Mercenary contractor for Italians French only age 4 units?

I think the mercenary contractor for Italians and French should be changed so that it makes a unit available in the Fortress age. What is the point of an Age 3 politician unlocking only age 4 units? Both the Mounted Rifleman and Royal Horseman are only available for Age 4 and both are essentially anti-skirmisher units. And for the French, who already have the Curassier, why do they need the Royal Horseman, it is basically just a gold costing Curassier. It makes no sense, and makes this a completely worthless age up for these two civs.


Game officials thought many people were playing Treaty

I think that the politician, mercenary contractor should allow the use of mercenary camps and guarantee a selection of mercenaries that compensate for the weaknesses of each faction, but since this is unlikely to happen I propose that for Italy allow training Armored Pistoleer, Elmetto and Li’l Bombard and for France I think they should be Napoleon Gun, Fusilier and Royal Horseman. :slightly_smiling_face:

No, because it already unlocks lil’ bombard for Ports. It isn’t supposed to unlock three mercs. It should be standard for all the civs that it unlocks one age 3 merc and one age 4 merc, unlocking 2 identical age 4 mercs is just silly.

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In my opinion the Portuguese should not have access to the Li’l Bombard, I think they should have the Cannoneer. :slightly_smiling_face:


Mercs arent worth it on treaty as they are only trainable from a single building. Only Swedes, Germans and hatas are

I’d much rather they replace the unlocking of the Ronin with something else, since you can already get them through the “Theaters” Card. Something like the Zenata Rider, the Landsknecht, the Harquebusier or the Askari would fit decently well. Besides, Cannoneers are Age II mercs, which aren’t that great as an Age up for Age III.

I’m talking about the mercenary contractor. (political)
In my opinion I think the theaters card should increase the number of taverns we can build and perhaps allow us some exclusive improvements for the mercenaries of civilization. In this case the Cannoneer of the Portuguese.

I understood that you meant the politician, but a person who is trying to do a Mercenary Contractor Age up, might want to run “Theaters” in their deck and, while other civs like Dutch, Ottomans or British will get access to, potentially, 3 new Mercs, Portuguese will only get access to 2 new Mercs at best. Removing Li’l Bombard doesn’t do anything to address that, and replacing it with the Cannoneer is a worse exchange.

Honestly I want a re-work of the mercenary contractor for all civilizations, in all cases I want it to give access to several mercenaries and add more mercenaries for all civilizations.

Also, seeing my original idea, I think that theaters should be changed to a card that allows the creation of mercenary camps similar to the German card.

It would be something like the following.

Mercenary Contractor.
Effect: allows you to train mercenaries exclusive to the civilization of origin (mercenaries depend on the civilization you are using) (minimum 3 mercenary per civilization)

Mercenary Camp.
Effect: Replaces the tavern with a mercenary camp, increases the mercenary camp limit to +2 for a total of 3 max, and sends 3 mercenary camp construction wagons.

Obviously this is just my opinion. :slightly_smiling_face:

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