Microsoft don't nerf academy

If nerf academy it your fail Microsoft, make more wrong for this de game, bring us leave this game :grin:. Nerf academy but bonus more cataphract??? Look camel they too weak for this game. And knight must nerf not academy.

What are you complaining about?


Return of Rome, they want to nerf Centurion AOE1 :v . Ít not fair

One way to ensure the Academy isn’t nerfed is to add unique units and make them trainable there.

What are the planned changes ? Where can we see them ?

??? me not understand

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They’ll nerf it if it’s needed.

Now that units fight in proper formations, I expect the hoplite line to perform much better.

Give Hoplite Line +1 range like the Kamayuk but reduce their damage to make up for that.
Then they would actually feel like a real Phalanx!
+1 range can be +100% damage in some situations, so maybe -25-33% damage could be balanced.

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Centurions are far too strong, so that seems reasonable to me.

You’d then need splitting hoplites from phalangites. Hoplites being individually more tanky especially vs ranged fire (as they have a big shield) while phalangites enjoy their long-reach sarissa.

Or are you confusing the Legionary nerf with a nerf of the hoplite line ? In this May hotfix, I didnt see a nerf of the hoplite line, but there is a nerf of legionaries:

In which regard are centurions “far too strong” ? Do you mean only the Greek and Macedonean ones or all of them ?

Why splitting the line?
A phalanx is made of Hoplites.
Their shield is covered by the shield upgrades.

I still think of things in an AoE2 framework, but any unit with that much armor, that much HP, and 30 attack is far too strong.

Tôi đọc được nó ở một page Facebook, và nó chụp trên steam. Trong phần nói về aoe1. Và khá chắc knight line sẽ nhận thêm 20 hp, còn elite hoplite sẽ giảm 20 HP -_-

Some of the units seem weirdly powerful from an AoE2 point of view, but take the Greeks for example. They basicly just have Siege and Centurion. All the other unit lines are either cut short or don’t exist at all. I don’t know how much the viability of some civs depends on some of the unit lines being as strong as they are.


Honestly I’ve been playing this ROR release kinda casually over the last few days and I just have no idea how to counter certain unit in this game.


Yeah, you really mistook the Legionary for Centurion.

And unless your Centurion is either Greek or Macedonian, they are pretty useless and easy to counter because of their slow speed.

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Tôi ước rằng mình đã nhầm thật sự. 2 đơn vị của Hy Lạp là Greek bad Macedonia chỉ có thể dùng các đơn vị hoplite

Đơn giản chúng tôi chơi 20 năm và vẫn có cách khắc phục chúng bạn có thể đưa ra ví dụ

Đó là lý do, AOE 1 không phải AOE2