Mini map(smaller than 120x120) of scenario seems unopenable in Build 42848

Mini map(smaller than 120x120) of scenario seems unopenable in Build 42848.

I tried to open my scenario(size 25x25) generated at last month either from Editor or Custom Campaign, the game would crash displaying the loading pic.

Hey, there’s a bug in the game currently. I assume you’ve used my parser (AoE2ScenarioParser) as you forked the repository :slight_smile:.

I’ve reported a bug about it here: link

We’re currenltly inversigating what is going on. But removing the temp folder allows you to open the map. But you have to keep doing this every time :confused:

I’ve found the problem. I still think there’s a bug in the code for DE - but it’s not a problem with some fixes. I’ll be testing the new features of the latest updates the upcoming dates and hope to push the newest version to pip soon!

Thanks a lot~ :smile:
(Yeah, I did edit my scenario using your AoE2ScenarioParser. But either the backup version before editing by Parser or current version edited by Parser can’t be opened in DE editor.)
I will try your method! :kissing_heart:
(Though it is only a palliative. :weary:)

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You can download the parser using pip. It’s a great package manager instead of forking (if you didn’t intend to change anything about the parser).

You can install it like described here:

You’ll be bale to easily update (also described in the link above) if you have PIP. The new version of DE is not – yet – supported for the parser. It will be soon :slight_smile:

PS: The parser will temporarily drop support for older files due to a rework. Hopefully that’s not an issue! :confused:

Can you send the scenario file to

I’ve sent to you.
Topic is “Mini map scenarios (<120x120) unopenable on Build 42848 and Build 43210 of AoE2:DE” by

I want to grab the triggers from a aoe2scenario which was made in HD but operate in DE,but it always failed ,can your parser help me do this ?

Hey, at the moment this is not possible, sorry :frowning:
However, it is something I want to add eventually! But that won’t be anytime soon.
At the moment it only supports files from DE. If you want to transfer it between games it’ll have to be done manually. Sorry :confused: