[MERGED] A way to reconnect would be great

I don’t think reconnect is a feasible feature given the way the game works. The best we could hope would be some of phoenix1089’s alternatives which would be a huge step up from the present situation and have been talked about for years.

Hello fellow age of empires 2 de players, are you as me sick of haveing games insta loss or won cause of a disconnect issue? how about a total game freeze and u cant do anything cause some sheep walked under a gate? Yes me too, i have therefore started a petition that i want to present to the devs to show them that they need to be working towards putting in a reconnect feature in the game as fast as possible. I personally find this very frustrateing, not because i crash alot. It have happend me maybe once, but because im very sick of looseing rateing in teamgames because someone in my team randomly disconnects out of noware. I mean pausing and waiting for them to recconect would be a very valid option, IF the option of recconecting even existed. now its just insta loss. Please sign my petition here so that the devs realise that this is a huge problem of any compedetive game, and is a must have. https://www.ipetitions.com/petition/reconnect-option

If u don’t wanna sign the petition at least leave a like and maybe a comment so this gets seen by a dev.
Kind regards, blaesanjay.


Because of the unreliability of my network connection, I have been avoiding ranked match making and online play in general for a while now (excluding games with friends where a restore is an option). Recently though, I have given it a try and my anticipated frustrations have been realized. A rejoin system of some kind would definitely be appreciated as currently, this aspect of the game just really isn’t accessible to people in situations similar to mine.

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Disconnection really spoils this game. It if a very frequent in ranked. What if there is an option for the disconnected player. In such case he will be able to rejoin the game? For instance, if a player drops at 5 min population, the other players will continue the game and if the the dropped player may rejoin the game exactly at the real time point. No wonder he will be lagged behind but at least it will give a player or team an opportunity to fight back if the dropped player can rejoin within few minutes of being disconnected. Meanwhile if an opponent attacks his base and kill some units he will start with the reduced number of population and the buildings as a penalty.

The title says it all. With so many bugs occurring (and even without them) a reconnect option would be quite useful. Just pause the game until the player comes backs


A reconnect would be awesome.
If someone DCs you could pause the game and wait 3 minutes for the person to return.
If they don’t return use the current system.

Simple feature that would make any issues with servers more palatable.


Battle Royale games - like PUBG and Apex Legends - have a way to rejoin a match if a game crashes. Age of Empires should be the same. Without an explicit player-initiated resignation, the game should not auto-resign for the player who dropped, and instead count time - like 3 minutes - before the player is considered permanently dropped in a 1v1 match. In a team game, there should be no timeout at all - a dropped player should be able to rejoin at any time as long as the match is still going.

I think the reconnect feature has something to do with the engine limit? See Starcraft 2 doesn’t even have reconnect iirc just some sort of timeout before finally kicking the disconnected player. I myself wanted a reconnect feature for the game since it is an online mutiplayer. Anyways hopefully if reconnect feature comes, it would be smooth to use.

While a way to reconnect would be great, I do wonder if the limitations of the way the game is written, would prevent the devs from being able to implement this successfully - especially considering what happened when they “improved” path-finding.

I would be satisfied with a more realistic solution, which I think that phoenix1089 outlined well.

When a person drops, have their resources be given to either one player or distributed evenly to the team. Secondly, and most importantly, give the team access to be able to use the dropped players buildings & units!

I know that this has been implemented successfully in other RTS games without problem (i.e. LOTR BFME), and it might have even been that way in AoE1 (however I cannot remember - someone else will have to correct me on that).

It would be nice to get some type of feedback from the devs regarding concrete steps they are attempting to solve this problem (and an update on pathfinding while we are at it :stuck_out_tongue:).

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There’s no need to wonder. Neither you and I are Forgotten Empires developers so neither of us knows. This is a feature request and should be treated as such. No need to speculate about the source code design on our end. Serious Battle Royale titles can do it, and these are way more complicated games, so AoE should be able too.

What you seem to forget is that AOE2 is using an old 2.5D engine
The remaster has added cool QoL features, but it will probably require them to completely re-write the code (or heavily modify it) for the reconnect feature to work.
Atm, the game replays act like a movie but you can’t jump to a certain point. Just move forward and backwards

I’m not forgetting anything. You’re just speculating, and it’s not needed in a feature request.

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It’s just too damn frustrating when a game end in a disconnect, on either team. Devs PLEASE! we need a reconnect system in the game! Cheers!


AOE2 DE using an old engine is a fact.

It’s not speculating…

I agree, but I’m just saying. The engine is very old. They probably won’t be able to add that easily.

Played 3 ranked games last night.

In both of the first two games, one of my teammate’s game just crashed to desktop - no warning - just a crash to desktop.

Their internet was fine, still talking in discord, were able to start the game back up right away … and yet there was no way for them to re-connect to re-join the game. This feature is almost a necessity now with the crashes that have been occurring regularly.

The third game, the game was lagy because of one of the opposing players … which doesn’t make sense because it is suppose to be client to server, so why am I being affected by someone else’s poor connection?

Anyways, a way to reconnect would be a very very welcome feature while the devs are attempting to figure out the cause for these crashes.


Your saying adds nothing to the topic. You’re just speculating, and it’s not needed in a feature request.


This still happens? Thought crashes were gone

I did as well … but it happened twice to two different people I was playing with last night who have PCs that normally play the game fine. Not sure if this is an isolated incident or not.

I was thinking maybe it’s like a hack that crashes the other guys (far fetched, I know) until you said they were different.

Perhaps the other post about two consecutive DCs got me thinking

I’m pretty sure this has been discussed before. But commonnn "i didn’t play two hours to die like this ! ’ so it would be nice if u could just get back in the lobby when you reconnect. I heard P2P makes it complicated but common, i’m sure microsoft can do something about this ahaha

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