[MERGED] A way to reconnect would be great

I was aware that they made some changes to it and that it didnt work in ranked but i wasnt aware that the restore option is now really dumbed down. Thats a shame.

I think, the player may receive a file when somebody is disconnected, so they may reload and continue the game… The player must NOT can reconnect without the reload of the game for all players.
I hear that some player use a bug/ cheat to win games. They disconnected for few seconds, and after that, they reconnect. So they win that game.

Another thing I would like added is that readying up is mandatory. Right now it happens sometimes that a player joins a game, but is not physically present. Thus they don’t play. Happened to me as well. I’m used to games like League and Dota2 where the game only starts if everyone confirms that they are at their pc.

If it´s possible, then it would definitely be one of the greatest QoL additions.

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Played a ranked game with two friends yesterday and my game suddenly crashed (which seemed like a game issue, rather than PC issue since everything else was fine). I was able to relog and restart quickly, but there is no way to reconnect to the game, which is very disappointing.
Most online games these days allow you to reconnect to the server and had I been able to, then that game was very winnable. Would love it if you added a reconnect function in the future to help out in situations when the computer, server, internet or whatever it may be crashes.
Thanks for a great game!


Same issue here, game locked up, everything else was fine, I was thinking i would just restart it real quick, and reconnect, my friends were more than capable of protecting me for long enough, but instead i auto resigned when the game crashed.

Great question. I hope you will make it happen soon. It is bad to leave a match because of disconnection and not being able to re-enter to finish the match.


Good idea!!!
Will be nice

Hope this game can add the function of reconnection and rejioning

I often interrupt the game due to the network fluctuation and game crash, which is extremely disturbing when you are playing ranking games.

Is this feasible?

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I understand that in original Aoe2 there is no way to reconnect to a game. But we are in 2020, this “final” version should have the option of reconnecting you like any game of this time. It is very frustrating to lose matches due to a connection crash, bug crash. Etc.


I think I’ve heard the game uses the old AoE2 engine as its foundation, and am pretty sure an enhanced one at that (which I’m more than okay with), and there are reconnection complexities surrounding that, unfortunately. (You probably remember connection issues with AoE2:HD, for example.)

I don’t know all the detailed, technical reasons, but I’ve just heard before in the forums that this is the reason.

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Hey guys

I know this was asked last year but seeing as it is not implemented yet, I insist again today. I hope this is the right avenue.

Just spent the last ~2 hours trying to play some 3v3s with the old buddies and during this time we’ve had not one single game finish. In every game, one or more players disconnected, crashed, or otherwise never joined at game start. But that’s only a segue, because I understand these things happen.

Instead, all I propose is that a reconnect option be a priority feature to be implemented in the coming patches. The rationale being that if other bugs arise causing crashes, a reconnect can salvage the game with a pause.

Please consider this option.



This feature definitely should be implemented. I’ve been having same issues, when a game crashes all your efforts get lost. And some of my friends don’t want to play this game only because of this.

In its current state, its impossible to climb the ranked ladder. an astounding number of my games result in disconnects, crashes or desyncs. I have a pc that scores 1270+ on the benchmark and stable 300mbs/d/u internet. its infuriating to have someone on the ropes and then suddenly "age of empires II (DE) has stopped responding.

it seems like the majority of my crashes come when up aging. I’ve turned off all my mods, ive scaled down graphics… Its so ■■■■ frustrating just being stuck between 1200-1300. and if you look at aoe2.net there are some people that have drop rates in the 80+%!!

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I’m not even reading all of these posts. I am in agreement with the author. I was DC a number of times over the weekend I.e. “you have been disconnected from multiplayer server” or crash to desktop no error. It’s getting pretty old.

In team games especially. Because the game is literally still going (like that 4v4 I was DC from yesterday about 35 mins in). It should be easier to develop reconnection logic. DC after playing for 30-40 mins is extremely frustrating and unacceptable


Pretty retarded that in the year 2020 if a player drops,their faction becomes completely useless to the rest of the team.

  1. DONT cause almost all the dropped player’s units to become inactive
  2. AI could atleast gift their res to remaining players
  3. Make their units player controllable (ffs starcraft had this and could handle the seperate pop caps spread across multiple factions)
  4. Hand over control of dropped faction to an AI (ffs even easiest would be better than nothing)(Company of heroes 2 for reference)

Currently if a player drops (thanks latest patch for increasing these odds) its almost guaranteed a team game loss(if the teams were previosly balanced, or many times even if the superior team drops a player the likelihood of lossing sky rockets)

Current situation leads to massive negative player experience (thanks devs for not thinking of this in 2020)


Yes, please!!! My buddy and I like playing looong games - getting disconnected after 2 hours into a 3-hour match is really tiresome and a big waste of time.

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1 this would be great!

The feature that we all want

Did we ever get a response from the dev team regarding this question?

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