May'20 Civs Patched?


***Civilization bonuses
*Reveal enemy positions at game start.
*[Archery Range] units have +20% HP. --> Foot [Archers] +10% HP, +10% Movement Speed.
*[Conscription] is free.
*Economic upgrades cost no [wood].
***Team bonus
[Imperial Skirmishers] are available at the [Archery Range]. --> [Imperial Skirmishers] upgrade includes +5HP and +1/0 [Armor]; significantly Increased research cost.


***Civilization bonuses
*[Monks] have double healing range.
*[Towers] garrison twice as many units.
*[Murder Holes] and [Herbal Medicine] are free.
*[Farms] are 40% cheaper. --> [Farm] upgrades are free. [Farmers] carry +10.
*[Town Centers] can garrison +10 units.
*[Barracks] units receive +1 melee armor in the Castle Age.
***Team bonus
Units resist [conversion] (half as effective as [Faith].

[Crenellations]: Gives [Castles] +3 range and makes [garrisoned] infantry shoot arrows.
–> Gives [Castles] AND [Towers] +3 range and makes [garrisoned] infantry shoot arrows

Please and thank you?
Keep up the good work, AoE2 dev team! :smile:

  • [Farms] are 40% cheaper. --> [Farm] upgrades are free. [Farmers] carry +10.

Free farms upgrade is Frank bonus.
Besides, we have allready topic:


This is the Franks bonus, and then some, no way it would ever be implemented.

Imp Skirms are fine as is.

This would make them grossly OP. Zooming Archers taht are as fast as Cavalry, and with a Ranged attack, would be the perfect raiding unit, with 15% more HP, they would dominate the game, and end all matches in Feudal.

Yep I know.
I figured since Teutons and Franks are so regionally close IRL it makes sense. Franks still have Teutons beat bad on mobility and Unique Unit.

The farms bonus is not necessary, but even with upgrade to Crenellations Teutons will still be severely lacking.
As of now they Fail as a viable Civ outside of beginner games.

No civ has an improved bonu of another civ. teutons Farm discount is already considered a top tier eco bonus.

No they do not. The only problem with Teutons, is that they are SLOW, not that they are BAD.

Viper said many times that Teutons has all the tools to be great, but is just slow, which is boring.

I don’t think they are bad :slight_smile:
I just think all of the other Civs are better.

Gths are the worst in the game. Teutons actually beat a lot of Meta civs, like Mongols, Franks and Khmer. They are just slow, which is why they are not widely played.

Full Barracks roster + Paladin + Bombard Cannon and siege Onager with Ironclad + Hand Cannoneer + full Monastary + University only lacks Architecture.
Teutons are a solid all-rounder civ.

“–> Foot [Archers] +15% HP, +15% Movement Speed.”
*–> --> Foot [Archers] +10% HP, +10% Movement Speed

  • (this would have ArcheryRange archers moving slighter quicker and RattanArchers moving at the same speed as PlumedArchers).

You’re right. That is a bit too OP, but not faster than Cav.
CopyPasta from the wiki below.


“Squires is a [technology][Age of Empires II] available at the [Barracks] upon reaching the [Castle Age]. Once researched, it increases [infantry] movement speed by +10%.”

Celts Civilization Bonuses

“* [Infantry] move 15% faster.”

For months I’ve also been mulling around the idea of
*[Archery Range] units have +20% HP. --> Foot [Archer] cost [Food] instead of [Gold].
for the Vietnamese.

Ok forget eco changes, we’ll just make Teutons faster:

–> [Castle] and [Stable] units move 5% faster for each relic collected (3% per relic for [Trebuchets]). Maximum 15% faster. Stacks with [Squires].
(OliveCereal4714’s Idea – Thank you! Very thoughtful.)

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I’ve also seen it suggested that RattanArchers inherit a bonus vs Archers/CavArchers and Pikes like Skirmishers do.

This still leaves much to be desired, but it’s a more balanced/careful change than buffing their FootArcher movespeed. I still think +10% faster FootArchers for Vietnamese would be ok.

I feel as if tankier Imperial Skirmishers is necessary.
It’s not that Imperial Skirms are not good units – they really are.

They are just underutilized and outshined by Archers with CivBonus/TeamBonus that nearly always exclude Skirmishers (and the Imp Skirm upgrade is a TeamBonus).

Vietnamese themselves also hardly have any opportunity to utilize them efficiently unless they’ve run out of all sources of gold.

Hey, how about we make these updates like 1GB or less? How is it that an update to AOE2 is 10x larger than for Call of Duty? And why is there a micro update weekly?

??? There was some light hotfixes in the game early life but nowadays updates are just monthly

Maybe its just who I play with. It may only be a monthly update, but like I said, inevitably one of us needs to get the new update, so we all have to wait (or usually quit). Which again, wouldn’t be a problem if they weren’t so large. The game is under 20GB, why is the update 7GB?

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Only this one was so big, so logically it should have happened once? If something went wrong with their previous updates then it’s a bug I guess.

This may be the largest, but they generally aren’t small patches. They are at least 1GB+, and there are issues updating when some have the game on Steam, some on Xbox, etc. I’m just saying, the devs are likely loosing a bunch of casual players with the way they update.

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Teutons don’t beat Mongols or Khmer

Isn’t that 1.1 speed with 15%? Basically pike speed after squires, nowhere near cavalry speed. But probably still a way too good bonus for free

Which is exactly why the unit shouldn’t be too good. Its a trash unit that shouldn’t be made too good

Imp skirms are still skirms so if you end up making them in a team game you’re still at a disadvantage by not having gold units instead, so I think they are actually more of a 1v1 thing.

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There are some units that need trash counter to beat effectively even in teamgames, like mangudai, Elephants and Imperial camels