Militia bonus damage to trash units?

Should the militia-line do bonus damage against trash units? To make it more balanced they only get the trash killing bonus in castle age.

Scout-line, skirmisher-line, and spearmam-line. 5 bonus damage perhaps? 10 bonus damage? This would make them definitively trash killers. A unit with low gold cost that melts away trash units.

Magner, Malay, Persian, etc unaffected.


I see no problem with them getting it in feudal if they got it.

Overall though it seems like it wont really change that much


militia line already wipes the floor with skirms and spearmen. only scouts can even remotely hold a line against them


Agree with scout-line. Fine with spear and skirmisher-line. But better start the bonus dmg upon upgrading to longswords to prevent hurting scout rush.


Ive proposed giving light cav and beyond the Eagle armor class before


But militia line do well vs trash units already.

Aztecs, Vietnamese and Mayans Skirmisher kills Militia line. 0.9 speed really hurts. I thought very long time, I reached a conclusion that making useful a 0.9 speed unit is very hard, it needs either very high PA (like Huskarl) or huge bonus attack against cavalry like Halberdier.

Everyone saying Obuch is OP, it has OP stats actually but Obuch with too good HP, armor, ability and eco bonus doesn’t dominate anything in real game, Poles Cavalier is actually better than Obuch.

Teutons, Japanese and Vikings Champion is already strong against Hussar but they are mediocre even in late game. Opponent buy some gold and produce 10-15 Arbalest and Hand Cannon and easily stop Champions. It seems to me only insane PA can save Champion-line.

Then, you can buy one onager.

The conclusion isnt that relevant


10 to 15 cost 450 to 675 gold. At bottomed out market prices that means you sold 2600 food minimum to afford those 10 arbs. Guess what wasnt worth that cost?

At maximum you sold 5200 food.

If me making so champs forced my opponent to sell that much food or wood id say im sitting good.


Id like to see this in game. Show me a situation where this happened in a real game.

You need 2-3 Onager to kill Arbalests, 1 isn’t enough. Onager upgrade is itself 800f 500g and Arbalest can dodge Onager shots. BBC is also good counter to Onager. Onager isn’t as direct solution as 10-15 Arbalest against Champion.

What is true conclusion then. We have Obuch example. It is a unit has too good stats and only situationally used.

I respect these calcuations but Pros successfully uses 10-15 Arbalest against Champion mass in late game. 25-35 Champion cost more gold than Arbalest as well. Trash Malay THS is also bad unit btw.

Not when golds running out they don’t. Again. Show us this happening in an actual game

When golds that low 25 to 35 champions is more valuable as well.

I can hear circus music in the back ground

Maybe a scaling value? +2/3/4 (MAA/LS/2HS)

Either way I think it’s better to run the numbers. LS only need +1 to kill FU pikes in 1 more hit. +3 to kill in 5 instead of 7. That’s a big jump.

Currently champs kill hussar in 7 , with +2 it’s down to 6.


I dont think maa need that buff

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Mainly this game caused me to think pessimistic about infantry. In this game, Tatoh (Japanese) has gold and Malay has almost no gold. Tatoh produced a lot of Samurai and they performed horribly against Skirmisher and 10-15 Arbalest. Tatoh eventually won the game but Samurai which is faster and more HP performed very bad. Japanese Light Cav ,which lack last armor upgrade, literally performs better than Samurai.


That wasnt when gold was running out though. But nice try.

And what is the value of “insane”?

Someone proposed 1MA instead for LS onwards. I think at least Champion can get 1 more MA considering THS just got 1MA but Champion upgrade cost remained unchanged.

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Jordan (Malay) had almost no gold, he contuined to produce Arbalest. Tatoh had a lot of gold, therefore, Tatoh went a lot of Samurai instead Light Cav. However, Samurai performed so bad, Light Cav is better even if Japanese has infinite gold.

Taking 1 damage from Archer-line like 3/4/5 PA in Feudal/Castle/Imperial Age. In return, Champion cost more gold (like 35). I thought also Light Cav counter Champion-line like Scout/Light Cav/Hussar +5/+7/+8 bonus attack against Champion.

I think Devs will apply this. We will se +1 Melee Armor to Champion in new balance patch.

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So at that point what is the answer to the champion line? You say light cav but mix in some pikes and lol.

Youre also talking about adding a completely new armor class to the game.
Youre also talking about completely changing two units roles

But he wasnt selling en masse like you claim.