Mexico is S+ Tier now + China still S+ Tier + Other Small Balance Updates


  • Revert Boyars Nerf
  • Decrease villager build time by 1 second


Russia has been hit by another round of nerfs even though they were underperforming at medium to high levels of play, especially with their dependency on Strelsy which now perform even worse against cavalry. Their Age III despite recent changes still underperforms compared to other civs. They just need a very small buff to make them fair.


  • Revert 2% XP Requirement nerf
  • Revert Wignacourt Nerf
  • Upgrade Auberges card to also reduce the train time of Commandery units by 5%
  • Upgrade Flintlock Rockets card to increase Sentinel stats by 55% and increase their cost by 35%


Malta has never “overperformed” since their release. Although they can be strong most of their strategies revolve around gimicks and they were mediocre at absolute best. With at least 4 fresh nerfs (Steel Bolts, X-bows weaker against hand cav, Wignacourt, XP Nerf), half of these should at least be reversed. A small buff to their late-game also much-needed with the permanent x-bow nerfs and existence of 1 factory.


  • Reduce starting food crates by 50f
  • Reduce Chinaco base attack by 1 and base HP by 5
  • Reduce Soldado base siege attack by 2
  • Reduce Soldado melee armor to 20%


The forward Hacienda for rush + 5 villagers sets up an incredible non-stop rush with a huge eco behind it like no other civ. Combined with a full roster of units in age 2, the momentum is too much too early. Chinaco needs a small nerf overall to their base stats and the entire civ overperforms in treaty to boot. Soldados overperform for their cost and especially late-game (including treaty). Even an insurgent rush feels as oppressive as Sweden’s pre-patch church Halberdier rush, all thanks to Mexico’s eco + momentum.


  • Increase cost of village by 5w.


The TP + Tea Export card start especially is still too powerful. The new meta is to ally with France first, then Germany for the trickles. Can very safely FF with a huge eco to boot and is very hard to stop due to the incredible momentum. They’ve been hit by several nerfs in recent patches but one more small nerf - this time to their village cost - should be all that’s needed to make them balanced.


Reduce starting food crates by 50f.


The recent decrease in cost for the French and Dutch Immigrant cards made all such builds significantly faster. A reduction of 50f will slightly (but not entirely) offset these changes which were too great.


Reduce starting food crates by 50f


Still an overperforming civ overall. While sepoys were rightfully nerfed, rajputs were overbuffed to compensate. Their inclusion of a full Age 2 Roster combined with updates to the game mechanics over the last year continue to make them too strong too quickly. Reducing starting food like was done with France and Dutch in previous patches should balance them once and for all.


How is Mexico S tier? every update gets it nerfed more than before.


I can’t tell if Mexico is S+ in general, I don’t play them enough for that, but Chinacos are definitely OP. They are a lancer with almost huss damage and hp and multipliers against infantry AND hand cavalry (and shock infantry) while getting caballeros for better infantry multipliers and a strong charged action as well.


Trust me, if someone knows what they’re doing the early aggression start (no revolt) is the most powerful rush with an eco behind it in the game at the moment. It’s a copy-paste strategy that lots are employing currently and is way too strong.


Strongly disagree, Boyars was too strong a card, when boyars gave 15% damage and health. Russia had 200 pop, estrelets couldn’t increase 2+ range with a certain card, while also more melee damage. In a way also the nerf to the boyars was also a way to balance the Cossack because obviously it was too good for what it cost in population and resources.

Mexico is not strong. I can understand that in a coordinated Team to execute certain strategies it seems to be strong but it can be beaten with skill, in 1v1 it is not strong on the contrary I would think it is a bit weak

China I don’t think it’s a good approach to take away 50 food, China’s balance should be taken more calmly, it’s not an easy civ to play either, China has many weaknesses and problems, Chinese players are usually the main China They try very hard to take advantage of it. I think that China needs certain compensations and if something has to be nerfed, it would be the life of the towns a bit since their initial life was in accordance with when it cost 200 wood, now that they cost 180 they should have less life, I have seen many players even pro players lose by rushing a Chinese who does FF and they take too long to break the Chinese houses or they don’t destroy them, Also the sending of 7 ########### ## a bit strong, maybe it’s good but The issue is that having 3 military shipments that can be used by all civilizations usually have a strong military shipment for their age, but perhaps having 3 military shipments that can be taken advantage of is an advantage, but you have to analyze China and not nerf rough because it’s strong.

Well Malta I have already discussed it before


Always has been :man_astronaut::gun:

Chinacos is a nosense of anti everything unit that is trained fast too while unreasonably I have seen mexican players that keep fighting after losing half base or after deleting 20 villagers on treaty.
Something feels wrong with the civ


Yeah, chinacos with nagis are the most broken cav. Dificult to stop them, high damage vs their counters like heavy infantry (musk) and light cav. Charge attack is extremely broken and overpowered, capable of sweeping the enemy army. I think the devs should nerf or rid the charge attack of chinacos. Many players literally only use that unit.


Russia needs back the orginal effect of boyards at least for treaty, together with italy they have the weakest army in that modality.


What’s so OP about Nagis? They are just a slightly weaker huss in terms of base attack and hp with extra damage against skirms, not heavy infantry (the negative multiplier resets the damage to 1x even after bloody harvest), they are just a bit harder to shoot down due to 30% range resist. Chinacos are very different and waaay better than Nagis, they do bonus damage like a regular lancer against all infantry and for some reason also against and cav while having almost huss damage and yeah that broken charged ability.


That’s the problem, nagis are really tanky and they train and arrive fast. Maybe this patch they are not too broken as used to be.

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And what does dealing with making her unnecessarily powerful ########### have to do with??? If they have already given you many improvements in the late game for a long time, did the musk card go from 10% to 25%, do you think that is little? The card that increased the range of the estrelets, + 10 population, increased the melee damage of the estrelet, halberdier and the ranged rider. Russia is better now lately than before

What is censored is “supremacy”

I think you are always talking about the same player who changes name often and uses the same deck every game and always does the same strategy every game, alternatively there is another account that does the same thing I don’t know if different person or same person

Could a negative bonus against ranged cavalry work for the chinacos?

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at least in charge attack multiplier to heavy infantry and light cav should be reduced as in the case of Bolas warriors. Also, the area of effect could be reduced to 1 or 0.5, because 2 is a little bit high imo.


whats up with this mania of wanting to nerf mexico? has like 48% of winrate and there are far more op civs
yeah chinacos are good but if you get defeated by a single unit spam maybe you are the problem


when i use lancers i feel like they are only strong vs inf, really strong. But useless against the rest.

But when I use chinacos I feel like they are about as strong vs inf, and effective against everything else.

They are clearly tier S.

  • It js debatable, the card with +15% are really op, and russia has gotten other buffs, still wasn’t getting great performance, I wouldn’t mind seeing what would happen (or add a cost to the card).
  • Not for arty. This culvs…
  • Add nerf for chinacos.
  • Not sure, china is really strong but this can destroy the start. Nerf this houses has to many hp.

Not sure, eeuu start is OP? The problems are others

Ok. India is really strong.

Is not only the unit, salteadores are really good skirms, then they have a really good combo cav-skirm also the economy is broken, becouse wood trade and wood card also provide a lot of resourses.


And yet people say they need the inspiring flag to make up for their weaknesses.