Maybe the hype is too big.... but then

This tweet with the 3 icons resembling new things… I hope they are really MASSIVE GOOD news… if not they will not bring people back… They must come up with BIG things to make this game rise again

I read all the theories and the media talking about this… but Im just skeptical now since they took one year to bring the game to a good initial shape, they wont rush now with 3 civs and everything renew, its just illogical, they dont work like that, its crystal clear…


3 new civs sounds a bit too much, my bet is maximum 2 civs and I’d rather have 1 very good civ that takes the game to new places and improves the design rather than 3 that are meh.


Based on last year, I’m skeptical too. But hype is a measure of how much the community wants it - just look at the reaction comments to Aussie Drongo’s powerful video. Plus, I heard they’re currently hiring - not for nothing we assume.

By now, they’re probably aware of how people spontaneously interpreted the 3 emojis in the first hours, and the reaction afterwards. No matter if that interpretation was correct or not, the expectation is already here and it’s real.

Anything less than 2 civs (1 or 0), might backfire dangerously, even fatally, given expectations.


yasssss, Im totally with you in that one, less than two new civs will be fatal


it will be more fatal if they didnt include Japan. ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°)


Very likely we Will get Japan, but the first dlc should bye byzs and turks


I fight anyone for Japan to be 1st in DLC. I Dont care about the other civs aslong Japan will surely get the spot.

this is honestly not what we should be thinking right now , negativism , confusion , denial are not what we should be giving for the new players.

Game is already if not perfectly balanced near that place and with the news of RPS naval , taunts , cheats and more on season3 we should be happy and move on.

They tooked a long time to bring the game at this precise moment , they knew this all along and they took advantage of the price reduction to seek for players , 3 days after , announcement for gamescom , followed by a tweet , they know what they are doing , this is the perfect momentum and they knew it , you guys really think they are just going to release aoe4 on xbox and thats it? Obviously not! , after all this is i think if not the most important one of the best games to be portrayed at gamescom from Microsoft and they are not going to waste the oportuninity on gaining money with an annoucement of a DLC.

They are just NOT going to go there and talk for 3 hours straight about a trebuchet again , that was just promocial stuff of the previous gamescom.

So here is what you can expect .

DLC – 2 civs minimum (1 is just not going to work and they know it) 99% chance

Xbox launch for aoe4 – Not nesesarily true but it can be.

Maybe a campaign for the new civs – i dont think this is coming any time soon but forgotten empires is looking for jobs for a level designer (already suspicious enough)

And btw , look at what this relic developer has to say . (from the modder discord)

He says he is working ON A LOT of content .

A lot of content is just simply not an xbox port . And he also mencions gamescom at the same sentence .

If this is not enough proove i will punch myself in the face.

Anyway , dont let the hype increase too much , im also cautious.


IMO we are Going to see maybe a new campaign and the water rework for sure.

I really wish the fireman represent a new byz civ, but I really have no idea


I prefer 2 but that they also add more units to current civs…

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A lot of content means at least 2 more unique units to each civs? Because HRE is boring with only prelates and lans$&#&#


I think AoE3 set a good example with the Italians & Malta dlc, they added so many more units overall to the game.

I wouldn’t be sad if they added some kind of mercenary system, ngl

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i dont think so…

20 characters lul

All 3 icons could just be about 1 civ. I agree 3 civs is a lot and seems way too quick.

Also Seljuk Empire as the tent doesn’t make too much sense, they really weren’t that nomadic

Recently icons of Japanese units such as the samurai and the naginata were leaked, but perhaps they were fan-made…

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Of course the mercenaries are missed in aoe 4…

Equal, it is not a tend, maybe it is a yurt?..

Where did you see them?

In a whatsapp group of AoE 4… they seemed real, but it can always have been a fan-made…

I hope there is a new civilization but I am biased, even if there will not be I will continue to play, here we are in the age forum, sharing opinions on the game is just a form of love towards it, nothing is certain, but talking about it can do good, both to us and for the developers because they have references to improve, anyway I agree that for who it is necessarily due to the new civilizations, if they do not come out, it will not be good for the game, I sincerely think only of 1 civilization for now

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