Middle Earth Diplo Monument Wars 2

8 players, 5000 pop, no wolf, 1000 starting resources of everything, ludacris map size, non locked teams.

In this version bombard towers do 60 damage. Everyone gets 200 food, 200 wood, 200 gold, and 100 stone every 60 seconds.

Monuments on the map generate resources. Capturing monuments is key to victory. However, your monuments can be taken off you from other players.

The feitoria is banned. The no fish helps lower lag.

Starting transport ships move very fast.

Settle where you want in Middle-Earth and fight over the map, make alliances, team together victory is possible, so being loyal to your allies can make the game end faster. Geography isn’t exactly accurate, but maybe you could make a better version of this map. Each transport ship is filled with 5 villagers. Allied victory is possible.

Prepare for super smooth 1 frame per hour gameplay.

I like to test the game to breaking point. Lack of villagers working means far less lag.

How did you get to make it 5000 pop

Tribute Trigger. Give population space. Gaia gives everyone pop.

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