[PUP] May Hot Fix - Patch Notes

There’s currently a PUP for a hot fix going on! Below are the patch notes:


  • Fixed issues where joining lobbies could cause a crash
  • Fixed an issue where various UI mods would cause the game to get stuck loading into matches
  • Fixed an issue that prevented dialogue during campaigns
  • Fixed an issue where Lobby Sorting would not properly function
  • Fixed an issue where Lobby Search would not properly function
  • Fixed an issue where players could not selected a plater when spectating or watching recorded games
  • Fixed an issue where pregame chats were not being displayed correctly and were only being sent to team members
  • Fixed an issue where campaign audio would not switch languages
  • Fixed various data issues in AOEII: DE
  • Legionary receives +4 attack vs Condottieri (same bonus as vs infantry)
  • Dromon loses unique unit armor class
  • Villagers no longer repair ships and siege units faster than intended
  • Winged Hussar technology is no longer counted as available by the research percent statistic in full tech tree games

Return of Rome

  • Fixed an issue where the Return of Rome Custom Scenario File Browser would show Age of Empires II: DE scenarios
  • Fixed an issue where the Return of Rome main menu buttons would not appear
  • Removed Random Walk from Elephants to make Elephants easier to find
  • Fixed an issue where Civ jingles overlapped lobby music when starting a match
  • Fixed issues with Ruin generation
  • Fixed an issue that would cause asserts when creating a multiplayer lobby
  • Fixed an issue where Cannon Galleons incorrectly showed up as available for Goths
  • Added missing balance changes from the last AOE1:DE patch. The missing changes were:
  • Assyrian get Alchemy.
  • Babylonian get Chain Mail Armors.
  • Long sword upgrade cost to 240 F, 100 G.
  • Elephant Archers +15 G cost (back to their original game cost of 180 F, 60 G).
  • Ballista 15% faster attack speed (2.7 reload time in AOE1:DE)
  • Helepolis -300 F upgrade cost (now 1200 F, 1000 W), +5 attack (now 45).
  • Legion HP reduced to 140 (from 160).
  • Chariot units’ conversion resistance modifier reduced to 2 (from 8).
  • Fixed an issue where the Return of Rome Main Menu would default back to the AOE2:DE colors
  • Changed the Sargon campaign difficulty icon to One Sword
  • Fixed an issue where the default dataset for campaign screens had a misleading name
  • Fixed an issue where the Medusa cheat did not affect all villagers
  • Fixed an issue where stats between AOEII:DE and Return of Rome were inconsistent
  • Fixed an issue that prevented Return of Rome mods to have custom campaign slides, resulting in a black screen
  • Fixed an issue where Return of Rome mods did not support custom sounds
  • Fixed an issue where Return of Rome game lobbies defaulted to Low in Resources settings
  • Fixed various data issues in Return of Rome
  • Gate construction time reduced from 70s to 35s
  • Broad Swordsman HP changed from 70 to 80
  • Long Swordsman HP changed from 80 to 100
  • Cataphract HP changed from 220 to 240
  • Palmyran Villagers receive +1P armor as well from the civilization bonus
  • Elephant movement speed changed from 0.83 to 0.85
  • Stone Thrower, Catapult, Heavy Catapult projectile speed increased from 2.49 to 3.49
  • Catapult Trireme, Juggernaut projectile speed increased from 2.573 to 3.49
  • Helepolis projectile speed reduced from 7.2 to 4.067
  • UI change only: Wheel tooltip now mentions the correct villager speed increase (60%)


  • Fixed an issue where graphic settings weren’t saved on Xbox One
  • Fixed an issue where a crash would occur if players signed out while changing to Return of Rome on Xbox
  • Fixed an issue where messages would move around the screen during the tutorial
  • Fixed an issue where pressing LB would open a menu wheel that was not intractable
  • Fixed an issue where LB and RB would not delete a unit, but instead, would open a menu wheel
  • Fixed an issue where a crash could occur at the start of the game if quick commands were used before the game started
  • Fixed an issue where the Juggernaut upgrade could be found twice at Docks

Thanks for the notification. It looks great !

You are not fixing either hitboxes from buildings being so big or the cursor selecting buildings 4 or 5 tiles away from the buildings, which is a game breaking bug as it neutralices military units inside the enemy’s base.


The PUP does not seem to have corrected the URL helper issue. Attempting to join or spectate a game from url still results in immediate and complete game crash.

ty devs! at least the fixes are out fast

please reported it on the steam PUP link and let them know

Steam Community :: Error)

What a shame. They are so much fun and feel very satisfying

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seems we have significantly less stone than 1DE in normal 8p highland (256x256 → 240x240), is it intended?

stone (8 + 7)x300 → (5 + 4)x350 / player, random 5x 6x300 → 8x 3x350
gold (7+7+7)x450 → (7+7+7)x500 / player, random 9x 7x450 → 8x 4x500

After playing through the Trajan campaign, I really think these changes are unneccesary.
The Cataphract need is more reduction to their upgrade cost, while the Legionary is already too weak (also too expensive to tech in) even with the Roman bonus (which is really huge).

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Ooooh can’t wait to try faster catapult projectiles.

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steam page: “This topic has been locked by a moderator, no replies can be made”

you most likely need to login to see it on steam website, first login on steam website, not steam itself, then click link below

then on right hand side it’ll say PUP. if not logged in PUP wont show

I am logged in on the website and on the app and can see it but cannot post anything because it is locked by moderator.

Either way, I’m sure posting on their official forums here is enough for them to see. I’m sure they’re tracking the issue just wanted to make sure they were aware that the URL helper was still having conflicts with this patch if they had intended for it to be fixed in this pup.


There’s a bug where in games with multiple AI players (not sure if it needs to be teams or not), one of the AIs will occasionally have an incorrect player name, one belonging to an AI elsewhere in the game. It only started happening to me after RoR released, but so far, it’s only happened twice.

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How could they forget all those balance changes?


(probably) 1 more bug: from the 2nd builder / repairman, the speed is <50% of the 1st one; I think this is aoe2 feature not aoe1

Some changes are pretty massive.

Long Swordsman 80 → 100 HP
Legionary 160 → 140 HP

The upgrades used to give +100% HP now it’s just +40%, in absolute numbers it went from +80HP to +40HP.

The Catapult projectile speed increase will make it a lot harder to micro against them, especially with slow units like Helepolis.
While the Helepolis projectile got slowed down, that will cause a lot of overkill because there will probably be multiple projectiles in the air at once.

Assyrians getting Alchemy is a big change as well as Chain Mail for Babylonians.

They just remembered the last Aoe1DE balance changes


How could they “forget” them?
That’s really strange.

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Maybe someone thought it was a bad idea to give some last changes in 1 DE and it shouldnt be carried to ROR.
I saw this on beta before too