Microsoft, DLC for AoE1 please!

First page pictures of the forum has changed again Aoe2 has queen Jadwiga.Aoe1 guy still standing without change like a relic from the past :frowning:


There’s also something about consistency…

Why get rid of such a sexy man?


Maybe its a girl too under the mask :joy:


We would have to wait 5+ years to get a decent remake, then. I think it is better to fix bugs in this version and add new content as well as upgrading and improving game features such as quality of life ones, already present in other modern RTS games.

No thanks. Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition is a good game, and is superior in most ways, but not in every way, to Age of Empires 1: Definitive Edition. The developers of the second product, for some reason, chose to ignore very cool and useful features from the first installment.


I also always found the first part much more dynamic than the second. Also that you see more of the battles because the units are bigger I always found much cooler.
Apart from that, “Age of Empires 2” are only 3 words…

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What punishment should these people have? :sweat_smile:

Microsoft, DLC for AoE1 please!

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Or you could hold shift and make 5 at a time, just a suggestion.

This makes AoE2 better imo, instead of the mob from AoE1

Siege Onagers? Scorpions? Ever heard of them?

Besides, what does this have anything to do with this post?

2 is a digit and not a letter :roll_eyes:.
But no matter.

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I count it as one when it is something like that, otherwise it would be Age of Empires and that is a broad statement

And some people just don’t understand irony.

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Onagers and scorpions are cool. My mistake for saying something I didn’t recall seeing/using in that game. Still, I just can’t stand the missing features which are present in this game there, among other reasons. Gameplay is different also (not necessarily "better’’ in objective terms).

Back to topic now: DLC for AoE1:DE! :eyes::memo: (we shouldn’t have derailed that much… sorry moderators).

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Yeeees, even though AoE1 is the least played AoE Game, it certainly deserve some love!! There is soooooooooo much potentional for DLC content, not just civs but Unique Units, or new basic units altogether… New mechanics, specially importing some from Age2:DE which shouldn’t be too hard and also, Fomartions/Pathfinding!!!


Maybe we should all start saying wololo to devs. Also, recording videos of ourselves saying it might help increase the conversion speed. We need them on the blue side! :sweat_smile:

But seriously, this game needs and deserves more love.


Wololooooo! Wololooooo! Egyptian priest.


I am Aztecs waves skirt at devs

The devs are macedons :unamused:


How about Age of Empires V be a total redo of AoE I?


With different art style than aoe4 then yes.