MegaThread: Roadmap & Things that should be implemented

When I see the list of many obvious problems I ask myself what exactly did the closed beta tester the last months?

This all have to be in the forum for months!


Due to NDA these points were made in the closed beta forum, I brought them up again in the open beta forum and finally transferred them here after the open beta.

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I think this game has been very well optimized. Even closed beta testers mentioned that performance improved between the closed and open betas. I personally ran into very few bugs, and no crashes, and was getting great framerates with a CPU lower than minimum specs, and a graphics card thats pretty damn old. Unfortunately this meant my graphics were locked to low so I didn’t get to fully test the graphics, but the game ran near perfectly The stress test was a great experience, and I don’t get the feeling that the game is “unfinished,” maybe “unpolished” could be used here.



  • Allow spectators to see the in-game chat

Not including Queue Dodging Timeout/Penalties since we don’t know if there is any system in place for that.

Is there any confirmation that it will not be possible to increase population limit in custom games?

TLDR: Please add what was already there previously in the series or has become standard in other games of the genre in the past 20 years…and add all that post launch AFTER we gave you our money.

Good idea to combine all general requests into one threat, but at this point all this seems so naive.
The changes (or lack thereof) in between closed and open beta (“stRreSs tEsT”) should’ve shown you what they think of your feedback and suggestions.


They should shift the release date to 28.10.2022.
They are too many not polished things in this game and also bugs like bad movement AI.

No brainer. I absolutely agree!
There are too many basic rts problems in this game like hardly clickable units and items, hard to recognize icons in the build menu, partly bad movement AI and many more things.


Do you really think they should suddenly shift the release date 8 days before launch? Really? I’m sure that would go over super well.

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Yes, and to go online with a broken game will also go over super well. In the past you will find enough games where it goes over super well. Just because option A is bad doesn’t mean that option B is good. Both options are bad, but when they shift the release date they have a real chance to create a really good game and at the end that is what matters, isn’t it?

No it isn’t fine and it is not the same as AOE 3.


And that rule set has to be changed, so everyone has the option to play on another same level that is enjoyable.

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having been fractured or damaged and no longer in one piece or in working order.


Exactly. When units are not clickable and don’t move like they have to move this game is not playable. That counts double for e-sport.

So yes, it is broken.

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Will revisit the list and check if anything has changed since the betas post-launch.
One thing I could see is the player information on the right is now visible:

  • Add a permanently visible info in the corner displaying player names, faction, player number and current age

It is still missing faction and player number but it’s a start.

It also seems that they reverted not being able to shoot over walls and removed ranged melee attack.

Hmm it seems that my OP is now so old that I can’t make edits anymore…
That’s a bummer. Thinking about reposting it.

Don’t forget to give men to sige units or to allowmilitaryunitsto do the job. XD

My friends and I would love to have a RANDOM CIV option !!! that’s an easy thing to implement I guess

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Here is my list:

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batch training

selling wood and food by 500 units.