Micro in AOE4

Others game in the bottom bar when you select a group of units they will show the health bar of each unit separately to easy for micro. In AOE 4 it’s disappeared, no way to the micro: low health unit run away back home because of the graphic is totally very hard to select a unit in a group in the combat.


Literally the whole micro in this game is having the skill to single out a unit in a battle. Or at least that’s the dev’s vision of micro - very difficult single unit selection. That’s where all the hype will be at in the tournaments. “Did you see that focus fire??? That was insane!!!” Very little micro otherwise.


There’s definitely more than that. There are the various activatable abilities, bracing charges with spearmen stand ground, baiting out charges so they go on cooldown, unit positioning, maximizing use of counter units, monk conversion and baiting out monk conversions, dodging siege projectiles, etc…

I do think they should add the bar with each individual unit and their health though.


just take a look at starcraft 2

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Yep, the bottom unit bar, same as SC2 has needs to be in the game so we can give orders properly. Select all army, click to a position → click one unit icon to remove this unit from army → give new order for entire army but 1 unit. Thats how you send out scouting units quickly in SC2.

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No ballistics, no micro.

why u need to “move low health unit back” if he will die anyway?

for realism purpose it was not implemented.
Did u see army which would send low health unit back? No.
Realism were protected.


you realise there are a majority of decisions that favour gameplay over realism, if anything the case you point out is literally one of the last places they should suddenly choose to do realism over gameplay…

siege, scaling, 100% accuracy which you even mentioned yourself…

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Thank you for the laugh!!


Units with low hp still do the same DPS. If you pull them back a bit to de-agro the enemy you can then bring them back in to hit someone in the back or something. Its about spreading the dmg done to your units.
Here’s a list of micro skills that even Aoe 2 has that don’t include “arrow dodging”

Even saving 2-3 units can have a massive change in outcome for a battle.


almost non existant. you cant dodge arrows or incoming siege blast

I guess having these two sentences immediately after one another is not surprising after all.

Go and play Starcraft 2 to find out if “no ballistics no micro” is true or not and if there is really no reason to micro low HP units back.

And yes, Starcraft 2 has instant hit attacks not only on siege tanks, but also on Marines, which is the most basic unit in the Terran army.

Try Starcraft 2. Its free to play.

Actually I just noticed your profile picture is a clown. I guess we’re just feeding trolls with clown makeup here.


Actually yes lol, but that’s outside the topic.

Go and play Starcraft 2 urself, if u are bored for it, it’s not Starcraft 2. It’s Age Of Empires IV.

And as far as i remember in sc2 units have active abilities.
Sj to completely mimic sc2 game, devs should give “shields” or “burrow into the ground” as active abilities to the units.

Anyway, units firing homing missiles what do u expect?

A-click Micro, i’m fine with that approach, i dont want to “choose a wounded unit” for a single target. It’s too tremendous task. And give unfair advantage to the payer who learnt how to do it with hotkeys.

You clearly haven’t even bothered to see people’s points on this topic.
We’ve talked about this so many times already.

Micro is so much more complex than that.
Watch the videos I posted or remain ignorant.

RTS games are pretty rewarding for high skill play.


They literally showed the direction to the casual gamers.
Im’ get used to that direction.
Now, I want to be on “fair” terms with any other gamer.

i dont want that, why to do game more complicated?
If u want u can zoom IN and micro.

A-click - is enough for me.
Daut can win without micro, let’s play like Daut.

Yeah… this was actually incredibly common. Medieval battles actually often had fewer casualties because they would pull the wounded to the back of their battle lines.

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A man without leg went back or with 10 arrows in the body and continued fighting?
Daut it.

Plus happy for them, that homing missiles were in Medieval battles.

It’s not AoE2 either. It’s Age Of Empires IV. No ballistics for you. Deal with it.


I did not say “two” anywhere. Where did u read “two” number?
Did i discuss ballistic somewhere?

I just wrote that A-click is the way devs see game, so u should forget about sc2 with 500APM tryharders.

Yes, let me help you: