Microsoft Store, can't download (again) the last patch note

Hi guys as we all know microsoft store sucks a bit too much… that when u dont have the latest patch note u cant play with like the 90% of the player base on steam… So i was wondering if someone have the same issue RN where microsoft store says that we dont have any update for the game, when in reality we do. If u have any solution feel free to say it here cuz im getting bored of the situation. ty!

Have the same problem. Still no fix as of yet. Cant play with steam players who have their version updated. Disappointed.

Yeah seems that they dont care about that portion of player base since its lower then the steam one. They completely forget about the microsoft store when they relesed the hotfix. So looks like that we have to wait for the next patch, hoping that this time they wont forget about us :slight_smile: since they dont wanna adress the problem

They have added the update now. Going to the store it updates aoe2 to the latest patch.

For future reference, this fix forces the update: