Maybe the hype is too big.... but then

I don’t know if you know but the Roman Man-at-arms are not like the other Man-at-arms is actually a unique unit, because it has upgrades that makes it different from all man-at-arms

Holy Shiiit thats means alot to me, did you screenshot it? I saw this one on reddit sometime ago i really hope they include them.

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this is soooo uplifting… dang i hope they bring them in

Bro this is age 3


So why they delete it if its intended for AoE3? This a possibility of Japanese Civs for AoE4 if not they should have kept it on their FB page.

yes but it has never been published in 2022 what you show, it’s just a post when we talked about age of empire3 remaster

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This was a recent post. I know the material was from aoe3 but it does mean a Japanese civ is feasible. Please dont ruin my hopes for it.

Check the link:

I understand bro, even I would like to see a particular civilization like the Japanese on age of empire, but it is very likely that it is a fake post, however I searched for almost 30m this image on the Facebook profile of relic, that of age of empire and I did not find anything, so I was only attached the image, or it’s true, but maybe I didn’t find it because it was too old as a post, my idea was that this guy had made the screen a few years ago at the time of the release of the post and had reused it to pretend that it is a leeck, but of all this there is nothing certain, because 'I think he is the only one who talks about it, so the chances that it is fake are like 90%


I’ve also seen this image on the discord feed of Twitter , in that place that image is still not erased but why are you guys jumping over this image?


So your telling me its not fake? i like the idea that Devs will give the Japanese civs spot in the next DLC.

the image is 100% real but its just something for aoe3 without any context at all… Why do you think thats something about an japan civ on aoe4?..

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many demands for Japanese faction to be included see the polls about it, so having this image shown gives us hope for it to get the spot in the next DLC.

My first dlc suggestion Turks and Byztines. Then others.

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Relax my friend. I conducted an investigation of possible civs for Age of Empires 4, ‘Rise and Fall’, and also the first realistic, context-based DLC investigation here in the forum, you may want to take a look at these.

As other members have pointed out and the investigation has further confirmed, it is highly likely AoE4 will get the Japanese civ, even if the combination Roman / Byzantine Empire vs Turks / Seljuk / Ottoman Empire is an outstanding powerful expansion combo.


i just want spain to be happy

they need to address the graphic issue before doing expansion. expansion is great but I can say for certainty that the current graphics and lighting doest bode well for RTS game.

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Yes, right… at least try to give constructive criticism…

If I stick it, tell me the new Nostradamus xd…

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Of course, one thing does not take away the other…

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I swear if Japan will not be in the next DLC i will commit sudoku 10times ಥ_ಥ