Minor civs' necessity > Main civs

I don’t know about you, but I could never stand FROM DE’s DAY 1 about so many maps with repeated and nonsense minor civs, and can’t believe they didn’t adding ANY minor civs with new maps, especially Asia maps…

I know there are many argument of new main civs, but I believe no one will against minor civs to be add.
Here is the Asian minor civs developers could replace with current minor civs without taking too much time:
Tatars with Mongolia/Silk Road/Siberia/Kamchatka/Manchuria maps to replace the CURRENT two 100% NONSENSE minor civs:
Shaolin Temple and Sufi Mosque.

That’s all for now, since many people is arguing about main civs, how about take break find the common goals to FIX these old problems. :slightly_smiling_face:


I am fairly sure we will get an asian DLC in the future


Persia, Siam, Burma, Maratha…
Please, Just update the Asia maps, even just minor civs I’ll REALLY APPRECIATE! :smiling_face:

Would love to see the legendary Tatars as a minor civ.

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Should be in the maps I just mention since launch the game…

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As we have seen with some of the american natives, once they get rework on civs they do reworks on minors as well.

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The developer has said that a minor civ must ideally appear on more than 5 maps, otherwise it will not be worth the investment to make it. So if we want more minor civs, let’s pray that there will be enough new maps.

Asian minor civs should first try to follow the religious-themed tradition, such as Tibetan Buddhist temple, Theravada Buddhist temple, Shinto grand shrine. In regions that cannot be covered by the religions, then tribes or settlements are used as the theme, such as the Ainu in Ezochi (Hokkaido), the Formosans in Formosa (Taiwan), the Yakuts in Siberia, etc.

btw, the Hui settlements should replace the Sufis on the maps near Mongolia because there will be no elephants there. Hui people, as a collective name for Muslims in China, is a good material. Although the name is ethnic, it would actually operate as a religious minor civ.

Here is the list of my past suggestions for new Asian maps and minor civs.


From a retrospect, actually it is the Americans that are over-crowded. This of course is the result of the sole focus on Americans before TAD. A few American natives are very infrequent and you cannot make each one of them impressive and unique with this amount.

But I do think some Asian natives should be split, especially Sufi. It is very Indian-flavored but functions as the sole Muslim native. It even appears on Indonesia and Mongolia.
If middle east and Persia were treated as Asians in later additions, there should be some more Arabic or Persian minor factions instead of putting Sufi everywhere.


Since Arabs ally with Ethiopia and revolution Egypt exist in current game.
Shouldn’t take too much effort for developers to add minor Arabs.
The reason I mention Tartar is because is really easy for developers to add them to represent Turks and Mongolian at same time as minor civs since DAY 1, but they just didn’t do it…

Finally, they did it!
It’s happening!!!
What an AMAZING moment!!!
Thank you developers, I’ll always appreciate and support you guys~~~ :blush: :innocent: :hugs:


i think it possible that the theme of the next DLC could be nomad civs from middle, northern and northeastern Asia. when you observe closely to the model of Tengri Shrine ( btw, i wonder why it’s called a shrine…) , you will find several new unit model in their settlement. Maybe that means the design of such a DLC is already in process?


They follow the old TAD DLC, minor civs base on religious, that was REALLY DUMB choice!!! :relieved:
Because Asia is famous for culture, ethnic diversity, instead religious!
Besides hope next DLC will be Asia theme, I really hope they stop following TAD, replace religious with ethnic!
Especially add Korean, Ainu, Malay etc, as minor civs.


Korea isn’t going to be a minor civ, there’s not enough maps to put them on. They would be better as a full civ anyways.


Not a problem!
Whole North East Asia and North China maps can fit them, they can appear with Ainu at least in the Korea, Kamchatka, Siberia, Manchuria maps.
I don want Korea to be full civ, because I want developers put effort on more interesting civs, especially India rework.

