Michi Map Ranked

So, michi may be in ranked games I heard. I’m not sure it’s good for ranked or not.

I assume it will be in a team game. A map where you actually need to learn to boom, and don’t rely on cheap rush tricks to win. Rushing on such a map is next to impossible. You fall behind badly due to your lack of economic investment if rush fails. You need mass trade carts early, and use onagers to cut trees down along the tree line in the middle of the map. Play Turks and spam bombard towers to be really annoying to the enemy. And many other things.

Tends to look like this.

We NEED Michi in the map pool.


Worst possible map for in the map pool.


Booming is easy. On the other hand, booming while managing an army can be really hard.

Khmer FC into castle + someone else fl
ooding kts, here’s your way to rush on michi

Nope, it’s not a good ranked map and it should stay on lobbies only


No. Michi was historically played as unranked. And you can keep playing it like that. I alreadyhave a mandatory ban with blackforest. I don’t need a second map like it

Why would devs put a map like this in ranked?
Is this a late april joke?

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What is Michi sorry I haven’t played that mode or map?

It’s a fine map. Plays differently than most, so that might annoy the I play one map only crowd.


it is good for team games


There are several standard maps that never make it to the ranked mappool. That is if Michi even gets introduced as standard map. It might go to the special maps mappool…

That BS and you know it. It’s a map where imposible to attack before imperial age. Even worse than BF. I love all types of maps, except the ones “boom until 200 pop” type of maps. If you like that, it’s okey but don’t come arround trying tol turn things upside down and pretending is a competitive map like any other


Anyway you just need to know how to boom, remember that onagers can cut trees and have good hotkeys to spam from 20 different buildings to know how to play Michi. Like even Hoang could do it I bet.

It will be a new map in the nest patch. But in the community it was already well know.

You start with a big forest in the middle. So you have to cut through the forest before you can attack the enemy. You just cant reach the enemy before cutting through the wood.

Kind of the only strat is to Just boom to imp and have a late game battle. There isnt much else tot do.

At noob level it is pretty much first to cut will win the match. Same like BF, but without the option for sneaks, pressuring walls in Castle age, …

So this map is pretty boring based on most opinions.

Bad decision I think, it’s a fun map, sure, but shouldn’t be ranked imo.
Although it would be funny to watch a pro michi tourney

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Michi is not viable for high level players and its not a competitive map.

Finally a decent map to play on ranked.

I ban Arabia, Arena and Acropolis

This will be my preferred

Why play ranked if you don’t like 3 of the 4 extremes of map types (other is islands)

I am for it. And if you don’t like it just ban it so no problems there. People are dodging maps anyway.

Michi is an interesting map for deathmatch teamgames for endless stalling with like tuks bombard towers.

But as RM?? Who wont fall asleep when there is a 40 minute pure booming time that could be just skipped with a deathmacht start.

And then one team booms better than the other and cuts trough to an unprepared enemy team and instant gg, great just waited 30++ minutes of boring boom into resign/insta win

With deathmatch atealst both sides will be ready

michi RM is a map for players to learn how to play and just boom in an articial long treaty like setting.
michi DM is a map for deathmatch learners to play with a short treaty like setting since cuts happen very soon.

If you arent a age of empires beginner, i really think these maps will bore most. If you still enjoy these settings/maps, it might indicate still being a noob, IMO (not meant as an insult).

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Finding a balanced game in the custom lobby can be difficult, especially as your elo rises. There’s not much fun in absolutely one-sided games.

Eh… depends. I get bored of any map if I play it too much. Having the occasional weird map in the mix really helps me keep the game interesting. Doesn’t have much to do with my skill level, but I just literally get bored if I have to play any map over and over again.