Mini-map shape, size and location

Hi everyone,
I have couples of suggestions for the good of the game, it might seems a lot for some person but all I am going to say could be only optionnal. I am not trying to copy others work already done but only pointing facts that I feel more efficient in others rts games for the good of the community and the game who is already great but could be improved. Here I start :

I really wish it could be possible to change the mini-map size independently of adding a mode and not be associate to the UI command pannel. Having to choice of the emplacement could be great left-middle-right.
Also an other thing who bother me is it shape itself. Parallelograms seems to take bigger space than a rectangle ( i know that the same amout of space used) I rather prefer warcraft3 and starcraft2 minimap shape they feel more compact, convenient.

Also 2 others things who looks better on starcraft over aoe2 are the health bars units system (green, yellow, orange then red) who is easier for spotting damaged units.

Second things is the range of a units on the minimap who could appear in a different light that the map already explored.

I have question about mini-map toggle and terrain filter when it s on «grey» (simple terrain) all ressources appears on the minimap exept the woods. Feel weird when clifs are showned with the same feature on, would be good to see the trees.

And last suggestion could be to have camera locations, I kind of use it with ctrl group + jump to the selected ctrl group but you need to have a building or untis bind to that location and speaking of this there is a issue with it when I ctrl group on a building fondation, onces it builded my ctrl group is reset… I have to go back to the constructed building then re control group it.

Hope I am not the only one with thoose suggestions:)

Have a nice day,

*forgive my bad poor english, I am French

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