Who can blame the FE devs, Asian Dynasties was a bad expansion

The campaigns were boring except for the indian one. The civs were unbalanced from the start. The export and consulate system doesn’t work well. And the Asian civs were portrayed blatantly stereotypical.


I would give FE developers 1 year to REWORK these MESS, as long as they promise they would DO!!!

If they have to stick to the “religious group” design, they can use “kamuy shrine” for the ainu, and “confusian school” for chinese/korean maps.
Or maybe extend it to “any group of people” then we may have “ninja hideout” or “hasashin hideout” (on current and potential new middle eastern maps) for some certain vibe.

However post-twc natives tend to be less region specific so I wonder if that is really possible.


Don’t thank me I create that wiki page xd…

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Nor is history too much changed… religion is a very determining factor of Asian cultures…

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Of course, Korea has to be a main civ, and directly because of the legacy of the saga (Choson in AoE 1 and Koreans in AoE 2)… having it of civ minor would be very meh… also the faction leader would be Yi Sun Sin…in addition they are already in the mod of wol…

Koreans | Age of Empires III: Wars of Liberty Wiki | Fandom


  • Can garrison their military units inside most buildings, turning structures into defensive buildings
  • The Korean navy gets stronger the more military buildings the enemy has
  • Buildings slowly regenerate over time

Unique Units

Jeobju icon.png Jeobju: Korean Mounted Donghak Monk. Can boost his attack through the 7 saint spears ability. Can stun treasure guardians and collect treasures.
Byeolgigun icon.png Byeolgigun: Ranged gunpowder Heavy Infantry. Good against cavalry, particularly at range.
Myeong gung icon.png Myeong Gung: Archer. Good against heavy infantry and Ranged Cavalry.
Dangpa spearman icon.png Dangpa Spearman: Archaic Heavy Infantry. Good against cavalry and buildings.
Fire lance icon.png Fire Lance: Skirmisher infantry that fires rockets to defeat heavy infantry.
Gungdo cavalry icon.png Gungdo Cavalry: Light Cavalry armed with a bow. Good against cavalry and artillery.
Iron flail icon 64.png Iron Flail: Heavy Cavalry. Good against infantry and artillery.
Chongtong icon.png Chongtong: Artillery unit. Good against artillery and buildings.
Hwacha icon.png Hwacha: Artillery unit. Good against infantry, has considerable range.
Fire cattle icon.png Fire Cattle: Suicide unit. Good against buildings.
Hyeopseon icon.png Hyeopson: Light Battleship.
Panokseon icon.png Panokseon: Heavy Battleship. Can train units.
Geobukseon icon.png Turtle Ship: Armored Battleship.

Unique Buildings


Haeinsa temple icon.png Haeinsa Temple: Provides unique Korean improvements.
Pyonyang gate icon.png Pyongyang Gate: Summons the Righteous Army, a small band of warriors.
Hwaseong fortress icon.png Hwaseong Fortress: Defensive building that can also train and upgrade artillery.
Grand palace icon.png Grand Palace: Acts as a market and slowly spawns villagers over time.
Puyong hall icon.png Puyong Hall: Casts the Whirlpool ability, which destroys enemy and friendly ships.

Consular allies

Flag Americans.jpg American Bonus : Research time -10%
Flag Chinese.jpg Chinese Bonus : +10 maximum Population Cap
Flag Japanese.jpg Japanese Bonus : -5% Military Unit Cost
Flag Russians.jpg Russian Bonus : Villager train time -10%


Main traits

Early Game
Economic Boom
Map Control

Seoul,The Korean Home City.


Mountain fortress.

Korean Hwacha.


Korean Panokseon


Korean Navy and Army

Korean Aging-up (Wonders)


In-game Korean Wonders


Portraints for Korean units (from left to right: Byeolgigun, Dangpa Spearman, Gungdo Archer, Myeong Gung, Fire Lance and Hwacha)


Hwaseong Fortress, one the Korean Age-up Wonders