Microsoft, may I please request to add Romanians in the Definitive Edition?

You have added Bulgarians, Cumans, Slavs, Hungarians, everyone around Romanians except Romanians.

You have a campaign with the Romanians, Vlad Dracula’s campaign, but no Romanian civillization.

May I please request to add Romanians in the Definitive Edition? Now that it’s the Difinitive Edition I don’t think we’ll be seeing more Age of Empires 2 updates afterwards, it would be great to be able to play as your own nation in Age of Empires 2.

Name? Romanians in the middle ages used to be called Vlachs, but they called themselves Romanians, this is not the case anymore but back then it was like how Germany calls itself “Deutschland” but it is called different things by other nations.

Looks? Considering that Romania is Eastern European like the Magyars and Slavs most buildings and units will look the same.

Culture? Like the Slavs, the Romanians had Boyars as nobles and Orthodoxy as religion, the Romanian culture was influenced by the Slavic and Orthodox Christianity comes from the Byzantines.

Speciality? Romanians were used to being outnumbered in most of their battles and usually used hit & run and encirclement tactics. In Moldavia, every peasant was military trained.

There is a reddit post that made a similar suggestion with examples for how Romanians should be in the game:

Language? You can use modern Romanian, unlike English that changed so much that Old English is a completly different language, Old Romanian and Modern Romanian are mutually intelligible.

AI Rulers? In chronological order:

  • Basarab I the Founder (1310 - 1352) - Founder of Wallachia.
  • Bogdan I the Founder (1307 - 1367) - Founder of Moldavia.
  • Mircea the Elder (1355 - 1418) - Prince of Wallachia, great-grandson of Basarab I.
  • Vlad II the Dragon (1395 - 1447) - Prince of Wallachia, son of Mircea the Elder, father of Vlad the Impaler.
  • Vlad III the Impaler (1431 - 1476) - Prince of Wallachia, Dracula’s campaign is about him.
  • Radu the Fair (1437 - 1475) - Prince of Wallachia, younger brother of Vlad the Impaler.
  • Stephen III the Great (1435 - 1504) - Prince of Moldavia, cousin of Vlad the Impaler.
  • Alexandru Lapusneanu (1499 - 1568) - Prince of Moldavia.
  • Matei Basarab (1588 - 1654) - Prince of Wallachia.
  • Vasile Lupu (1595 - 1661) - Prince of Moldavia.
  • Michael II the Brave (1558 - 1601) - Prince of Wallachia and Moldavia.
  • Constantin Brancoveanu (1654 – 1714) - Prince of Wallachia.
  • Dimitrie Cantemir (1673 – 1723) - Prince of Moldavia.

Please make it happen, it would mean a lot to many Romanians.


They’ve already stated that there won’t be any more civilizations. They can’t really satisfy everyone here since everyone wants their own culture in the game.

And frankly, IMO, there is already an over-representation of European civs in the game.


Save your time and energy, they said they wont be adding any new civs to the game.

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This is a good suggestion for Age of Empires 4, you can try posting there.

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With the Lord of the West & Dawn of the Dukes it seems they would be adding new civs to the game.

If it helps, I found another suggestion with examples from Reddit:

If not alone, the Romanians could be added as part of an Orthodox DLC:

  • Romanians
  • Serbians
  • Albanians
  • Georgians
  • Armenians

The first 3 civilizations and last 2 are going to be more different, but they will all share their differences. For example the Romanians are latin, the Serbians are slavic while the Albanians are their own thing.

For Serbs, I know we have Slavs but Slavs = Russians. The Slav civilization is a good representation of Russians but not of Polish, Bohemians, Serbians or Bulgarians.

This would fill all the missing gaps in Europe.

Europe is not a priority, and I think most people will agree. India, other parts of Asia, and Africa should take priority. It’s hard coded at a limit of 48, and we have 39 currently. Maybe if we fill in some more of the world we can come back and get one or two more European civs, but not yet I don’t think.


Thanks, no thanks. Not until the rest of the world got some love too. This is not Age of minor countries in and around Europe (saying this as Swiss)…

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I’d rather see some non European civs going forward. 6 of the last 8 have been European and we only have 9 civ slots left

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Even if there’s no limit, there’s really no reason why the next few DLCs shouldn’t be about anything else than non-Euro civs. We can still revisit Europe post 48 civs, after getting like 2 civs for India, 3 civs for Africa, 3 civs for the Americas and 1 civ for East Asia/South East Asia.

Not going to lie, if the next DLC is a Eastern Europe Orthodox/Caucasian DLC I’m going to get it on sale even though AOE2 is my favourite game of the franchise. Couldn’t care less about those civs.

I’m just tired to see more civs from this region.

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Not America I don’t think. The current meso civs are stretching it, and the tribes further north are even less able to compete technologically. They also don’t have enough written stuff I don’t think to complete all the things a civ needs, like a wonder.

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