[MERGED] A way to reconnect would be great

I’m being disconnected sometimes from ranked games with the internet working normally.
But after a single DC I can’t go back in the game…
Sometimes people get disconnected by one or two minutes. They should be able to reconnect…


it’s very frustrating that the game suddenly closes in the middle of the game.
Please add a option for reconnect to a classified part


yes +1 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Yes. Please dear devs & producer ! +1+1+1+1 :angry:

+1 since I can’t actually play a full game it crashes so much.

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Would indeed be very nice, but I strongly suspect that the game engine does not support reconects…

So i’ve had 2 random game crashes during a game , and after restarting there is nothing i could do ,to get in again .And im wondering why is there no such option to reconnect to a game , both times the games were going in my team’s favour but the random crash basically cost us the win , and ELO . So devs my suggestion is to add the possibility to reconnect to a game for 2-3 mins , after which it automatically resigns you .

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I believe that the game engine itselfs cannot support a reconnect feature. To think about something like that in 1999 is absolute cyberpunk. The best it goes is when the game desync. The match saves itself where it desynced, kicks everyone and then offers to the lobby host to restore the game and invite everyone back. But even that don’t work very well, the invites are kinda troubled.

This is badly needed considering all the crashes and disconnects, but I doubt it will happen thanks to the archaic game engine. Much more realistic to simply pester the devs to fix the bugs that cause the crashes in the first place.

It is really retarded that at this point of time one cannot reconnect to a game if suffers a short lag and disconnects suddenly.

Really, this is so freaking dissapointing…

It’s more important that they fix the server problems that constantly disconnect people in the first place. But yes, a reconnect feature would be very nice.


Absolutely, it is indeed needed, but the fact that one gets disconnected, for whatever reason, and there is no chance to reconnect is a step back on competitive gaming.

This is probably what dissapoints me the most.


Especially with the new networking setup this should be very much possible.
How is this feature related to the engine?
They allow observers to join in while the game is going on.
Allowing players to reconnect is a network system feature that doesn’t require any special core features.

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You can see by the way the spectator mode works that it is indeed an engine problem.
Notice how you dont start at the point the game is now but always at the beginning, notice how you cant freely choose a point on a timeline an skip or go back to that point? Its because the game simulates whats happening based on steps given. So my guess is that they can only implemented a reconnect option if somehow the disconnecting party gets “savegame” of the current game state.


Of course, the status they left with.
Worst case scenario other players have to wait until the disconnected one catches up.
But even then they could play the intermittent time on high speed.

I actually found this paper written by the original devs in 2001 explaining how the engine and the multiplayer works (https://www.gamedevs.org/uploads/1500-archers-age-of-empires-network-programming.pdf), seeing how we now have a server-client model it might be possible to save missing steps on the server, compare them with the dropped client and resend them until the simulation is not out of sync anymore. But it is definitly a huge task and i dont expect it to ever happen.

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Like I said, it kinda does. But the game can’t manage to still be running and recalculate the simulation for the leaver to rejoin (or the desynced, in the actual case), so it doesn’t save on the server side, it ends the match, drifts away the players, and then save the match as a custom scenario at the last possible moment before the desync on the host’s storage drive. Then, the host is able to invite players back to the game. It’s very odd, but I think that it’s the best that can go without herculean efforts.

That’s what AOC does. If a player drops, the other players have an option to “Save and Restore”. This takes a snapshot of the game state. When the game is restored, the snapshot is distributed to all players and the simulation begins from that point.

I know that this exists and its also in DE so whats your point?

It’s actually not in DE. If a player drops there is no save & restore option, they are simply defeated on the spot, or maybe after a few seconds of frozen game.

Now the dropping player has some time to make a save, but when they are defeated on the opponents view they can freely look around the map, check post game stats etc and then have a huge advantage in the restore.

Not only this, ranked games have no way to actually communicate with your opponent to organise a restore, and it wouldn’t be rated anyway. Your points where lost when the servers detected you dc

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