected units, butin aoe4 theere is another option that shows all health bars even if not selected, which isnt on settings on age 3

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In SC-2 there is an option that shows only the wounded ones.

please consider adding “Hp bars enabled at all times” ( really annoying to micro units when they randomly fade OR dissapear, would greatly appericate. i’m sure we have hacky solutions now like selecting whole army every 1 second to see their HP and back em off etc but it feels clunky and gambly. thanks for you time , i have 100% resolution scale and do see them good when i have them all selected but we need to see them fully at all times, especially in fights

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