Melee anti-inf unit for incas

Can we get a unit for the Incas that is the equivalent of the Jaguar Knight of the Aztecs?. Maybe with similar multipliers and stats.

It is just a suggestion because I feel that the Inca rooster is very poor with 1 useless unit (maceman).

This unit can have a metal axe as a weapon.
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They don’t need a new unit just need to make the maceman good, they did it with the skull knight for aztecs so I don’t see why the maceman remains in its current useless state.


I think the devs gave the Incas the Renegade Lancer shipments for that purpose, but I think I’d rather they upgrade some existing unit or add a new unit for the Incas.

Yes please, the Incas need a rework. it is noted that they were the first civilization to be created.

It is a good option, but I find it difficult because they are expensive and are supposed to be for sieges, although I would not mind if the developers replace them in that role with light cannons.

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I think a swordsman type unit for Inca would be really fitting and would probably help their anti inf. I wouldn’t even mind if they just changed/replaced the maceman, unfortunately ‘berserker’ units will never be good by design.


Want to hear a joke?

non-carded Imperial maceman 3 pop 150 food 150coin 640hp 72 damage

non-carded Imperial Soldado 2 pop 90 food 80 coin 630hp 77 damage

Why is this a thing? give the Soldado a few extra cards and he’s an 850hp tank with a motar. give the maceman a few cards and he’s slightly cheaper with more hp but still useless in a group.

I love you developers for all the hard work you do and I’m super happy your still still hard at work on this game but come on, soldados have always bothered me compared to all other units balance add on another 1 pop or something its ridiculous.

Anyways back to macemen you want to make their slow attack speed 2.25, high cost both in terms of population and resources make sense simple solution change their attack from melee to siege, it would only negate the resistances on most units and as there description says “good against buildings, cavalry and anything within range

or maybe change there siege animation to a torch, theses meme-men line up like its a conga-line at a school dance pushing each other out of the way in an effort to knock down a single wall segment.

please devs take a look at these units again, because i’d pick a Soldado 100% of the time if i had that option as Inca.


their anti infantry is already pretty strong due to the huarraca & bowman.

the bowman is even an anti all unit due to the poison damage.

agree to just buff the maceman, though stats wise they might be ok, I think it might be more interesting to reduce their pop


Are they usable after running out of shipments?? Cause I see them a waste of time on the firepit, they train toooo slowly

They are actually comparable somewhat to Cuirassiers in raw stats, both are 3 pop, same cost, similar HP, same resistance. The differences being the cuirassier is faster and has different tags and the maceman does a lot more damage and has more siege.

The issue is you can’t just run macemen into enemy units like with a cuirassier because skirms will kite back and they counter maceman because they’re heavy infantry.

I’m going to try them out again as it’s been a long time since I’ve used them, I think the inca card for 10% speed is a must though and the melee infantry combat/hp card.

I cannot remember how fast they train, I’d imagine it’d be a reasonable speed with 10 priestesses though?

Macemen aren’t bad, they have range resist something no other heavy infantry (other than grenadiers) have, at least until Sweden get Svea Lifeguard.

That enables them to tank some Musket fire.

Just been trying them out and with 10 priestesses it takes 60 seconds to spawn 1 macemen, if however you send the card that boosts infantry training time by 45% it then only takes 33 seconds which really isn’t bad. If you send llama lifestyle and put 15 llamas on the plaza in addition to the 10 priestesses then the macemen spawn in 21 seconds. If you wanted to max it out then you’d need 10 priestesses and 15 villagers which results in 16 seconds train time, though llamas are more efficient as you’d have zero vills wasted.

If you send road building their speed goes up to 4.68, if you then send team inca bridges it goes up to 4.89 max speed.

With melee infantry combat card and the guard upgrade I’ve got them to 528 HP, 118 siege and 59 hand attack with 2 range, 2.5 aoe, 2.25 rof.
You could also send the native embassy card and ally with zapotech to get the tech for 20% more hand attack damage.


It seems good, but I was asking for Skulls, they spawn too slowly. How is that dueling school boost maceman but not other pit units??

I think a better idea might be to make the mace man into a shock infantry unit with splash and similar to gendermes in stats. Up the speed to 6, lower the siege, improve base hit points. Up the attack speed but lower the damage, would be dope to have native gendarmes.

i can see why because with only 10 aztec priests the skull knights spawn in 18 seconds, that’s faster than inca after they have 10 priestesses, 15 llamas and have sent llama lifestyle card and infantry training speed card. Azted dueling school card specifically adds +40% training speed to skull knights for that reason. Inca could only get a comparable time by having 10 priestesses and 15 villagers and send faster train time. Which is hard because inca don’t start with a priestess and nor do they have an age 2 shipment of 3 and they don’t train as fast as the aztec version.

I’m not sure what they need, but I’m looking at skull knights and macemen and they are very similar, I’ve sent the combat card for both and hp and siege are identical, hand attack is where it varies with the macemen having a longer range and more aoe and damage but a bit slower rate of fire. Skull knights also have an ability which is really strong but apart from that the macemen looks just as good it also has 4.25 speed as standard where the skull knight needs to send it’s age 4 card to boost speed from 4 to 4.25. The macemen also has 20% RR while the SK has melee resist.

Perhaps use of the inca warchief as aztec do to snare might work, the age 1 inca card gives the warchief more speed and +75% HP, once you have a decent amount of priestesses you can buff your warchief same as aztec do and it should be about the same speed to snare and allow your macemen to get into melee.

But inca can train them on kallankas. I dont see SK worth it as you need a lot of firepit time to mass enough to catch the enemy, as melee infantry that they are, they are weak vs range and artillery.

Maybe a mode on the pit that spend a trickle of coin to boost the train time?? Idk

18 seconds isn’t bad for free though if they’re comparable and arguably better than incas 300 res equivalent. They shadow tech straight to guard level too, are effected by the 3 knight combat cards and their own age 4 card. You can also send quite a few shipments of them and get them from an age up, so it’s easy as aztec to get a good mass of SK when doing the SK FI. The worst thing currently is the change for the train time card which effects how fast the warchief respawns because the chief is essential to snare with so the SK can attack.

The Incas had a type of warrior who used a kind of bronze halberd, as in the illustration above, this weapon is called Kunkakuchuna. Kunkakuchunas could be long or short. The Inca explorer uses one of these weapons. They could add it to some unit for the Incas, or the Quechua Huamincas. It is strange that the Quechua have a warrior with bolas (the most common weapon in the south, among the Kos), and a spearman. They could represent the common Quechua warrior with a sling for long-range attacks and a star mace (chaska-chuki) for short-range attacks, and the nobles by halberdiers. Another option would be an Inca unit of halberdiers. Unfortunately, the common slinger who carried a war mace, a common unit and probably the most numerous of the Incas, and the people of the Andes mountains in general, in Inca times, is left out, with sling warriors only as siege troops.


I think that more than that, the Incas need a musketeer type unit for late, since the bolas warrior have a negative bonus against infantry which makes it useless, or that can enable some type of cannon


They should really replace the Quechua units with ones that are more distinct from the Inca ones. It’s confusing to have them so similar.


Agreed, its so weird how the quechua bolas warrior is a skirm and the inca one is a dragoon.