Medieval Fantasy Mod?

Hello everyone!

Would like to ask if there has been a “medieval fantasy” mod for Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition Basically the geist of what I’m looking for in this particular mod is:

  • A mod that replicates the world of a fantasy medieval court ala King Arthur/Camelot, or Game of Thrones or Skyrim or any of those fantasy storybook worlds.
  • The idea being there should be a huge fire breathing dragon that will randomly attack kingdoms while in-game. It’s an uncontrollable NPC.
  • The dragon has to have a resting place/hideout/cave where it contains a ton of loot (resources like gold or stone) that the dragon defends.
  • If the dragon is defeated, the player can then either hole up and defend the said cave so they can have all the resources for themselves.

I just thought of this as a fun distraction/game mode to add abit of new means to enjoy the game. Anyway, would love to hear your thoughts on this, or if there is already a similarly themed mod, it would be great to share it here so that we can all play it. Thank you and good day!