[Merged] Overlay Freezes

On the brazil server too???

Always getting shunted to the worst possible server and having the same thing happen to me. How they haven’t fixed this yet is beyond me

Hey all, I’ve managed to fix the issue (i think), was a last resort, but using a VPN seems to have fixed the issue, no drops on Brazillian servers since I’ve been using it.

I downloaded and use Betternet (free version) and just open it before i play and close after. Not ideal, but it seems to work so far.

Let me know how you go.

Just connecting via the VPN? did you have to select a specific location

For Betternet, i just open it and click connect. I dont choose server. Im using free version, so limited to 500mb or similar per day, but that seems to work fine for aoe if you turn it off after playing.

I assume other VPNs might work too (I found this solution in other thread to a similar issue - it was my last resort).

Ran into similar issues at least 5 times since the May patch, to the point that I don’t even play the game regularly anymore in fear that I’ll lose elo in botched ranked games. Can we get any info from the devs on whether we’ll be getting a fix in this month’s patch or is a map pool change all we’re getting?


i feel like this topic includes 2 different issues:

the original one is where the UI froze but the game itself worked and you could still keep moving your units and build stuff (as long as you know your hotkeys :wink: )

the one that came up now was the whole game freezing while playing (mostly on brazilian server (that for some reason seems to be used for way more games than it should be, considering that europeans and australians seem to experience the same thing with having about 50% of the games on that bad server - but that could be discussed about in another topic)) For this issue i opened a new topic here - Dropping when playing on brazilian server. So to make things clear i think we might want to move the discussion (and all the bug reports) there.

Doesn’t bother me where or how many times I post it as long as it gets fixed

Yesterday, similar happened three times in row after 20-40 minutes game play. Every time we played ranked against other opponents and every time one of the players was freezed. Once, my friend freezed and after he killed the age of empires process and we (teammates) resigned the game continued because the freezed player was in the game according to the DE (however he closed the progrem minutes before).

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just happened to my teammate again, we were playing in US West.

the problem seems to be is his weak laptop.

My problems haven´t changed yet and the VPN trick didnt work. Games that didn´t run over the server in Brasil yust froze, too. The problem just arrived when my CPU was heavily overclocked.

Might be a different cause of the same issue then.
I know for a fact my CPU wasn’t overclocked. Of my 3 friends I have the more powerful PC but the issue happens to me 90% of the time.


then there must be almost several reasons for the same problem. Because since I switched overclocking off. The problem no longer arises with me.

I’ve had your exact same issue. Maybe I’ll try your fix

Playing in EU west. For 2 months or so this bug has been happening aaaaall the time, can’t believe they haven’t fixed it yet, yet they add events etc but the game still crashes A LOT. Games not starting, freezes, playing a teamgame where it shows 4v4 but you only see 3 people, so it doesnt start.

Today, waited 20 minutes for a teamgame, cause it won’t start, just as I get a game, a teammate crashes after 2 min, THANKS DE. It’s unbelievable how many bugs are in teamgames.
So disappointed with it.

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Here is some additional diagnostic information for the issue where the game continues playing but the overlay ‘freezes’. I was spectating an online match (not replaying) when it happened.

  • The highlighted yellow areas do not change and don’t respond to clicks. For example, the resources (236 wood), timer (00:36:55), and player queue (Researching %79) do not change.
  • The screen scrolls and units can be clicked and the game itself continues playing and is drawn correctly.
  • Clicking the on-screen pause button (lower-left) does nothing. Pressing the F3 key still works, but the ‘Pause’ message does not appear in the center of the screen.
  • The minimap is not clickable, BUT it still updates! For example, the little rectangle showing the current view is updated correctly. Spawned units and battles still light up. Pressing Alt-C and Alt-R properly toggle the contents of the minimap.
  • Windows-D properly hides the entire window and clicking on the app tab in the title bar properly brings it back up. The screen redraws (but stays with the same frozen information). Overlay still not clickable. In other words, there is no effect when showing/hiding the window.
  • Pressing F9 (I was just experimenting with keys) caused the main game area (everything but the overlay/minimap) to go black. I was unable to get out of this state to continue testing (escape/return key did nothing).

Plenty of CPU/GPU and memory. No overclock. Game usually runs fine.

Can Dev’s confirm that this is being fixed on asap and will be in the next patch update? This is a problem for over a month and seems to be affected depending on the server (if you have around 200 or more ping). Making half the servers you play on a gamble.

This has been happening to me and some of my friends too. Not common during 1v1 games, but quite annoyingly frequent in team games.

The game doesn’t crash. It just gets stuck. I can’t chat/pause or make anything work within the game. I don’t drop until I quit. It’s not completely frozen because I can still click units/buildings and other buttons within the game, but nothing happens. I do hear the sounds when I click on something.

When I quit the game, I get out of the game normally and that’s when everyone else sees that I resigned.

I thought it was a rare issue but some of us have been noticing this quite regularly now.

This happened again. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game. Can some dev help with this? TG is almost unplayable for me at the moment. This doesn’t happen much in unranked games, I think.

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And it happened again just now (steam id: ingreenheaven, if that helps)

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Happened to me today while I was in a ranked 4vs4.
The game just freezed and stopped responding (but the music keep playing), eventually Windows closed it by itself. The logs and the dump file from the location of the game were not modified by this event (ie the dump file has the Modification Date showing yesterday and the logs do not appear from this day ) so I’ll not including them because they are useless.
Here is the recording of the game and my dxdiag:
recording game: https://1drv.ms/u/s!Avs6f7XsqeDUzQg_qQ0MO1mF2L1o?e=hvLdb2
dxdiag: https://1drv.ms/t/s!Avs6f7XsqeDUyAKCex5DfdESnFLO?e=oKJh69

The freeze occurred just when I clicked on the minimap to see my base being destroyed, if that helps.